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SF Election Fraud Alert on Prop C
by Yes on C to House the Homeless
Wednesday Oct 24th, 2018 9:11 PM
Less than 2 weeks before election day, we suddenly received an anti-Prop C multi-colored slick mailer from the Democrats' election fraud team led by one of its beneficiaries, Gavin Newsom, about to be installed as Governor, when most of the vote-by-mail voters have voted as we received our vote-by-mail ballots on October 6, 2018. The vote is likely to be close, a good opportunity to commit election fraud so we the workingclass can continue to experience homelessness and the rich can get richer.
Millionaire Democrat Newsom committed the same election fraud to become mayor that was committed in the 49er Stadium Swindle election of June 3, 1997, the selection of Willie Brown as mayor, the selection of Ed Lee as mayor, and their election fraud team were proud promoters of reactionary London Breed as mayor, all Democrats. The 49er Stadium Swindle and all of these Democratic Party mayors were supported by the Republican Party as well as the Democratic Party.

For more on this election fraud, see:

For the Democrats' election fraud of the 1970s, see

This slick mailer shows a sinister picture of Nazi Newsom combined with a quote from the always reactionary mouthpiece of the ruling capitalist class, the San Francisco Chronicle against Prop C. The same empty phrases are repeated on the other side by reactionary real estate mouthpiece, London Breed; one of the worst supervisors ever and always a hustler for the real estate profiteers, now a state senator, Scott Wiener; the utterly reactionary supervisor Katy Tang, who also opposes the excellent Prop 10, from the reactionary District 4, the Sunset; the San Francisco Police Officers Association who signed a ballot argument against Prop C and who are a fundamental part of any election fraud team; and some reactionary small business organizations. NOT ONE OF THESE LACKEYS OF THE CAPITALIST CLASS HAVE ANY ALTERNATIVE PROGRAM.

Every single ballot argument against Prop C except those of the Republican Party and the Libertarian Party was sponsored by the real estate industry, namely Committee on Jobs (a business organization); Hathaway Dinwiddie Construction and SF Association of Realtors.

See the SF Voters Handbook at

As we can see from reading Prop C and the summary in the SF Voters Handbook, it has both accountability and a plan. Here is the accountability: “The fund would be administered by the Mayor and Board of Supervisors. An advisory committee would monitor the fund.” THAT IS AS GOOD AS ACCOUNTABILITY GETS. The plan is FULLY DESCRIBED IN THE VOTERS HANDBOOK AT PAGES 74 AND 76, and many ballot arguments in favor of Prop C. You can also read the text of Prop C on pp 107-112. For more on Prop C, go to

According to the SF Elections Department, some 40,000 Vote by Mail ballots have been accepted as of 10/23/18. See Considering 414,000 people voted in November 2016, we need you to turn in your vote by mail ballot now to win both Props C and Prop 10, both of which will be close. In any close election, election fraud is possible. We know that all Peace & Freedom Party and Green Party voters are for Prop C, so please mail your ballot today. If you delay, you might forget, and we cannot afford that. Housing the homeless with Prop C and expanding rent control and vacancy control with Prop 10 are urgently needed. You can vote on a vote-by-mail ballot at City Hall this weekend, October 27-28, and the following weekend, Nov 3-4, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. You can then also sign up to be a permanent vote by mail voter so you can vote in the comfort of your home within 30 days of election day. VOTE TODAY; DO NOT DELAY; YES on 10 and YES on C.

We are 100% volunteer and depend on your participation to sustain our efforts!


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