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Defend the Berkeley 5 Anti-Fascist Protesters at Trial
Date Tuesday June 12
Time 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Location Details
Wiley Manuel Courthouse, Dept. 109
661 Washington St./7th St.
Oakland, CA
Event Type Court Date
Organizer/AuthorYvette Felarca
Note: The trial begins Tues. June 12 and will likely go all week long.

The movement which Oakland and the Bay Area has built to defeat Trump and the whole right wing is a model for the nation. The Berkeley 5 are going to trial for protesting alt-right (neo-fascist) Trump supporters in Berkeley last year. In the era of Donald Trump, fascists are feeling emboldened and are attempting to grow. Courageous anti-Trump and anti-fascist protesters Taylor Fuller, Scott Hedrick, Nathan Perry, Jeff Armstrong, and Dustin Sawtelle (pictured above) are local heroes who stood up to neo-fascist attacks. But now they are being falsely charged by neo-fascists and local law enforcement to advance Trump’s agenda in the direction of a police state. The old traditional slogan, “cops and Klan go hand in hand” applies all too well in this case.

Fill the courtroom for the trial of the Berkeley 5 to make sure the people of Oakland and the Bay Area are represented. This trial boils down to whether Oakland, Berkeley, and the Bay Area can defend the rights of protesters and the Bay Area community’s proud role as a leader in the movement against the growth of fascism.

People like the Berkeley 5 who take action to oppose white supremacists are the strongest elements of the anti-Trump movement and therefore the biggest threat to Trump's presidency. The courage of anti-Trump protesters to stand up to violent neo-fascists in Berkeley last year helped keep our whole community safer.

Across the country, from Washington, D.C. to the Bay Area, police departments who endorsed Trump's presidential election and who repeatedly defend his racist policies are bringing false charges against anti-Trump and anti-fascist protesters to try to minimize the number of anti-Trump activists and prevent the growth of the movement. This trial represents the right of community members to collectively protest and defend each other and their communities from Trump’s neo-fascist supporters.

On March 4, 2017, alt-right (neo-fascist) Trump supporters called a “March 4 Trump” demonstration, “March On Berkeley,” to make violent attacks on black, Latina/o, immigrant, Muslim, LGBT, women, and progressive members of the Bay Area. Anti-Trump and anti-fascist protesters outnumbered them in a determined and integrated protest, making clear that neo-fascist thugs are not welcome in our community. Thanks to the courageous action of anti-fascist protesters, a tragedy like the murder of Heather Heyer in Charlottesville was not replicated here in the Bay Area. Taylor Fuller, Scott Hedrick, Nathan Perry, Jeff Armstrong, and Dustin Sawtelle have the courage of their convictions to protest the alt-right (neo-fascist) attacks on the Bay Area’s black, Latina/o, immigrant, Muslim, LGBTQ, and anti-racist communities. It’s vital that we defend them.

Daniel Quillinam is a self-proclaimed fascist sympathizer and one of the main organizers of the repeated alt-right protests in Berkeley in 2017. He came to the pro-Trump rally on March 4, 2017 armed with a massive knife, a huge wooden club, wooden shield, and wearing a motorcycle helmet and body armor. He has a history of threatening and attacking anti-Trump organizers and protesters in Berkeley. On March 4, Quillinan violently attacked protesters and sustained injuries as a result. Now Quillinan, the Berkeley police, and the Alameda County Prosecutor are working together to target the Berkeley 5 with false charges for standing against Trump and his neo-fascist supporters.

It’s an absurd and disgusting travesty of justice for the police, much less anyone, to claim that Quillinan was a victim in this case. At the March 4 protest and others in the last 2 years, police and even firefighters have simply watched passively while Trump supporters and fascists assaulted unarmed anti-Trump and anti-fascist protesters. Afterwards, local authorities targetted peaceful anti-fascist protestors for prosecution while doing nothing to go after the fascist thugs.

