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Earth Day Die-In on Santa Cruz

Monday, April 22, 2019
11:45 AM - 1:45 PM
Event Type:
Extinction Rebellion: Santa Cruz, CA, USA
Location Details:
110 Cooper St, Santa Cruz, CA

XR Santa Cruz & XR Monterey County will be hosting a 1 hour (or longer) Die-In at Noon in Downtown Santa Cruz.
Meet @ Corner of Cooper St. & Pacific Ave. 11:45 a.m.
Participants welcome; please follow XR Principles & Values .


Guidelines for event are:
>>>We are not targeting any specific business or group.
>>>Act like you are dead on the sidewalk.
>>>Dress in Black (check the weather and dress warmly - playing dead makes you cold!)
>>>Red Face Paint will be provided. Feel free to bring your own. Paint some spooky blood on yourself, or a total red face.
>>>Be polite & courteous with law enforcement, and with everyone. This is our first joint event & we want to set good relationships to start.
>>>If you are asked to move by a police officer, agree to do so, and loudly pronounce: LAZARUS to alert other XR to take up their bodies and move along.
>>>No legal support is provided. Arrest risk is negligible. It is not advisable to instigate arrest at this time.

The Full Text Below: XR Santa Cruz says it like it is!

On the "original Earth Day," (4/22) and after the Earth Day Fest, we will NOT go back to "business as usual." Business as usual will simply not exist in the near term if we do not stop/ prevent/mitigate runaway global warming and mass extinction--now ongoing.

Look around you, here in the Monterey Bay, the sea stars have died, the kelp beds have died, and the sea urchins are going through feast and famine. If kelp dies, urchins die, otters die ... eventually we die. The IPCC report is extremely conservative and growing obsolete day by day as new reports from the Arctic come in. We DO NOT have 12 years.

According to science, global warming now entering "runaway" feedback loops. One planet, LAST CHANCE. Come express your frustration, despair, love and concern in ACTive community. People rising up are now our only hope for both human and remaining species survival. All ages (children, elders) and levels of experience welcome. (See agreements below)


We meet at 11:45 am in front of the O'Neill store downtown. Wear all black if you can, head to toe. Make a costume or pin a photo, etc. of a species that has already died off, a community, a region, flora or fauna. Include a text sign explaining what this is: "Paradise, CA, 2018" for example or a kelp forest, piece of Kelp, what have you. Feel free to make your own signs.

At noon, we lie down on the sidewalk for one hour. We will start at O'Neill and arrange ourselves down the sidewalk with 5-10 foot spacing between, and lie down and "play dead." We encourage others to join us if they engage with us.

We are not preparing for or prepared for arrest. If police arrive, please be respectful. Share your honest thoughts with them. Police are people who care about their families and this Earth too. ... If they ask you to move, please get up and find another spot on the sidewalk (a bench? against a building?) and lie down, or whatever, there. If you are threatened with arrest, you must make your own decision. There is currently no operational support for arrestees. Our first arrestee spent 10 hours in jail.

We are providing a limited number of bandannas with XR logo. Painting faces red encouraged. We will have some amount of red paint for faces on site.

We may have a speaking platform/amplifier set up. If you do not wish to speak, please lay on the sidewalk quietly until 1pm. Supporters with signs, banners, etc. sitting or standing in support are welcome.

Our goal: Raise awareness of international and US movements and grow group and involvement. We will be collecting contact information at this event for next meeting.

Please join us if you agree to the following:

1) We are a non-violent, educational/communication movement open to all. We seek to win people over with the facts, to join us, and not alienate people through anger or violence directed at observers. We are facing a #ClimateEmergency that needs immediate and dramatic actions. Participants must agree to non-violence as prerequisite to all actions. You may represent your own eco-organization, or point of view, but please do not deflect from the overall message of climate emergency for all, no matter what political persuasion. This movement is "beyond politics."

2) No shaming or blaming. We are not shaming or blaming others for inaction or possibly personal, destructive actions. We accept people where they are and encourage them to join us. None of us are ecologically perfect, and there may be no such thing. Beyond personal actions to reduce carbon, our governments and large corporate bodies and trade organizations MUST ACT NOW, in rapid and dramatic fashion to curb global warming and mass extinction. This is why direct action.

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We are 100% volunteer and depend on your participation to sustain our efforts!


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