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Alert! Series of upcoming far-right rallies in the Bay Area

by antifa
An alliance of far-right, fascist, and white supremacist activists are planning several upcoming rallies in the Bay Area.
Alert! Series of upcoming far-right rallies in the Bay Area

An alliance of far-right, fascist, and white supremacist activists are planning several upcoming rallies in the Bay Area.

On July 7, Amber Cummings is calling for a rally outside the British Consulate in San Francisco at 1 Sansome St. Amber Cummings is local to the Bay Area and may best be known for organizing the August 2017 “No to Marxism” rally in Berkeley. This rally was scheduled to have one of the same speakers as the deadly Nazi rally in Charlottesville that resulted in Heather Heyer being murdered. Massive community resistance got the rally cancelled, driving the far-right out of the Bay Area.

Cummings is getting active again since her failure last year by attempting to build off the momentum of current events and movements on the right. Her July 7 rally outside the British Consulate is ostensibly to show support for Tommy Robinson, a well-known racist and founder of the English Defence League who is currently in jail in the UK. At her last rally appearance in Portland on June 30th, Cummings tackled someone simply because she thought they opposed fascism, only to find out later that like her the person also had far-right politics and was a fellow marcher. Amber has been violent at past rallies in Berkeley and is a close associate of the white nationalist Kyle Chapman aka “Based Stickman.”

Later in August on both the 4th and the 5th, Amber Cummings is working with Lindsay Grathwohl to organize a weekend of events in both San Francisco and Berkeley. Lindsay Grathwohl is another far-right organizer in the Bay Area who has travelled up and down the west coast to rally against immigrants. She rode up with Amber Cummings to the June 30th rally in Portland, which resulted in an wave of extreme right wing violence. Grathwohl’s December 2017 anti-immigrant rally in San Francisco was attended by militia members, Proud Boys, and Identity Evropa, the latter being one of the main groups responsible for the Charlottesville rally last August. On August 4th and 5th, Cummings and Grathwohl plan to hold the rallies they wanted to hold last year on August 26-27, when THOUSANDS of people in the Bay Area drove them back inside. On August 4th they will be at Union Square in SF and on August 5th they will be in MLK park in Berkeley.

Finally, on August 18, Erin Smith is organizing a rally outside of Worldcon, a science fiction convention. Smith has been known to show up at rallies to livestream and agitate crowds, filming activists to be doxxed later on by right wing internet trolls. Smith also attended the violent far-right rally in Portland on June 30th. She was filmed getting on top of someone who was on the ground, beating them while shouting homophobic slurs.

Violent people are organizing these far-right rallies in the Bay Area, and violent people are expected to show up. Amber Cummings has actively been discussing her networking online with right wing militias and the Proud Boys hate group. They know they will be in proximity to the current occupation of ICE, and may show up to start trouble. A call has been made to support the occupation on July 7 at 12pm.

Details of upcoming events:

Pray for Tommy Robinsons Freedom
July 7, 1-4pm
1 Sansome St, San Francisco

Standing against Communism
August 4 1-4pm
Union Square, San Francisco

No to Marxism in America 2
August 5 4-7pm
MLK park, Berkeley

Patriots Rally Against Pedophiles in SciFi
August 18 1-4pm
San Jose McEnery Convention Center, San Jose

See Northern California Anti-Racist Action at for detailed research and information on local fascist organizers.
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by Bill H
There is nothing worse than Fascism, except perhaps Marxism, as Marxists, over the years, are responsible for three times the violence and deaths.

So perhaps I just hate idiological extremism. In your post you do a lot of name-calling: far-right, fascist, white supremacist, the usual. What you don't do is actually explain what any of these people or groups espoused.

As a person who hates violence, I am a big fan of people who speak out against Marxism. Does that make me a Fascist too?
by Lisa
Can you set apart (visually) the last announcement about the Anti-Racist Rally from the previous announcements about the fascist rallies?
It might make for easier reading.
by Shelly
Bill, it does make you a fascist scum for supporting fascist scum. These fascist scum have the same hate and violence ideology as the white men and young white men who’ve shot up schools, massacred men and women in churches and raped women in the U.S. (Google: Columbine, two young white racist men, keep googling) Hate Marxism? Fine. Hate and violence to Marxists? You’re a fascist scum and you’re ilk of “I’m just supporting...” are fascist scum who play victim, call the cops, for the violence you allow and incite at their rallies. Dumb patriotic and idiotic, illegal pilgrims.
by History time
Nazi Hitler was first and foremost anti-Marxist. His first order of business was to destroy the Communist Party, the third largest party in Germany. He called his party the National Socialist German Workers' Party, or Nazi, because the German workingclass supported socialism, a Marxist concept. His Reichstag Fire of 1933, similar to the American 9/11 Inside Job, was perpetrated by the Nazis so as to blame Communists and destroy the left, while perpetrating war and fascism so as to enrich the capitalist class, the same as the capitalist class did with the 9/11 Inside Job, which they then used to attack the left and perpetrate war and fascism. Stalin, who is often used as an example of Marxism, was a counter-revolutionary who did what he could to destroy socialism, and by 1991, his goal was realized, albeit without his existence since he died in 1953.

The real fascists are the police and the military, both sponsored by the capitalist class. These hoodlum groups and leaders of same are best avoided, as are all fights. The call to engage in fights is a manhood one-upmanship routine that does not organize anyone or change anything. Nazi Trump is still in office and he still has 40% support, including right here in San Francisco, where 33,000 people are registered Republican, overwhelmingly wealthy property owners of all colors. In California, there are 4.7 million registered Republicans, overwhelmingly wealthy property owners of all colors. The warmongering anti-socialized medicine leadership of the Democratic Party is the same. We need to build a serious labor movement by organizing the unorganized to carry out a general strike to put an end to the capitalist profit motive, the cause of all our grief.
by Pender Blunderghast
Literal nazis killed members of my family... after the war others got to live through 50 years+ of marxism. Some didn't make it. We didn't come to america to see these 2 groups again. Going to fight like my life depends on it because if history is any indication, it actually does.
by Militant Minds
I mean seriously. I'm gona be real with my friends on the hard left. Look at the people you are going up against. They're all bikers, x military, former cops and lumberjacks. And then look at the people you employ to fight them. It's no match. Maybe now is the time to recruit some real hardcore people into your ranks and earn some respect you deserve not just for yourself but for the cause. Shit. I'm getting tired of seein yall get your ass whooped. How do you expect to pull off a revolution with the lack of physical man power as shallow and sexist and politically incorrect as that may sound. I'm being real with you. No bullshit. You need to put some hardcore fighters at the frontline with fighting skills. You need the biggest people at the front and those who are smaller women included should be in charge of handing supplies to the front lines. You need tactical gear and direction aka leadership. We all like think of ourselves as super heroes but reality smacks you in the face when shit gets real.

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