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7-6-19 Julian Assange and Press Freedom forum
by DJ Mouse
Monday Jul 8th, 2019 9:14 PM
Wikileaks: the Global Fourth Estate author Nozomi Hayase and award winning reporter Ann Garrison defended Julian Assange at last Saturday's 'Suds, Snacks and Socialism' at the Starry Plough...(142 min.)
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"Julian Assange and Press Freedom" was sponsored by the Alameda Peace and Freedom Party, Oakland Greens, Task Force on the Americas, and Bay Area System Change, Not Climate Change...."I can't defend myself. You have to defend me"...said the Wikileaks founder and whistle blower Edward Snowden's rescuer...defending us all w/ anonymous drop boxes for Chelsea Manning's military snuff films, and other dirty secrets..."We are all Julian Assange"...concluded Nozomi...well...we might not be a genius...who could have been a tech billionaire...but instead our systems analyst set about encrypting the work of human rights activists...correcting an unaccountable system w/ war criminals at the helm and Mockingbird agents in the MSM ...2 local reporters cut through the lies...
by Unity Jack for Mother Earth
Monday Jul 8th, 2019 10:58 PM
Some wonder why the media lies so much. Well folks like all systems that clip the peoples wealth to a very small elite, it behooves them to lie as propaganda to cover the facts of the matter-in-motion. Honey words to detract our attentions as to how power from the top is distributed. If you knew the truth you would revolt and throw them out. They would have to work for a living and produce commodities so their worth could be truly measured. For instance a freighter merchant marine worker during the year moves so much material wealth that prosperity is never ending. That is truth hidden to make sure they are not paid what they are worth. Well Empires have that type of need. Aggressive wars took away the workers wealth and especially the women's equality need so joy and harmony could exist without discrimination. That kind of truth the top elites find discomforting since they mostly alone made the state to function for their benefit not for truth of matter-in-motion. Sounds crazy and is not truthful but millions and billions are involved so the big lie is made to allow only that which functions the biggest lies and smoothly and in every way correct language punctuation. Who won the English Civil War you ask, so who controls the English language? Was it the first Worker's commonwealth? No it was the Hanoverian German Prussian Aristocracy---The British Royal House from 1714 and now the Royal family ancestry who arrived to conquer the first workers commonwealth. To replace the overthrown monarchy and proceed to make the Royals the again rulers instead of the workers commonwealth.
That's how the modern rules are and language expresses that need for elite rulers who pretend to represent us all. People such as Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange are like a host of journalists who have and continue to revive the truth of the language especially so that we all are really served equally. That is what the Monarchists suppressed and with monopoly controlled the language to reflect the needs of the aristocracy while pretending to reflect us all. It is the Aggressive wars done by the empires globally who make and control all the Aggressive Wars under false words. They use the under class as cannon fodder, and to do that must glorify them, as the greatest living people. Etc. etc.
The workers commonwealth did not invent prisons (former slaveholder pens) and they did not create a criminal class. That is what is new sic since the end of the real commonwealth.
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