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At Kim-Trump photo-op, corporate media repeats Imperial narrative
by DLi
Tuesday Jun 12th, 2018 6:23 PM
The entire world is rightfully focused on the US-DPRK Summit in Singapore that may signal a possible end to the 7-decade long US hostility toward North Korea. US President--aka Agent Orange or Petulant Twitter-in-chief--used the photo-op to promote another "Alternative Narrative" that his punitive sanctions prompted Pyongyang to come to the peace table. T-rump completely dismissed the persistent & pivotal efforts by South Korean President Moon, President Xi of China, plus countless thousands of Peace activists across the Pacific Rim that paved the way leading up to the Summit.
What's worse, the Western "corporate-bin-Laden" media have been going overboard to, once again, re-gurgitate the Cold War narrative that North Korea has been the reluctant and offending party that had repeatedly violated and/or rebuffed all honest efforts by Washington toward de-nuclearization in the Peninsula. From NPR to the Fox networks, there is a Goebbels-like and bi-partisan unanimity of NeoCon and NeoLib talking heads blaming and condemning Pyongyang for being the bad gangster in the room. What has been expunged from public discourse is the central fact that Uncle Sam has been the main instigator of tension, nuclear blackmail and war tensions for the past 73 years since Korean anti-Imperial activists under Kim Il Sung virtually kicked out the hated Japanese occupiers from their Korean colony back in August of 1945, at the end of WW II...

For more background, check on the writings of journalist IF Stone and scholars like Bruce Cummings...