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Speaker Pelosi Shame On You, Say Skip A.I.P.A.C. Protesters

by Stop U.S. Aid to Israel
The protest of the annual lovefest between the Democrat-Republican Parties and the Zionist lobbying organization, American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), is bigger and better than ever with a huge projection on the wall of the Wash. D.C. conference site stating "Speaker Pelosi, Shame On You" when she spoke today, 3/24/19, along with the rest of the Democrat & Republican Party leadership, all proud supporters of the racist, anti-women, fascist, theocratic US military base known as Israel, better known as Historic Palestine. See
See also and

Be sure to click on Twitter's View option when they claim there is sensitive material; they are just trying to censor the opposition to Zionist Israel. The short videos of the protests you will see are excellent. Lots of religious Jewish organizations as well as secular groups of all ethnic groups participated in the protests.

Israel has not changed since its horrifying theft of Palestinian land and massacres and torture of Palestinians in 1948, but the blind following of the anti-Communist Zionists has diminished, although not enough. The US Congress still gives some $4 billion a year to Zionist Israel to protect US oil profits and all other profits in the Middle East and around the world.

As Al-Jazeera states at

"Founded in 1951, by an Israeli foreign service officer to be the lobbying arm of the American Zionist Council, AIPAC is today the most influential pro-Israel group in the US. The presidents of most major Jewish American organisations serve on its executive committee."

"A non-profit organisation, it has annual revenue of about $100m and 465 employees. It spends $45m on its annual, three-day policy conference "to nurture and advance the relationship between the US and Israel", according to its most recent available Form 990 disclosure. CEO Howard Kohr earned $761,500 in salary and other compensation in 2016."

"In 2018, AIPAC spent $3.5m on lobbying Congress for its legislative goals, according to the Center for Responsive Politics which tracks lobbying disclosures and campaign contributions. While AIPAC itself doesn't contribute directly to candidates, pro-Israel groups and individuals contributed more than $14.8m to congressional candidates in the 2018 US elections. Sixty-three percent went to Democrats."

It is of course Israel and its American supporters who are anti-Semitic as it is an anti-Semitic insult to tell Americans of Jewish descent that their home is thousands of miles from the US, Zionist Israel, a place where they have never been, rather than the US, where they have lived all their lives. It is also anti-Semitic to tell Arabs, who are Semites, that Palestine, where they and their families have lived for hundreds of years, do not have the right to their home in Palestine.

San Francisco's millionaire Democratic Rep. Nancy Pelosi is staunchly pro-Israel, anti-Medicare for All, HR 1384, anti-Green New Deal, and pro war against Venezuela and everywhere else Trump proposes to make war. She and Trump have the same positions on Israel, HR1384, the Green New Deal, and the war machine, proving there is no difference between the Democratic and Republican parties. You may hear some local Democrats take different positions on these issues from Pelosi, but then they turn around and vote for her, so they are not serious about having someone who represents us in office.

Only Peace & Freedom Party and the Green Party oppose AIPAC and support the Palestinian liberation struggle and the call to STOP US AID TO ISRAEL NOW!
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