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West v Venezuela...1-29-19 Mouse Report

by DJ Mouse South America, as Western forces are massing on Venezuela's borders, Abby Martin joins Jimmy Dore on the ongoing attempted coup...featuring Iran-Contra convict and current Special Envoy Elliot Abrahms...of Central American death squad infamy...(1hr.)
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...of course during the guns for drugs investigations back in the horrible 80s, Elliot Abrahms said he cleared everything w/ Robert Hill in the State Department...from Counterpunch...'According to Robert Hill, then U.S. Ambassador in Argentina, “Kissinger asked how long it would take … to clean up the (terrorist) problem….Kissinger gave the Argentines the green light...Hill should know. It was he who served as intermediary between organizers of the Guatemalan death squads and leading figures in the Argentinian government...Between 1976 and 1983, under the military dictatorship, the Argentinian armed forces killed over 30,000 civilian members of the country’s political opposition. Around 500 babies of women who gave birth in detention were distributed among their parents’ murderers.'...w/ the help of the head of Jesuits in Argentina and current Pope...
The only person elected by the Venezuela people is President Madura. That is material truth. The fact that the Trump govt. has designated someone that the Venezuela people have not elected President shows completely that Trump and now the EU colony of the U.S. does not obey the people of Venezuela, and makes his self-serving appointment a planned political coup-d'-atat. That must no pass. It is known that the U.S. president James Munro said in 1823 that the western hemisphere, meaning south continent and north continent was U.S. property and no other colonial powers were allowed in for the exploitation of the local peoples governments.

Trump is trying to appoint a non-elected president who is picked because he wants only the U.S. control over the oil and other resources in the country. The rumours have it that the U.S. has ordered 5000 U.S. troops to the Columbian border to "keep the Pressure on" President Madura to disobey the Venezuela people and submit to the U.S. and its client states to bow to his choice for a new American supported puppet regime.

In world law that is illegal and unjust to the People that are being colonized and usurps real democracy. Socialism the society that elects from the for, by, and of the people is not being followed in the U.S. and was defeated when slave holder Booth shot president Lincoln in 1865. Hopefully the Latin countries will unite and defend the real President Madura.
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