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121 Of Many Ways Donald Trump Harms Animals People Birds Fishes Butterflies Bees
by ARC 9
Sunday Sep 23rd, 2018 11:31 PM
Trump bombs animals and has allowed Alaskan trophy hunters to take
over the national park in Alaska. Every Republican senator except the ailing Isakson, over 200 Republican representatives signed a resolution
allowing aerial hunting of animals, baiting of bear traps with food,
and the murder of bear cubs and wolf puppies in their own dens. Trump quickly signed it into law. For the first time, hunters are allowed into our parks with their stalking bloody terrorizing of animals.
121 Of Many Ways Donald Trump Harms Animals People Birds Fishes Butterflies Bees The Watershed and Mother Earth


The lawless Wild West prevails in the Trump Zinke regime, from the animals Trump has bombed in 6 countries to the fishes strangling in nets Trump & Zinke have killed millions of animals.

Trump in March of 2017 killed 1000 civilians and millions of animals in bombings in Mosul, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Yemen. In April he added to his violent record with
over 50 missile strikes in Syria, acting without congressional approval. In addition he dropped what was called 'the mother of all bombs' costing 16 million dollars (while he cut aid to famine torn Africa) on the innocent people, vulnerable animals and fragile environment of Afghanistan.


Trump's record re animals: a partial list:

1a. The most serious of all is Trump's opposition to the world's climate change plans and promotion of pipelines. He allows Ryan Zinke to initiate drilling, mining, lumber industries in national parks, plundering and pillaging. Every one of those industries destroys trees, making the world hotter..

Record breaking tempeeratures are baking the earth. Climate extremes threaten all beings on the planet.

1b. Trump actively promotes fossil fuels.

2a. Elephants, rhinos, giraffes and other species are threatened with extinction, yet Donald Trump's 2 sons are trophy hunters. Trump Jr is shown have severed the tail of an elephant he just murdered.
Trump Sr took Trump Jr's advice and appointed a fellow trophy hunter Ryan Zinke to head the Dept of Interior He is a former Navy Seal who has murdered at least 1 elephant (Trump Jr is shown holding an elephant's severed tail). Because of his 2 sons and Zinke, as well as contributions from wealthy members of the Safari Club,

Trump reversed Obama's ban on importation of ivory and other parts of slaughtered elephants.

2b. Zinke enjoys stalking innocent animals in the woods and then murdering them. He has harmed many species since taking office and is using tax dollars to promote trophy hunting despite holding a position of authority in which he is charged with protecting animals. He is trying to eliminate many species from the Endangered Species Act. In 2017 one Trump's sons celebrated Earth Day by shooting innocent prairie dogs. Our taxes pay Secret Service men to watch Donald Jr and Eric as they murder moose in Maine Montana. or elsewhere.

2c Zinke has appointed a trophy hunters' council to promote the sociopathic blood sport at public expense. Taxes will support travel expenses, a paid staff etc. Arrogant Ryan Zinke ignores the 2015 Marist poll that 90% of Americans oppose trophy hunting and 60% want to ban it altogether.

2d Trump was endorsed by the Safari Club International, 50,000 mammal butchers whose blood lust has slaughtered millions of creatures.

2e. Several Safari Club members on Trump Zinke trophy hunter council have murdered some of the last rhinos still on earth.

'US Fish And Wildlife Service deputy director Greg Sheehan, Safari Club member attended group’s convention in Las Vegas when it awarded its “professional hunter of the year” honors to a South African man who has been fined for leading hunts of endangered black rhinos.' Stephanie Mencimer of MotherJones

3 Trump's subordinates erased the entire USDA lab inspection data base (inspection of cruel animal torture research labs)
4 Trump pardoned the Hammonds, deer poachers and arsonists of public lands who burned animals...

