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Blackbox Slaver Aping College News...7-17-18 Mouse Report
by DJ Mouse
Tuesday Jul 17th, 2018 5:57 PM defenders of the fractional black box electoral college voting system...perpetrated since a UK court banned the slave trade...are being whipped into Russo-phobic frenzy by MSM keep from noticing Bernie theft and the Podesta email child raping jihadi scandal...we go back to Left Out Forum's Ray McGovern and Mark Crispin Miller...
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Before Porton Down's latest false flag follies...a couple miles away in Solisbury...I used to think that Atropine, the antidote to agricultural pesticides and nerve agents like Sarin and Novichok, was an adrenaline analog...the active ingredient in Belladonna and Deadly Nightshade...but it blocks the slowing down of the vegetative nervous system the actual agent BZ...which also blocks the receptors of the vegetative parasympathetic nervous system...but acts as hallucinogen...because it takes 400 times the incapacitating dosage of acetylcholine receptor ANTAGONIST Quinuclidynal Benzilate to kill does the opposite of Novichok...which leaves the AC receptors jammed in the 'ON' position...instead of blocked off like the antidote...but fools in the press and cold war fossils are still running w/ the Novichok line...displaying enormous same way caffeine blocks the receptors of the adenosine network that makes us sleepy...and I didn't know anything about the adenosine network before our false flag chemical war on Syria...I'd never even heard of it..I use to assume that when we down a cup of Joe adrenaline was kick started for fight or flight...or wage slavery in my case after given an ultimatum about getting a job...and the boss at the Chronic Liar said I'd be fired for any more late papers...and I started my pot of coffee a day habit ...but it blocks the adenosoine from piling up in the receptors that tell us we need to sleep to recharge our put the 3 phosphate groups back where a single Hydrogen build the ATP energy currency for all plant and animal life...
"In plants, ATP is synthesized in the thylakoid membrane of the chloroplast. The process is called photophosphorylation. The "machinery" is similar to that in mitochondria except that light energy is used to pump protons across a membrane to produce a proton-motive force. ATP synthase then ensues exactly as in oxidative phosphorylation"

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