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Toxins In Hot Dogs, Sausage, And Cold Cuts Besides Lips, Snouts, And Uteri
by AV
Tuesday Jul 3rd, 2018 6:28 AM
What's in hot dogs: Lips Snouts Ground Up Hooves Eyelashes Tails Mad Cow and Mad Pig Spinal Cords and brain tissue, ground up uteri, eyeballs, intestinal mucosa, and slop from the slaughterhouse floor
Toxins In Hot Dogs, Sausage, And Cold Cuts Besides Lips, Snouts, And Uteri

Philadelphia Phillies shoot wrapped hot dogs into the stands. One seriously injured a woman's eye in the last few weeks.
Hotdogs have been in the news. Sugardale which supplies Cleveland Indians hotdogs was involved in an ICE raid in which over 100 workers were arrested. The Cleveland Indians have been asked by animal rights activists to stop promoting pig murder and disease

What's lurking in hot dogs?

Your hot dog is made of what?

Jay Leno: They put pig uteri in those hot dogs

Female Hormones Why? So the animals will gain waterweight before being butchered.. and make more profit. These hormones are banned in Europe because they cause prostate, uterine ovarian breast cervical cancers. Amazingly
despite knowing that the US has 8 times the prostate cancer rate of the rest of the world because of these hormones
from diethylstilbestrol to bovine growth hormone, the
cancer-medico-pharma-hospital industrial complex treats
prostate cancer with estrogen! rather than vegan diet.

Sodium Nitrate: red dye no. 2 forms with animal proteins in the stomach to make carcinogenic nitrosamines is put in hotdogs to cover the brown, the grey, the green of rotting flesh and of the intestines. Now it is found that these nitrosamines block the flow of blood to the brain.

What Are Natural Casings? Some hotdogs come with an NC on the package, standing for natural casings. Natural casings are the actual intestinal links of the butchered animal, and are like everything else saturated with ecoli, a euphemism for colon bacteria. Creiophilic bacteria, cold loving, survive freezer temperatures. Thermophilic bacteria, heat loving, can survive a 300 degree oven for several hours. Microwaving flesh at much higher temperatures
creates carcinogens even more dangerous.

In addition to many other slaughterhouse injuries, Hormel workers have been paralyzed on the brain line.. as a machine turns
pig skull tissue and spinal stem reisdue into blood mist which workers inhale. In addition, workers could be exposed to Mad Pig Disease or porcine spongiform encephaloapthy.
Toxins In Hot Dogs, Sausage, And Cold Cuts Besides Lips, Snouts, And Uteri

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