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The Russians didn't do it, the Vulcans did!
by Lloyd Hart
Wednesday Jan 2nd, 2019 12:17 AM
In the Reagan administration the Vulcans were even further empowered to greater heights of criminal behaviour.
The Russians didn't do it, the Vulcans did!

by Lloyd Hart

Richard Pearl, Paul Wolfowitz, Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Colin Powell, Richard Armitage, Condoleezza Rice, Frank Carlucci and George HW Bush took to calling them selves the Vulcans when empowered by the Ford administration to pour gasoline on the out of control fire that the arms race and cold war already were. These so-called "Vulcans" thought they were the smartest tools in the foreign policy tool shed insulting Gene Roddenberry's universal peace message being put a cross in Star Trek, when in fact they were just petty criminals who set about to rob the US treasury of every dime they could get their greedy little hands on. Their ideology was not Vulcan logic but money and power. I guess just because they got away with it for so long they thought they had everyone fooled but in reality they just intimidated everyone into submission or worse.

The Vulcans didn't care that the cold war paranoia they were stoking was in fact the mad rantings of the first secretary of defence James Forrestal who saw Russians coming from every direction when in fact the Russians were not coming but rather still reeling from losing over thirty million Russians and over sixty million Soviets in total. James Forrestal was also quoted saying that the Jews were out to get him carrying around the Henry Ford myth that Jewish migration to America was behind communist infiltration in the union movement giving the grinch that Henry Ford was, a hard time by demanding higher wages and a shorter work week inspiring Ford to give Adolf Hitler and the Nazi's $20 million to advance the cause of persecuting Jews and communists as if Jews were behind the whole thing.

In the Reagan administration the Vulcans were even further empowered to greater heights of criminal behaviour but the main thing that they had accomplished was to get the first stage of Electronic Jim Crow optical scan vote counting machines distributed on time for the 1988 presidential election taking the human eyeballs off the vote count opening it up to wide spread electronic flipping of votes while they are counted by a machine. If anyone believes that Reagan's vice-president George HW Bush won the 1988 presidential election freely and fairly after the radically greater than Watergate criminal conspiracy, the Iran/Contra affair that was run out of the Veep's office, then I have a bridge to nowhere in Alaska I would like to sell you. The American people did not vote Nixon's standard barer Gerald Ford in after Watergate and most certainly did not vote for George HW Bush in 1988.

Electronic Jim Crow is how the Vulcans brought us to where we are today. Where we have a supreme court taken over by Electronic Jim Crow appointees to the court by Electronic Jim Crow presidents that have given everything from the press to the vote count over to the corporate Vulcans, ensuring a predictable outcome that democrats accept because to impune American democracy would damage America's delusional reputation that "America is the beacon of democracy to the world." Thus cometh democrats to help the Vulcans institute an even deeper Electronic Jim Crow criminal conspiracy with the "Help America Vote Act" that brought in the totally unverifiable touch screen voting machines just on time for the 2004 presidential election that drew out 64% of the voting age public (compared to the 53% in the 2000 election) to the polls in backlash to the 2000 election theft by the corrupted supreme court and the Iraq war that followed. In election 2004 we caught the Vulcans with clear evidence of election theft but 2004 presidential candidate Senator John Kerry conceded after only a month of challenging the vote count thus tarring the senator with being a Scull and Bones alumni right along side W (the other Scull and Bones alumni running for president in 2004) for the rest of the senator's life.

The Vulcans, realizing that they had ignited an even worse backlash turned to Hillary Clinton, a junior member of the Vulcans. Clinton having been rewarded for not lifting a finger to prevent the Vulcans from stealing election 2000 with illicit insider oil trades that netted Clinton $60 million just as the Vulcans and their oilagarchy drove the price of oil through the roof and coincidentally launching Dick Cheney's frack America secret energy bill. As none of the Vulcans could possibly run in the 2008 election and the Vulcans were not going to back senator John McCaine, they turned to the Clintons who they had firmly in their camp. Bill Clinton should not have granted the favour of giving the CIA a pass for a load of cocaine destined for Contra drug money funding off the sale of crack all across America. You don't want your balls caught in a Vulcan vice because it's actually a real vice.

The Vulcans however were blind sided by a Teddy Kennedy backed candidate, a Black 45 year old Harvard constitutional scholar with a phoney street accent named Barack Obama who again drew 64% of the voting age public to the polls crushing Vulcan ignored senator McCaine. So the Vulcans chose to repeat the nineties and arrested Obama's chief Chicago fund raiser and senior partner at the law firm Michele Obama worked at and who also arranged for the purchase of the Obama's Chicago home on a minor election fund raising fraud charge securing a search warrant to search the law firm where the Vulcans found pay dirt on Michele Obama that could put her in prison for very long time. With this under handed use of the US Attorney's office the Vulcans gain effective control of the Obama administration and drop Hillary Clinton in as secretary of state and the Vulcan agenda roles on.

Again the Vulcans turn to Clinton. As Donald Trump trashes the Bush legacy in the republican primary, the Vulcans turn the vote theft system on to give Clinton the edge over senator Bernie Sanders but as public support totally collapses for Clinton over the stink emitting from the democratic national committee after senator Bernie Sanders concedes, the Vulcans moronically decide to resurrect the suicidal paranoia of America's first cold war secretary of defence, James Forrestal who was heard uttering the words "The Russians are coming" just before he leaped to his death.

So hear we are at the far end of Russiaphobia and the head Vulcan dies, former president George HW Bush. The Vulcans are being booted from the Trump administration as not enough of the American public are buying into the "Russia did it" narrative to make it a national enough narrative for impeachment. And the public seemingly want the Vulcans to "Move On" dot org. With head FBI torture Vulcan, Robert Mueler heading the "Russiagate" tarring of Trump or anyone that doesn't go along with the tarring like myself in radical Vulcan over reach, we are seeing the majority's stomachs begin to turn as everyone begins to realize they've been had and that it is the very Vulcan Iraq war criminals attempting to corral and if not possible, impeach Trump and install the Vulcan in waiting to continue the Vulcan agenda.

The Vulcans have exposed themselves with this clear act of total narrative hollowness but will they move on dot org without another round of Vulcan idiocy? I don't know but the offspring of the baby boomer generation better come to terms with fact they are the overwhelming majority by 65% and should seriously consider destroying Electronic Jim Crow which has now spread into Canada, installing Doug Ford as Ontario premier and Brian Pallaster as Manitoba,s premier, if they want an unshackled future.

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