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Protests Planned at Heroes Camp

by Santa Cruz News
Keith McHenry of Food Not Bombs has announced there will be a protest to oppose the eviction of the homeless residents from the Heroes/Ross Camp in Santa Cruz on Friday, May 3, at 9:00 am on the San Lorenzo River levee behind the Ross Dress for Less store. The protests were called for following Federal Judge Edward Davila's decision on Monday to dissolve a temporary restraining that had been preventing the City of Santa Cruz from moving forward with their proposed eviction of the homeless encampment. The restraining order was issued shortly after homeless residents of the camp filed a civil rights lawsuit against the city on April 9. On Tuesday, authorities began posting eviction notices at the camp, with a move out date listed as Friday, May 3 at 10:00 am.
Ross Camp liaison Alicia Kuhl has stated there also could be a protest march organized in response to the Judge's ruling. She has also noted the federal civil rights lawsuit will continue on. Kuhl wrote:

"I need to address the fact that this is very far from over folks. We still have plan B. We still have our lawsuit. This was only a ruling on the TRO portion, and we didn't lose a thing really, the city was going to do this to the camp anyway.

"We bought some time, and we made some very important things part a record by doing this. The city people that supposedly represent the best interests of the community lied today, and by doing so and not seeking the best solutions for everyone they are now going to be in a far worse position by breaking up the Ross Camp. They know full well they have almost no shelter. "Temporary" doesn't solve anything and you know it. Prepare for the shit show. Prepare troops. Plan B"

Some individuals have called for acts of rebellion and/or acts of civil disobedience in response to the news that the homeless camp would be cleared.

One man profiled in a recent Santa Cruz Sentinel article has said he intends to be the last person removed from the camp when authorities attempt to clear it. He offered one possible solution to the local homelessness crisis, telling the Sentinel that the city could purchase land for people to live on, and they could govern themselves.

Another man posted on Facebook a call for property destruction to prevent the Heroes Camp eviction:

"Sabotage one of the vehicles to be used in demolishing the camp, for instance, while they're busy destroying people's habitat. Fire up an empty tent for a distraction if you need it. For BEST satisfaction TORCH one of those shiny "Ranger" trucks they bought a fleet of instead of supplying the services that would have made "Rangers" and their shiny trucks for the most part, un-necessary...3 parts gasoline, cam stove fuel or paint thinner, one part kerosene, add some soap... Bronners or Ivory snow/flakes, NOT DETERGENT, bottle... and...and...Don't forget to bring a lighter..."

More information about the efforts of the Heroes/Ross Camp residents can be found at:

Santa Cruz County Homeless Advocates

Santa Cruz Food Not Bombs
§A Call for Property Damage
by Santa Cruz News
§Update from Keith McHenry
by Santa Cruz News
Keith McHenry posted the following update on Facebook:

"Santa Cruz officials claim they have places for those living at Ross Camp to stay if they live even though at best it would only be a 5-day voucher for a room at the Santa Cruz hotel on Ocean Street. Two women came saying they need a place because they left the Santa Cruz hotel when they found it was not safe. Susie O'Hare of the City Manager's office said they had to come back on Thursday to get a voucher to return to that hotel. Please see the list of locations that the city claims people can go which are already full. Phil Gomez of KSBW - TV tried to smear me saying one of our members had suggested using violence to defend Ross Camp but it turned out to be a comment by someone who eats with Food Not Bombs and has been told to stop speaking about using violence around us because it is the classic way police informants help build a case against activists. I am dedicated to nonviolent direct action and do not ever advocate the use of violence. In fact, I write about the use of side remarks and jokes about using violence by informants in both my last two books in a section about being falsely accused of terrorism. I still have not seen his comment."
§Hypocrisy of the Anti-homeless Crowd in Santa Cruz
by Santa Cruz News
Many anti-homeless individuals have been calling for the torching of the Ross homeless camp since its inception. Here is a photo Chrissy Brown of the Santa Cruz Clean Team posted today that clearly advocated torching the Ross Camp.
This comment from Chrissy Brown of the Santa Cruz Clean Team was posted today on Facebook.

For context, Chrissy Brown is the person calling the homeless man in this video a 'parasite':

Video of Take Back Santa Cruz-supported Clean Team Harassing Homeless Forced Off Internet
§Another Torching Comment from an Anti-homeless Community Member
by Santa Cruz News
This comment was posted in the Facebook group 'Santa Cruz Looks Like SHIT!' in response to news that authorities would be allowed to proceed with the Ross Camp eviction.
§Comment: "Burn the Bums"
by Santa Cruz News
KION produced a news item about the comment made concerning the post about property damage titled "Police investigating online threat calling for people to torch Santa Cruz Police Ranger truck".

When the article was shared by KION on their Facebook page, one person commented "Burn the Bums" (composite image).
Cynthia Bentley posted this comment today in the Facebook group 'Santa Cruz Looks Like SHIT!':

"Firemen are there-make a controlled fire after removing people since they are protesting the eviction ?"
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