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KPFA Management Remove "Guns And Butter” After Bad Fund Drive
by repost
Thursday Aug 9th, 2018 12:44 PM
KPFA management has cancelled the "Guns and Butter" show after a bad fund drive and complaints from funders.
KPFA Management Remove "Guns And Butter” After Bad Fund Drive

“Guns and Butter” will no longer be broadcast on KPFA.

After an avalanche of negative calls and emails from listeners about the airing of views of a holocaust denier, climate change denial and casting the Parkland mass shooting survivors as crisis actors. KPFA cannot defend this content.
Please direct all comments to KPFA's comment line at comments [at] or 510-848-6767 ext 622.
KPFA Management
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KPFA Local Station Board Meeting and Town Hall
Reports at 12 noon, Town Hall for public comments at 1 PM

WHEN: AUGUST 18, 2018 @ 11:00 AM


KPFA Local Station Board Meeting
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Reports at 12 noon,
Town Hall for public comments at 1 PM
by Akio Tanaka
Friday Aug 10th, 2018 5:11 AM
So, the KPFA management decided to remove the one 'radical edge' that uniquified the station. Oy Vey!
by Arthur Stopes, III.
(arthurstopes [at] Saturday Aug 11th, 2018 11:09 AM
"Spineless", indeed!
(To have CANCELLED the "Guns and Butter" program.)

Bonnie Faulkner's independent venture, "Guns and Butter", was never
meant to please the complacent, head-in-the-sand, non-listener/non-
thinker/non-independent Questioner or Researcher.

And, if one or more took issue with one or more such presentations,
why "blame the Messenger"?

It is true... that Bonnie's oft-repeated phrase "tax-deductible
donation" in helping to garner contributions for KPFA-FM/.org always
disgusted Me! However, that was no worse than all of the other "14th
Amendment" (sic) so-called "U.S. citizens" who - since 1949 - have never
spoken ONE honest, lawfully-informed word on KPFA, regarding "Taxes".

(That includes David Cay (Cave-In) Johnston and Richard Wolff -
both of whom are "taxpayers", and who evidently have not, or cannot, READ
(decode) the Internal Revenue Code.)

Except... for One. In 1984 (despite the dystopian novel with that
year as title), this listener happened to hear - on KPFA! - a lawfully-
informed Gentleman by the name of Ira Liebhober. But... never again.
I attended his presentation, bought a book or two, and thus began my
own "learning curve", so that I have not volunteered to pay any so-called
"Taxes" to either the federalized "State of" California, or to the
Internal Re-venue "Service", since... 1984. Lawfully; as a federal
Judge, in his federal Court, complimented me in 2012, when he
flatteringly described Me as a LAWFUL tax avoider. Not a tax evader, to
be clear.

I have informed KPFA personnel that all "non-profits" under I.R. Code,
Section 501 (as in 501(c)(3)), are under Regulations of the "DEPARTMENT
OF THE NAVY" and "STANDARDS OF CONDUCT" for U.S. government employees.
(Treated, and thus "Taxed", as such!) Yet, never any response or Reply...

They are "brain dead" in such respects; thus Cowards. I shall not
listen, again.

Thank you for the opportunity to contribute some informative thoughts
on this unhappy subject.

