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Poppy Bush Damage...12-11-18 Mouse Report
by DJ Mouse
Saturday Dec 15th, 2018 4:53 PM
Chelsea Manning's 'Collateral Murder video...or more aptly...the Manning Media MyLai Murder Movie release and the war on Wikileaks and Julian Assange is the focus of this week's horror show...(57 min.)
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while the Palm Beach predator serial child rapist Jeffrey Epstein is free to host the Trumps and Clintons on his 'lolita Express' after Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta gave him the deal of a lifetine as a federal prosecutor and William Barr similarly leverages past crimes into the Attorney General's catbird seat...MSM pundits right and 'left' have their undies in a bind over the treatment of the CAT living with the world's premier scribe, Julian Assange, trapped and Gagged by US and UK in Ecuador's London embassy...seeming to forget to look into the DNC opposition research Wikileaks published on the Trump crimes while blaming them for Trump...Got amnesia?...not a problem for the CIA that uses cholinergic agents to induce it...or "Mr. George Bush of the CIA" told the jday after blowing our brains our NOT to invade Cuba because both pro and anti castro Cubans hated him for it and the invasion wouldn't fly...then there was arming Noriega, Saddam and Bin Ladewn...and 10 points down the dial (from 104.1 fm)...Ariel Dorfman described refusing to give up his room for murder boss Australia to divest the political assassin racket Carlyle Group from Bin Laden businesses...the host didn't 'go there'...of course in the first oil war Bush 41 spun on a dime after giving Saddam the green light to invade after using his tie breaking vote as VP to run interference for the Western supplied gas attacks...thump thump...screech...sorry Kurds..." was suggested that the Poppy Bush administration was helping to arm Saddam Hussein's Iraq through a complicated scheme involving allegedly misused U.S. agricultural credits and a corrupt bank in Atlanta. This was somewhat embarrassing to Bush, as his administration was being accused of helping build the war machine that he'd sent American troops to destroy in Kuwait. The House Judiciary Committee asked that a special counsel be appointed. William Barr, then the Attorney General, refused to do so...(Earlier, Barr also had refused to appoint a special counsel to look into the monumental money-laundering operation of the Bank of Commerce and Credit International, a massive scandal"...thump thump...thump thump...thump thump and with Chertoff former advisor...head of 'Treasury’s Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence...directed by Undersecretary of Treasury Sigal Mandelker' is likely involved in outrageous diplomatic atrocity v China's Iran ties...while Trump deranged Russiagaters link Stone and Sater...adding Felix the Rodger the Rat Fucker...... don't remember what happened the day after the Ides of March in 1968?...Poppy Bush said he didn't remember where he was during the '63 coup even though his memo from that day said he wasn't in Dallas on November 22...the day JFK's Vietnam withdrawal orders were cancelled...Got muscarinic acetylocholine receptor blockage?...the Swiss said the Skripals did...BZ is NATO's term for the agent in its 750 lb. bombs; 3 Quinuclidinyl Benzilate....another acetylcholine receptor blocker, Atropine, is the antidote to the alledged chemical weapon in UK's false flag attack on its spy...w/ the low lethality delireant..rather lthan the high lethality organophoshates Novichok, Sarin, VX etc....these are all acetylcholinesterase inhibitors like many common pesticides...countered by shutting down that system, the vegetative or para-sympathetic system, so it can't slow us down to either case these cholinergic agents probably affect parasympathetic mediated memory...the trace of choline or PH gradient from leftover acetic acid along the signal path...the physical record of a electromagnetic impulse...leaving the nerve fiber's dendrite or axon to jump over the Schwann Cells blocking the myelin sheath,,,traveling much faster than the depolarization wave running down the nerve...making learning impossible and MS inevitable...and w/ victims of metal injection victims dying at 10x the rate of unvaccinated...the powers that be want the same kind of treatment for all of us...openly pushing chemtrails the same government's pubmed website tells us has raised the Multiple Sclerosis rate as it is around Barium mines... RJK Jr. on MSM cited a new independent study, funded by the Danish revealing that the vaccine, pushed on African children by BILL Gates, kills more people than the diseases it is supposed to protect against...“Virtually every kid in Africa gets it. What they found…they did a vaccinated versus non-vaccinated study, which has never been done…what they concluded was…they said that vaccine is killing more people than Diphtheria, Pertussis, and Tetanus combined (for which the Tdap vaccinated) The kids who got the vaccine were “ten times more likely to die from the vaccine” in the two months following the vaccination.
§#Unity4J vigil 7.0 (2 hr.)
by DJ Mouse Saturday Dec 15th, 2018 4:53 PM
Listen now:
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for more of last weeken's worldwide online vigil w/ Suzi, Joe, Ray, Margaret and other leading lights responding to the selective charge of espionage against our media colleague Julian Assange.
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