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Russiagate Zombie Outbreak News...1-22-19 Mouse Report
by DJ Mouse
Tuesday Jan 22nd, 2019 3:16 PM
Got FAT 32 format in the middle of our bipartisan war machine's latest Russian bombshell?...Iraq WMD witness, Whitey Bulger friend, Pan Am 103 and WTC Pentabombing getaway driver Robert Mueller's investigation of all crimes not ours detailed in endless horror. (1 hr.)
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...the walking death machine's establishment Russia narrative is taking hold...first infecting slow ones...Clintonites with no natural immunity to CIA/CNN narratives...disturbing and distressing but no surprise...then the Russia hysteria began to creep leftward...progressives we’d been fighting alongside in 2016 began succumbing to the Russiagate mind virus in 2017, folding under peer pressure and constant aned aggressive media...some held strong for a while...till another hollow but confident sounding “bombshell” Russiagate reports stikes in the right way at the right time...they make public they are now convinced...droping like this very day...from Russia hysteria...Veteran Intelligence Proffesionals for Sanity to the rescue!...The basis of William Binney's refutation of the 'Russia did it' narrative cites the File Allocation Table 32 format of the metadata from July 5, 2016 DNC intrusion and alleged “hack”...showing a transfer speed far exceeding the capacity of the Internet...but precisely what a thumb drive could accommodate...discounting any possibility the leak was a 'hack' through the internet.
by Unity Jack for Mother Earth
Thursday Jan 24th, 2019 2:00 PM
So far the the 'great debate' has flourished and won by moving the global conciousness to a new necessity, and on to the path for liberation which sixty-three percent of the world's people have come to grasp as the new great leap forward.
It has become known widely that the destruction of the environment is a fault of the entire industrial revolution and that continuation of the ruination by pollution of the ecological balances of the organic and inorganic webs-of-life is indeed an aggressive war done by the industrial revolution's motivation by fossil fuels such as coal, gas, oil and nuclear fission atomic power plants that can't control the waste burn-out and pollution of the air, land, and water upon which the planet's life depends.
That is a huge qualitative move over the past generations whose knowledge was simply that fossil fuels and nuclear fission atomic power were the best way forward for all new industrialized power for society to suceed for huge monied benefits.
We in all conciousness know now that such unjust ruling class 'no brainer bias' has brought the eco-balances to their very limit of endurance, and only continuing burn-out of the society motivated by coal, gas, oil and nuclear fission atomic power, which inevitably tip the line to a 'no return basis', that could end the present life forms on planet Earth.

We yet have a world to win!! Elect women equally at all levels fifty-fifty doubling democracy, so the harmony and joy of the man and woman specie question can return to natures natural way. Workers of the world unite!!
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