By: Arthur Stopes, III. / Legislative Analyst and Writer (L.A.W.).
by Patrick Craig
Monday Aug 13th, 2018 9:31 AM
My wife and I have been supporters of KPFA for years. When the station was under attack we were in the street in a tent. So if you insist on removing Guns and Butter we will no longer support the station. Only Guns and Butter aired the government’s 9/11 event, and was significant for Truther’s to study and understand what was the source of wars killing so many. I cannot believe you would support Trump in at last getting rid of the stations truth stance. Bonnie gave many whom I do not believe in, air time, and that is called free speech. When you engage in censorship we will no longer support the station.
by nickstuart
Wednesday Aug 15th, 2018 2:11 PM
Guns And Butter was not merely the most important political show on KPFA, but one of the only shows on the radio anywhere that deals with issues in an uncensored and unfiltered manner. Of course its direct criticism of Israel and the official 9/11 narrative were expected to cause a backlash, but it is surely the duty of KPFA, as per its founding principles, to defend the heterodox approach of Bonnie Faulkner and her investigations. Shame on the palsied cowardice of KPFA's directors in cowering and caving to the "complaints from funders."
by William Gibbons
Thursday Aug 16th, 2018 8:29 AM
Bonnie Faulkner was treated poorly by KPFA, she wasn't paid for producing a startlingly impressive, deep journalistic show, KPFA even screwed her out of hundreds of dollars over a minor issue about gifts for pledge drives, but she kept plugging a way doing some of the best journalism KPFA has ever presented for free. Amy Goodman is fawned over and she has deliberately lied to support her funder George Soros. Bonnie Faulkner is Pacifica's real jewel, she doesn't mis-represent the facts to comfort billionaires and she's not acquired millions of dollars in the process. Recently Christopher Bollyn has written books exposing Israeli's role in the 911 attacks which murdered 3,000 Americans in 2001. The left movement world is now reacting in waves to Bollyn's work. Bonnie Faulkner was the only journalist on KPFA to expose the Jewish role in 911, this included Benjamin Netenahyu's commanding role, the role of the state of Israel, Israeli Army Intelligence, and the role of dual US-Israeli Jewish citizens in America in the attack. Israel had help in the attack from the Bush White House and US media, the world media including Amy Goodman and Noam Chomsky has deliberately run cover for the conspirators. 911 is a seminal world event and its still important because Muslims have been blamed and now millions of Muslims are being slaughtered in US-Israeli and NATO 911 wars. We can see Israel benefits from these wars attacking its neighbors and expanding it's influence. Bonnie Faulkner is also the only Pacifica journalist besides Cynthia McKinney to question the role of Jewish power in the control of Congress. The important truths are what really got Bonnie Faulkner fired and this fact is unacceptable to KPFA listeners. What kind of journalism will KPFA have left in a post 'Guns and Butter' situation besides 'Flashpoints'? The Silicon Valley media is already clamping down on alternative journalism, now we won't even have Bonnie to expose the crimes of empire.
--Bill Gibbons, Petaluma CA, former Project Censored Contributor and volunteer, Supporter of the Revolutionary Communist Party.
by Dwight Loop
Thursday Aug 16th, 2018 1:29 PM
Bad move.
After many years of broadcasting truth, interesting topics, controversial have decided to cancel due to "lack of support?" Are you serious?
Everyone knows it's because the show hit too many spots that even KPFA is now afraid to air......
GNB was censored due to its content, not fundraising.
Is the goal to promote money or to promote truth and much needed questioning of mainstream media sources?
Apparently, a few comments by "supporters," which is not verified by numbers, means it came under intense pressure from the MIC, NeoCons, and others who are threatened by TRUTH. Bonnie was brave, a great interviewer, by far the best on KPFA to tackle such important, controversial issues. Bad on KPFA. What's next? Project Censored? I mean, you have lost all support on this one. Hypocritically motivated influence is not limited to the commercial mainstream! Horrible decision. Politically motivation hidden behind Money Interests...shame shame shame on you!
by Dan Stone
Thursday Aug 16th, 2018 1:43 PM
Dear KPFA,

As a long-time listener and contributor to wonderful KPFA, I would like to advocate the reinstatement of Bonnie Faulkner’s Guns & Butter every Wednesday from 1-2 p.m. to KPFA, so that KPFA can keep on being wonderful, and not like most every other radio station in the nation.

Today, August 16, more than 300 u.s. newspapers are running editorials promoting freedom of the press after Trump’s attacks on the media. In keeping with this re-vitalization of free speech, I urge you to reverse course regarding Guns & Butter to keep discussion of important issues open and broad, instead of closed, or of restricted, narrow range.

I know that KPFA is vulnerable to pressure from the powerful. But please hold the line. Don’t let the big “funders” take us all one big step backward, closer to absolutism and away from the open society and free speech. Ironically, your summary dismissal of Guns & Butter, one of your longest-running and most popular programs (17 years), is taking place in Berkeley, the birthplace of the Free Speech Movement.

I am one of those many who thinks that free speech is important for a vibrant and meaningful democracy so that citizens can make informed decisions about public policy. How can we discuss and evaluate things if certain issues are taboo? Or if some arguments, offensive to some, are censored?

Your official statement (on your Memo and on Indybay) is that “KPFA cannot defend this content”, referring to three (3) issues. But why do you think you have to defend any particular content, when all you have to do is promote KPFA’s right to present that content? KPFA’s listening audience is intelligent enough to decide what’s true and what isn’t. The huge u.s. propaganda machine rolls on because certain entities can control discussion by giving and withdrawing funding. And one of the key elements, if not the main element, of propaganda is silence, omission, intimidation. “You can’t talk about that!”

I encourage KPFA to reinstate Guns & Butter.