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Bad Day for People's Park — Four Arrested
by Victor Noir
Tuesday Jan 15th, 2019 10:52 AM
The previous disclaimer mentions at least five trees and four arrests. Shugga, Liberty, Aidama, and Cactus have been arrested.
Swarms of UC Police this morning. Swarms. For like almost 15 people. To take like five trees. Got the math? Okay.

There were 100-200 University of California Police Officers at People's Park at about 05:40, one account gives 52, and another includes California Highway Patrol. Many protesters were told to leave or be arrested. Strangely the four arrested were simply the most immobile, and in all cases likely relative to physical conditions. Three homeless, including one schizophrenic, and one student were arrested.

Again strangely police and UC Berkeley hired landscapers were present sorting through belongings and garbage behind a police line of some hundred plus U of C officers. A more clear than usual distinction between personal property and survival gear was seemingly made to be distinguished. A van and a garbage truck was present regarding this effort.

Day eighteen of the People's Park Protest 2018/19 is marked by harassment, property confiscation, arrests, and dead trees.