5 The hunter dominated National Rifle Assoc. gave Trump support
6 Because Donald Trump has already illegally immorally and unconstitutionally bombed 6 countries (Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia etc) he continues the mass animal slaughter of wars in which animals are bombed, crushed by tanks, seized to be eaten, abandoned by refugees etc.
7 Trump started up Trump Steaks which failed.
8 Countless mammals, birds, fishes are murdered for Trump restaurant food. a. veal obtained by electroshocking mothers away from their baby calves before killing the calves b. He and Mitt Romney dined on the severed legs of frogs at Trump Towers. c. At Mar a Lago Trump provides caviar ripped from the ovaries of sturgeons.
d. Countless chickens pigs and cows are in factory farms. Their stolen products
are served in Trump restaurants.
9 There are very few grizzlies left but Trump and Zinke want them no longer protected as they and senators like Rob Portman of Ohio, John Thune of South Dakota worked to bring hunters into the national parks, endangering children, tourists, those who live on the park borders, and the defenseless animals. He and every Republican senator except the ailing Isakson, and over 200 Republican representatives passed and signed a joint resolution authorizing that Alaska state and not we the citizens of the US would have the power to set wildlife regulations in the national park there. As a result, bear cubs and wolf puppies may be murdered in their dens by hunters, aerial hunting which is banned in several countries is allowed there, and hunters may bait bear traps with food. Don Young, the most cruel man in the US House, coordinated the effort.
10 Trump appointed the US' main proponent of the mass slaughter of pigs, the governor of Iowa, Terry Bradshaw, to be ambassador to China.
11 Trump has asked primate abuser Francis Collins to stay on as director of animal torture center, National Institutes of Health and is keeping vivisector of millions of animals Fauci there.
12 Trump has made superhawk, chickenhawk and former meat lobbyist John Bolton a national security adviser.
13 Trump responded to the pushing of Alaska senators Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan by legalizing the murder of Alaska bear cubs and wolf puppies
14 Trump, Zinke, the EPA have acted to cause oil drilling, mining, tree killing in the national parks. This has caused destruction of animal habitat, deforestation worsening Western drought, water pollution, animal slaughter, especially that of fledgeling birds, squirrels, raccoons and other tree animals.
15. Trump and Zinke have reduced protections for marine mammals, turtles, fishes, octopi, coral reefs etc. He is working to end the protections of the Endangered Species Act nationally as well as ending the funding of state programs to protect endangered species.
16. Trump and Zinke have initiated offshore drilling in Atlantic, Pacific and Gulf.
17. Trump's Zinke, head of the DOI, is portrayed as all cuddly by CBS for allowing dogs in the workplace.. no mention by CBS of his plan to murder bears US Fish and Wildlife has plans to end Endangered Species Act protections for Greater Yellowstone's grizzly bears and allow states to move forward with trophy hunts.
16. Trump has allowed the Army Corps of Engineers to continue their slaughter of cormorants.
19. He and Zinke have removed protections for Yellowstone bears
20. At Trump's golf courses, people are not allowed to drive golf carts on greens, endangering toads, butterflies etc. Trump ignores the rules.
21. Trump has broken his promise to rein in the pricegouging animal torturing drug companies.
22. His border wall if implemented would harm thousands of species of animals and plants.
23. Pruitt is gone. Trump, Wheeler and Bannon continue to dismantle the EPA. 20 years of secrecyabout DuPont's Chemours division poisoning animals and fishes of Cape Fear River now poison Wilmington NC's drinking water.
24. Trump and Zinke are planning to reduce Olympia Washington national park's mountain goats. Murder of the goats is being considered.
25. According to the pig butchers' site Trump before Nov 2016 was on record supporting ag gag laws and the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act which criminalize peaceful protest and freedom of speech.
26 Donald Trump Jr who convinced his father to make fellow Trump hunter Zinke head of DOI.. was also involved in convincing his father to further elephant massacres by lifting the ban on elephant parts. In the following Guardian link he is shown holding the severed tail of an elephant
'about the time I’ve had enough of sitting in a whitetail stand, I get a bit of a lull and then I go right into turkey season. Then summer comes, and I’ve been fortunate to have done quite a bit of bowhunting in Africa, and I’ve taken 15 or 16 species there. Then fall comes and I’m out west, where I’ve taken elk and numerous mule deer. I’ve also hunted sheep and caribou, but mostly with a rifle. Of course, whitetails are big for me because they’re the most accessible. I can roll out of bed at my cabin and choose from five treestands within 500 yards of the front door.' quote is from bowhunter com
27. After Trump and Zinke opened up marine mammals, Yellowstone bears, Olympia Washington goats to slaughter and animal habitat to oil drilling, they plan to sell out wild horses.
