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Green Voter Guide -- Alameda County & Statewide
by AC Greens
Thursday Oct 25th, 2018 7:48 AM
Green Party of Alameda County recommendations for federal, state, and local elections:
For a quick summary, below is the page 19 Green Voter Card.
For many of the local races you’ll find lots of additional information in the candidates’ completed questionnaires, so we strongly encourage you to read them here on our website, at:


***State Executive Offices***
Boycott the Following Races – see front-page article:
Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, Controller, Treasurer, Attorney General, and Insurance Commissioner

Superintendent of Public Instruction – [Don’t vote for Tuck]

***Federal Offices***
U.S. Senate – Boycott this race, please see write-up
U.S. Representative, District 13 – Laura Wells

***Other State Offices***
State Board of Equalization, District 2 – Boycott this race: see front-page article
State Assembly, District 15 – Jovanka Beckles*
*This candidate is recommended, but not endorsed (because she is a Democrat)
State Assembly, District 18 – No Endorsement, please see write-up

***Judicial Offices***
State Supreme Court – Carol Corrigan, with reservations; and Leondra Kruger, with reservations
State Courts of Appeal, First District – No Endorsements, please see write-up

***Special School Districts***
Peralta Community College, Area 3 – Corean Todd
Peralta Community College, Area 5 – Cindi Napoli-Abella Reiss

***County Offices***
Assessor – [Don’t vote for Johnson]

***City Offices***

Mayor – Frank Matarrese, with reservations
City Council – John Knox White
School Board – Gary Lym
Healthcare District, Short Term – Dennis Popalardo

City Council – Preston Jordan
School District Board – Charles Blanchard and Ross Stapleton-Gray

Auditor – Jenny Wong
City Council, District 1 – #1: Igor Tregub, #2: Mary Behm-Steinberg, #3: Margo Schueler, with reservations [Don’t vote for Kesarwani]
City Council, District 4 – Kate Harrison
City Council, District 7 – #1: Aidan Hill, #2: Rigel Robinson, #3: No endorsement, leave blank
City Council, District 8 – #1: Mary Kay Lacey, #2: Alfred Twu, with reservations, #3: Russ Tilleman, with reservations [Don’t vote for Droste]
School District Board – Ty Alper, Ka’Dijah Brown, and Dru Howard
Rent Stabilization Board – James Chang, Soli Alpert, Paola Laverde, Maria Poblet, John Selawsky – VOTE FOR ALL 5!

City Council – Scott Donahue, with reservations; and Dianne Martinez, with reservations
School District Board – No endorsement, see information on our website

Mayor – Barbara Halliday
City Council – Aisha Wahab and Sara Lamnin [Don’t vote for Joe Ramos]
School District Board – Todd E. Davis and April Oquenda

Mayor – #1: Saied Karamooz; Sharing #2 & #3: Cat Brooks* and Pamela Price* [Don’t vote for Schaaf]
Auditor – Courtney Ruby
City Council, District 2 – Sharing #1 & #2: Nikki Fortunato Bas* and Kenzie Donte Smith* [Don’t vote for Guillén]
City Council, District 4 – #1: Sheng Thao, #2: Pamela Harris, #3: Nayeli Maxson*, with reservations [Don’t vote for Michelson]
City Council, District 6 – Sharing #1 and #2: Marlo Rodriguez* and Mya Whitaker* [Don’t vote for Brooks, Middleton, or Taylor]
School Board, District 2 – [Don’t vote for Eng]
School Board, District 4 – Clarissa Doutherd
School Board, District 6 – [Don’t vote for Gonzales]
*This candidate has been ranked, but not endorsed

****Union City****
New Haven School Board – Sarbjit Cheema

***Special Districts***
A.C. Transit, At-Large – Dollene Jones
A.C. Transit, Ward 4 – Nicholas Harvey
A.C. Transit, Ward 5 – Diane Shaw, with reservations
BART, District 4 – No Endorsement, please see write-up
BART, District 6 – No Endorsement, please see write-up
EBMUD, Ward 7 – No Endorsement, please see write-up
EBRPD, Ward 5 – No Endorsement, please see write-up

***Statewide Propositions***
1 – Housing Assistance Bonds – Yes, with reservations
2 – Mental Illness Housing Bonds – No
3 – Water and Wildlife Bonds – No
4 – Children’s Hospitals Bonds – Yes, with reservations
5 – Property Tax Base Transfers – No
6 – Transportation Funding, Gas Taxes, Vehicle Fees – No
7 – Daylight Saving Time – Yes
8 – Kidney Dialysis Clinics – Yes
[Prop. 9 was removed from the ballot by court order]
10 – Local Authority to Enact Rent Control/Affordable Housing Act – Yes, Yes, Yes!
11 – Emergency Ambulance Employees – No, No, No!
12 – Farm Animals Confinement – Yes

***Local Measures***
E – Peralta Parcel Tax Continuation – Yes, with reservations
F – Alameda Services Sales Tax – No
G – Peralta Sites/Facilities/Equipment Bond – Yes, with reservations
H – Hayward School Bond – Yes, with bond reservations
K – Alameda Weak Rent Control – No
L – Albany Services Sales Tax – Yes, with reservations
M – Albany Park and Open Space Parcel Tax – Yes, with reservations
N – Albany Appointed Treasurer – Yes
O – Berkeley Affordable Housing Bond – Yes
P – Berkeley Homeless Services Tax – Yes
Q – Berkeley Rent Ordinance Amendments – Yes
R – Berkeley Vision 2050 Plan – Yes
S – Emeryville Cannabis Business Tax – No endorsement
T – Hayward Services Real Property Transfer Tax – Yes
V – Oakland Cannabis Business Tax – Yes
W – Oakland Homeless Services Vacant Property Tax – Yes
X – Oakland Graduated Real Estate Transfer Tax – Yes, with reservations
Y – Oakland Just Cause Eviction Amendments – Yes
Z – Oakland Hotel Workers Workplace Protections and Wages – Yes
AA – Oakland Education Parcel Tax Charter Amendment – No, No!
DD – Union City Cannabis Business Tax – Yes
EE – Union City Charter City and Real Property Transfer Tax – No
FF – EBRPD Wildlife Protection and Parks Parcel Tax – No, with reservations

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