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Radio invertebrate biochemistry...7-10-18 Mouse Report
by DJ Mouse
Wednesday Jul 11th, 2018 2:33 AM
Sampling call ins from Sunday Show and Monday's Rude Awakening and Africa Today...10 points down the dial...from 104.1 FM...Berkeley Liberation Radio (61 min.)
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This week's comedy comes from the sedition free Sunday Show...whose host Philip stated w/o apparent irony “The US has not been predatory in Syria.”...caller #2 had asked;...are you saying Trump colluded w/ Russia?...Do you want Russia to be our enemy?...and state prevaricator Michael Klare proclaimed his job was to keep our ally in 2 wars against slavery at odds w/ the gains of the confederacy in the 1876 capitulation could be maintained via our slave raping electoral college system...when Philip forgot himself and repeated the obvious points after caller #3's blew Philip's guest's neocon ass out of the water...on the US being the #1 predator nation, on the Ukrainian coup, Crimea being part of Russia and the Tartars supposed love for Kiev's neo-Nazis...when prevaricator Klare refused to answere Philip repeated the well known facts of the Iraq WMD BS war and the Ukraine coup and 'rebel' funding in Syria that had the professional invertebrate define Trump's job as keeping the MIC's Russian was after that Philip remembered his spinelessness and declared the above howler...proving the thesis of the 'Philip' awarded for journalistic incompetence...a figure bent over backwards w/ head inserted where sun don't shine...hence today's subject; the invertebrate biochemistry of radio personalities..before the US and Porton Down staged all these false flag poisonings to blame Russia I didn't know a deadly acetylcholinesterase inhibitor (like Sarin) from an low lethality deliriant acetylcholine receptor antagonist (like takes 400 times incapacitating dosage to kill you)...I'd always assumed that the antidote Atropine or Belladonna was analogous to adrenaline...they both dilate pupils...I had assumed it was a crude kick start to our fight or flight system...but it blocks the slowing down of the vegetative parasympathetic nervous same way caffeine blocks adenosine network receptors...adenosine piles up during the ATP process to make us I didn't even know of the adenosine network..but since they keep pushing this low lethality BZ deliriant as 'novichok' I've had to learn all this stuff...

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