28. There are very few grizzly bears left but Trump, Zinke, Rob Portman, senator from Ohio, the NRA want to open up the national parks to hunters. Hunters have killed into extinction countless species.
29. Trump nominated a dovehunter to the Supreme Court
30. Trump Zinke and USFWS rescinded Obama's ban on bringing ivory and other
trophies from elephant murder into the US
31 Trump's criminal neglect of Puerto Rico has killed people and animals who have died of thirst, lack of food and medical care
32. How is the Trump regime like the dairy farms receiving subsidies from the US govt? It separates mothers from their children through ICE, through repressive jailing of marijuana using mothers, and from women in the military killed in illegal immoral wars
33 Trump and Zinke promote trophy hunting of bison in Grand Canyon ... murder of bison and endangerment of tourists
34 Trump has promoted the animal torture budgets of NIH, the CDC, USDA, DOI, the Pentagon, the CIA, the Dept of Justice, EPA, Dept of Transportation, VA, and other agencies torturing animals in labs. In some way or other virtually every federal agency harms animals.
35 Trump has violated the Arctic wilderness sanctuary, as Henry Paulson of Goldman Sachs before him in regards to Nature Conservancy opening it to cattle ranches, by letting oil drillers into it. They poison the animals' watershed and destroy their forest habitat
36 Trump and GOP did not pass a single animal protection bill in 2017
There were five bills of which a majority of the House (Democrats and Republicans) approved, but House GOP didn’t approve a single animal protection bill in 2017.
37 Under Trump, FEMA during the Puerto Rican hurricane crisis was bringing in Vienna sausages, cheeses, and chocolate puddings..
(corrupt contracts)
38 When Trump and Ajit Pai of the FCC ended net neutrality, opening up censorship of citizens and all internet users by huge corporations, they expanded the muzzling of groups which protect animals from vegans ti animal rescue groups.
39 Trump, Pruitt, Zinke and Perry have decided that 90% of US coastal waters will be subject to oil drilling, despite the fact that there are massive dead zones in which all the fish have died already in the Chesapeake and Gulf from BP's neurotoxin Corexit, from illegal nuclear waste dumping, insecticides, fertilizers, thousands of chemicals, illegal human waste dumping etc. This if it were to happen would slaughter trillions of fishes, as whale as countless whales, dolphins and other marine mammals. Trump has seen to it that Florida where he has Mar a Lago will not be included, only everywhere else.
40 The failure of Trump and his cabinet to provide sufficient aid to states with record breaking numbers of fires from the summer of 2017 to the recent California fires has meant the death of billions of mammals, birds, reptiles, bees, butterflies
41 Cliven Bundy and his 2 sons owe Americans 1 million $ in federal grazing fees...It's time for Trump to end the support of climate extremes, human disease, and
mammal murder caused by meat. It's time to stop allowing federal lands to be used in that way.
42 Murdered animal cadavers under Trump's rule will be even more toxic to consume since
a. Trump's USDA has fewer meat inspectors and b. the USDA has fewer filthy and diseased meat and fish recalls
43 Trump,DOI Ryan Zinke, the NRA, Safari Club Int'l, trophy hunters, the Congressional (blood)Sportsmen's Caucus worked to have hunting in our national parks. Senator Portman of Ohio has also worked to endanger the animals and people in our parks.
44 Trump and Zinke have withdrawn Obama legislation which held utilities responsible for protecting millions of birds.
45 "At the bar of the Trump International Hotel in Washington, you can order a crystal spoonful of Hungarian wine for $140. Cocktails run from $23 for a gin and tonic to $100 for a vodka concoction with raw oysters and caviar. There’s a seafood pyramid called “the Trump Tower” that costs $120, or you can hit BLT Prime, a restaurant where the $59 salt-aged Kansas City strip steak comes with a long-shot chance of seeing the President sitting nearby." Alex Altman of Time Mag
46 Cliven Bundy and his 2 sons owe Americans 1 million $ in federal grazing fees...
It's time for Trump to end the support of mammal murder by allowing federal lands to be used in that way.
47 Trump's and Ajit Pai's removal of net neutrality allows internet giants to censor animal rights and environment groups
48 Trump and Zinke work to allow loggers on federal lands. In the past these loggers have caused birds' nests to fall rolling away empty, their smashed fledglings or splattered eggshells on the ground.
49 a giant leap backward Trump and NASA do radiation testing on monkeys...
many years after the movie Project X was made about Dr Don Barnes' refusal to irradiate primates at Brooks Air Force Base
50 Trump, Ryan Zinke, Mick Mulvaney, and Brian Steed allocate over 1 billion dollars being subcontracted to cattle ranchers to terrorize wild mustangs hunting them with helicopters and sending them to slaughterhouses so that their presence doesn't bother big oil drillers and cattle killers.
51. In Sterling Virginia, Trump cut down 400 trees along the Potomac destroying animal and bird habitat when building one of his many environment destroying golf courses. (See NYTimes)
52 Under his nominee for the VA, Shulkin 'At the VA Medical Center in Los Angeles U.S. taxpayers have been funding a narcoleptic dog colony of Dobermans for the sole purpose of being given methamphetamine and then euthanized so their brains can be dissected.' *1
