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Deport ICE; free state blues...6-26-18 Mouse Report
by DJ Mouse
Tuesday Jun 26th, 2018 2:35 PM
Left out of the recent Left Forum...Ray McGovern and Mark Crispin Miller cover colleagues in progressive media behind the wheel of the 'Russians are coming' bi-partisan war machine getaway driving for war crimes lately in Central America the Near East and Eastern Europe...(1 hr.)
To freedom we are condemned...we have no choice but to choose...we in the 'Free World' of Western power build on enslaving foreign people...where the hallmark of slavery is the ripping away of children from parents...we either conspire in crime or theorize about willfully refuse to think about a crime ("I can't believe we would do that") is to conspire in support of the crime...guns are "necessary for the security of a free state" because that's the only way any slave holding assholes' "free state" can get away w/ the case of longest of US wars...the defense stand down (in "restricted airspace") for the PNAC Pentagon's Operation Northwoods' drone strikes and WTC Pentabomb nano-thermite demolitions...can only carry on w/ full complicity of the 'left' MSM's blind Manhattan eyes...while blather about the right of transgender people to participate in this crime drowns out any lucid discourse...