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Sedition Free SS...11-27-18 Mouse Report
by DJ Mouse
Tuesday Nov 27th, 2018 7:29 PM
As the world's foremost journalist Julian Assange remains trapped and gagged in the Ecuadoran embassy in London and the Mueller probe goes on...pushing the Administration into more and more hawkish behavior to prove he's not a Russian bot...pseudo lefties cheer on the getaway driver in the FBI's Whitey Bulger murders, Pan Am 103 frame-up, 9-11-01 WTC Pentabomb operation and many other major federal crimes since the horrible '80s...we sample the sedition free Sunday Show then go back to Sunday Sedition host Andrea Lewis for a reality check '80s...1 hr.)
Listen now:
Copy the code below to embed this audio into a web page: paraphrase Upton Sinclair...“It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when" (our reporters' life) depends on (their pretense of) "not understanding it.” Andrea Lewis joins Gary Webb, Anthony Bourdain, Gina Hota, Fr. Bill O'Donnel, Chris Brunei, Danny Casolero and many others from the Great Beyond making this point about life in the West...or the 'Free World' Greece of old we've got 'democracy' (AKA 'majority rule') the pact among 13 gangs of genocidal slave rapists...sorry Indians...enemies can't play...sorry women...well, maybe we'll let you run our wars and Wall St. crimes...eventually...and sorry kids, you can't vote if you don't have property...or if you ARE property...or born on the wrong side of that river...and once we get over that problem we still need to get through the plain ignorance amid all this Russia bashing to correct the seriously brain damaged news coverage that can't tell a weaponized hallucinogen like BZ...that takes 400 times incapacitating dosage to w/ the Skripals...and a lethal chemical about antidotes to nerve gas attacks...surely a popular subject these days...we'll look at how coffee works as an antidote to sleepiness...which actually doesn't need an antidote because it's a natural and good thing...but caffeine fools us into thinking we're richer in energy than we are borrowing to keep the fridge stocked at the risk of loosing your house, or mental blocking the adenosine receptor system...detecting the buildup of adenosinetriphosphate (ATP) debris...telling us to feel sleepy, shut down and recharge our adenosine molecules with 3 phosphates into ATP...the energy currency in all a similar manner to how the muscarinic acetylcholine receptor antagonist BZ actually used in the UK poisoning works...(no one in the media seems to know the first thing about since the Skripals obviously survived because they were dosed w/ 3 Quinuclidinal Benzilate, the low lethality deliriant in NATO's 750 pound bombs...that takes 400x the incapacitating dosage to kill) rather than a deadly agent...The antidote to Sarin, VX, 'Novichok' and all acetylcholinesterase inhibitor pesticides that slow heart rate to zero is AC-estherase receptor inhibitor Atropine...blocking the receptors in the parasympathetic vegetative nervous system so it can't slow down to zero.
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