53 Money is diverted from veterans to animal torture. At yet another VA Medical Center, McGuire in Richmond, VA, dogs have pacemakers placed in them. Eventually the dogs are all killed. *2
54 Trump nominated Scott Pruitt knowing he was an executioner of prisoners and a wholly owned subsidiary of fossil fuel interests. In addition Pruitt sued to wipe out California's law giving chickens bigger cages.
55 Trump and Chao have been inactive in improving vegan options on Amtrak. He has been inactive in improving vegan options in all federal agencies.
56 Trump Zinke, NRA, Safari Club lobbied to invade mother bears' hibernating dens
and murder their bear cubs in a national park wildlife refuge in Alaska. Every single Republican senator except the ailing Izakson voted for it. Every single Democrat senator voted against it. Trump signed it into law in April 2018.
57. In his immoral unconstitutional violation of international law in
bombing Syria in April of 2018, Trump may have burned research animals alive in research centers.
58 Trump's Army Corps Of Engineers has once again taken it on itself to murder cormorants Public outcry has changed the plan
to invasion of cormorant nests to destroy their eggs. The Army Corps apparently thinks that only humans not cormorants should eat salmon.
Cormorants have an excuse but humans do not for causing suffocation to innocent beings whose bodies are full of radiation mercury etc.
59. Trump's selection Sonny Perdue for the USDA sent through the gate to perdition by murder 1.3 million native animals in 2017
Trump's USDA murders 1.3 million native animals in 2017
60 Politico article: "Ronn Torossian’s firm is connected to Eric Trump Foundation. worked in defense of Iowa-based Kosher meat magnate Sholom Rubashkin, who would soon be convicted in federal court on dozens of fraud and money laundering charges
In December 2017 Trump commuted the remainder of Rabaskin’s sentence, the first time he has exercised that particular presidential power"
Dr Richard Schwartz, author of articles at jewishveg. com/schwartz
has said "Kosher meat is impossible to achieve.. there is always blood in the tiny arterioles" (paraphrased)
61. Animal, bird and fish flesh, eggs and dairy cause more deaths in the US annually than war, traffic, cigarettes combined.
The Trump dominated CDC continues to lie saying that tobacco is the biggest killer and to focus on the 3% of food poisoning
fatalities caused by human handling or water and sewage contamination of vegetables rather than the 97% caused not by
external conditions but the intrinsic ecoli (colon bacteria) in all cadavers of murdered mammals, birds, and fishes,
or contamination of products containing milk or eggs.
62. Trump and Pruitt support filthy coal which kills miners in explosions, caveins, diseases such as black lung and emphysema.
Pruitt has reinstituted mountaintop decapitation with itsdynamite... it murders animals, destroys their habitat, poisons
their water, turns green carpeted mountains into muddy piles.
63. Trump, Pruitt, Zinke and Perry support fossil fuels over solar, wind, thermal and other nonviolent energy systems.
Their promotion of oil for the Koch Brothers and other petroplutocratshe
a. chokes to death marine mammals, birds, fishes, turtles, octopi, coral etc with oil spills
b. They poison all the above with Corexit, a nerve toxin
c. They destroy animal habitat on land through drilling
d. They poison the watershed with oil spills and therefore poison animals etc
64. Trump's EPA has been inactive about 5,000,000
plastic straws distributed in the US daily... many end up in the sea
killing or harming sea beings. Pruitt has done nothing about the Texas sized island of never biograding plastic
between Hawaii and California which kills many sea creatures through suffocation or entrapment.
65. Animals as well as humans must breathe
Calif Wash and 13 other states and DC are suing EPA over reduction of air quality standards and emission standards in cars... which would make American cars less competitive in world market besides harming all beings who need air.
66 Trump's and Perdue's food stamp program kills and injures animals, people and the environment.
The program should be reformed... rather than subsidize animal murder and the human disease it generates, with concomitant health care costs, it is time for any resident of the White House Senate or House to promote fruit stamps
which could be used for fruits and vegetables, seeds, nuts, of infinite avriety.
67 Trump and Perdue of the USDA are wiping out Michelle Obama's healthy reforms to school lunches as they reinstitute
more meat fish dairy sugar etc while ending a requirement of fruit and vegetables at every meal.
68 Trump and Pruitt are working to roll back wetlands protections... which if successful will harm birds reptiles and fishes while and further heating up the planet in summer
69 Trump picked animal killing vivisector Eli Lilly exec Alex Azar to head HHS...
after saying that he Trump wanted to campaign against pricegouging drug companies. Eli Lilly worked with Senator Bill Frist of United Health Care in the G W Bush administration to exempt drug companies from liability for deaths and injuries from their toxic vaccines.
70. Trump is working to make slaughterhouse lines faster and more dangerous... 'let them determine their own evisceratioe speeds'

