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Vote Rigged by Vote Theft Coverage...2-5-19 Mouse Report

by DJ Mouse
Consortium News Editor Joe Lauria and Disobedient Media's Elizabeth Vos dissect increasingly insane Russiagate narrative seeking to target Wikileaks editor Julian Assange...Richard Gage of Architects & Engineers For 9/11 Truth and Barbara Honegger on Lawyers Committee For 9/11 Inquiry's successful Grand Jury bid...(1hr.)
Listen now:
Copy the code below to embed this audio into a web page: an ultimate irony...blame for the 2016 US selection process is being thrown at the only news organization that give us decent coverage of the 2016 primary theft from the candidate who could have most easily won...I can't make this stuff up...but whoever is must be getting big bucks...
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by Unity Jack for Mother Earth
The fact that in the U.S.A. the Supreme Court and the Electoral College was put in place shows the rigging is nothing new to the elections process in the U.S. A. After the American civil war and the deliberate murder of President Abraham Lincoln by a slaveholder named Booth took place another election proves the fact that the concept of majority rule was put aside as Heyes was elected by the supreme court not the people of the U.S.A. Heyes had less votes than his opponent did, but the supreme court ruled that he was the elected president. That is what the ruling class called democracy by other means. Namely bourgeois fraud.

The English Empire in order to continue to elect slaveowners created the Supreme Court and the Electoral Colleges to ward off working class hostility to the slaveholders system. The American Revolution therefore is a revolution that is incomplete in the tasks of full liberation of all classes.

In recent times George W. Bush was also elected again by the Southern Aristocracy when he received less votes that his opponent. Then another trick was taken to stop a women Hilary Clinton from being elected after she had achieved 3,000,000 more votes than, and electoral college elected Trump in the 2016. Russia did nothing of the regulations of this fraudulent non-people election, because the electoral colleges are an instrument of the English Empire and its guaranteeing of slaveholders election against the rath of the American working classes and again against ruling class aggressive wars that source slavery and misery globally while the rulers lie that they are for freedom, democracy, and independence.

To correct these obvious hiddern methods of rule the media lies consistenly that all is done by equally for each and every class person in the U.S.A. In fact the greates harm to democracy and our functioning specie is the Gender discrimination of women. Suffergets only won the right to vote for what men of empire have put in place and the false and lying fact that male domination of democracy is 'real and only democrac'. That concept was brought into being by Empires competing against each other and they made the natural man and woman question illegal by decaring man as the superior and women the inferior which defies natures very laws of equalitly of election from the very birth of our specie. The Canadian supreme court of Canada is a creture of the same English Empire and does not allow election for, by, and of the people of their judiciary, and Supreme Court which leaves the women effectually without access to half the law making as required for real representative democracy. Restoring the matriarchy is key to returning the harmony and joy of the specie but don't look to the U.S.A.. UK, or the Canadian example.

Male chauvanism is clearly a global function of the empires to maintian false male superiority which declares 1-six overkill of the world ecolgical balances of the organic and inorganic world's webs-of-life on the planet. such cruel and unusual pkractice is destoying the chances of returning the matriarchy and the very life ktree that will bring back a living planet in all directions. You yet have a world to life live. Elect women equally so she can access half the law making being half the specie. Voila!! Workers of the world unite!!
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