All of Trump Pruitt and Zinke deregulations are harming
people, mammals, birds, fishes, reptiles, butterflies,
bees, trees and plants.

71 rules have been overturned regarding flood standards for bldgs.
72 Dow Chemical's carcinogenic insecticide ban overturned
73 Ended is the moratorium on new coal leases on public lands
74 Methane emissions have been deregulated regarding coal companies, power plants,
75 Coal companies may now dump poisons into the watershed
76 The polluting Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines have been approved
77 Third-party lawsuits and money jdgment rules have been changed to favor industry
78 Offshore drilling ban in the Atlantic and Arctic except for Florida where
Trump and Mar A Lago and executioner Republican governor Rick Scott has pull
79 Seismic Atlantic ocean air gun testing may resume
80 Northern Bering Sea climate resilience plan
81 Royalty rules for coal, oil and gas favor industry more
82 No more reporting of greenhouse gas emissions required
83 Less strict are permit-issuing processes for new infrastructure projects
84 Fewer contributions to the Green Climate fund
85 Endangered are endangered species listings
86 Wolves and bears, their pups and cubs can be gunned down in their dens
87 Gone are whale sea turtle and other creature protections
88 Plastic will build up in national parks and the seas because
the reusable water bottles rule for national parks is gone
89 The national parks are no longer required to honor the environment
90 Out the door are environmental factors for federal projects
91 No monitoring of carbon's effects on environment
92 Industries are more able to destroy public lands.. fewer planning rules
93 Copper filter cake is no longer listed as hazardous waste
94 Mines no longer need to clean up their toxins, their trash
95 Killer ecoli can flourish with rollback on sewage treatment rules
96 Lead ammunition ban allows brain damaging lead in the watershed
97 Protection of marine mammals etc in fishing net rules have been removed
98 Fracking companies are free to poison the watershed
99 Migratory bird protections are gone
100 DOI global warming rules have been reduced
101 Factory polluters have fewer rules
102 Dangerous freight safety standards on trains have been removed
103 Trump withdrew from the Paris climate treaty thumbing his nose at 174 countries plus all the EU countries. In so doing he honored his oil gas treekilling and other earth destroying donors.
104 The sage grouse is no longer protected.
105 In 2018 Trump decided to allow elephant murder after putting a hold on it. He listened to trophy hunters Don Trump Jr, his brother and Ryan Zinke..
106 Trump's CDC has protected the ranchers, factory farmers, etc who murder animals and took over 7 months to report the salmonella outbreak in 26 states involving raw turkey
107 Trump has with criminal negligence let fires consume people, animals, birds, trees in 10 Western states. He has not sent in the military to help. The planes which could drop water are elsewhere bombing people and causing fires.
108 Trump and the GOP have subsidized cattle ranchers.
109. The food stamp program continues to be welfare for butchers and dairy farmers as it pays for the purchase of these items.
Donald Trump Jr who convinced his father to make fellow Trump hunter Zinke head of DOI.. was also involved in convincing his father to further elephant massacres by lifting the ban on elephant parts. In the following Guardian link he is shown holding the severed tail of an elephant

'about the time I’ve had enough of sitting in a whitetail stand, I get a bit of a lull and then I go right into turkey season. Then summer comes, and I’ve been fortunate to have done quite a bit of bowhunting in Africa, and I’ve taken 15 or 16 species there. Then fall comes and I’m out west, where I’ve taken elk and numerous mule deer. I’ve also hunted sheep and caribou, but mostly with a rifle. Of course, whitetails are big for me because they’re the most accessible. I can roll out of bed at my cabin and choose from five treestands within 500 yards of the front door.'
111 The Trump regime FDA chief Scott Gottlieb has ruled that only the cowkilling dairy industry or other animal abusers can use the term milk.
112. Trump's Zinke will no longer require miners, drillers, loggers or rancher killers to make compensation for their environmental damage
113 As of July 2018 His daughter Ivanka is shutting down her fashion company which used the fur of murdered rabbits, skins of murdered cows in her clothing and shoe lines. (Her sweat shops in China have 62 hour shifts and low pay)
114 Whenever Trump has built a golf course, he has bulldozed trees and destroyed animal habitats.
115 Trump and Perdue of the USDA are killing 35,000 animals a year in the USDA's Wildlife Services division which should be renamed Wildlife Slaughter.
116. Trump has proposed 12 billion in welfare to pig and cow murderers and others whose businesses have been harmed by his tariffs.
117. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has issued more than three dozen permits for hunters to bring back lion trophy parts from Zimbabwe and Zambia between 2016-2018, according to copies of the permits obtained by a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.
118. The world's bee populations have not recovered from the bee killing insecticides (apicides) made by Bayer, Monsanto and many other companies. Yet Trump, Ryan Zinke and others are working to end the ban on these apicides.
119 Iowa family sues government over injuries caused by cyandie 'predator' trap
120 Trump has increased NIH animal torture vivisection budget by several billion dollars.
121. Trump's tariffs have harmed many US businesses. Tariffs have creted a vicious circle of responding tariffs. In response he has initated billions in subsidies to brutal, disease ridden, global climate harming animal agriculture.

Trump's billions in subsides to pig butchers, dairy cow abusers, chicken factory farmers begin

71 to 102 NYTimes story on 67 environmental rules Trump and Zinke are working to end
Take action now to protect grizzlies from trophy hunting!

In just the Interior Department Trump & Zinke want roads bulldozed thru AK wilderness. The are endangering 10 threatened species, want to expose every coastal state but Florida to oil spills, want Georgia Pacific & other treekillers to ax ancient trees, are opening forests to miners etc.


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