The prosecution of the Berkeley 5 is part of a broader pattern of fascists working with police and DA in their shared interests. In Berkeley and other parts of the country, the DA and police are conspiring with the fascists to prosecute anti-Trump and anti-fascist activists.  In Berkeley, Sacramento, and Anaheim, fascists came heavily armed with knives and shields in full view of police. They attacked anti-Trump protesters throughout the day while the police and firefighters stood by and did nothing to stop them.

It’s crucial that the anti-Trump movement in the Bay Area defend these 5 local heroes. Taylor, Scott, Nathan, Jeff, and Dustin represent all that we are proud to stand for. Defending the Berkeley 5 is the most important way to defend our movement right now, defeat Trump’s neo-fascist base, and get Trump out. The trial is public and the community has every right to attend. Fill the courtroom starting on Tuesday June 12 from 8AM—4:30PM. It’s time for Oakland and whole Bay Area to speak for ourselves by filling the courtroom!


“These Nazi’s are dangerous. They’re coming to attack our community. We can’t let them do that.”—Taylor Fuller, Berkeley 5 defendant, security

“Trump, his policies, and his followers are a threat to the workers, people of color, and immigrants--the ones that built this country and are treated as second class citizens. Racism, sexism, nationalism, and homophobia are a threat to humanity. These views must not be normalized or accepted anywhere or at any time. Now more than ever we are threatened with fascism and we must all stand united and fight for a better world. Defending our communities from right-wing violence is necessary when we are under attack. For me it’s about love for humanity, it’s about morals, not politics.” –Scott Hedrick, Berkeley 5 defendant, machine operator

“If we don’t take a stand now, fascism’s poison will spread until there is no cure. We have an obligation to protect our families and our communities.” –Nathan Perry, Berkeley 5 defendant, landscaper

“Building a sanctuary city means more than simply passing a law or enacting an ordinance. It means people taking action in their communities to protect and support those who are vulnerable and targeted by the state.”—Jeff Armstrong, Berkeley 5 defendant, union organizer

“As a white male on American soil it is my responsibility and obligation to stand up to fascism and white supremacy to make sure it cannot harm our diverse communities.” --Dustin Sawtelle, Berkeley 5 defendant, tattoo artist and youth outreach instructor

Defeat Donald Trump’s Racist Vision for America –Trump Must Resign or Be Removed

Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, Integration and Immigrant Rights and Fight for Equality By Any Means Necessary (BAMN)
Hotline: 510-817-2617 email [at]
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§Pic of Quillinan armed and looking for a fight on March 4
by Yvette Felarca Monday Jun 11th, 2018 12:58 AM

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by BrendanT
Tuesday Jun 12th, 2018 9:35 PM
Antifa is in it's current manifestation an organization whose members share a similar vision as to what American society is and whaat it ought be be. However, they meet as ANTIFA for the purpose of tactics in influencing society, not to discuss their vrious but connected ideologies. What are the tactics? If your wish to see for yourself it is esy in 2018 because so many people have cell phones that can video record and the events which ANTIFA attends to deploy it's tactics have been vido recorded by many people not only with cell phones and one can see the tactics deployed by ANTIFA easily in action over and over again in a variety of events in the last few years.

I looked at a Berkeley event on the day the MILO talk was cancelled; at teh Sacrmento event before that; and at the Charlottesville, VA event.
One thing all three shared was a new phenomenon to my experience: the POLICE STAND DOWN, and/or police virual stand down; the latter being police present but not interfering unless they view an altercation that looks likely to result in grievous injury or death. This police phenomenon benefits only ANTIFA, because notwithstanding the lies they tell about themselves and the controlled consolidated mass media also presents the protective cover of ANTIFA ebing an anti-fascist counterdemonstration group. Clearly visible over and over again is that ANTIFA is a violent tactics suppression group, in fact a domestic terrorist group, whose sole target is White Americans who engage in public political action/speech forperceived WHite American group self interests. This is very clearly articulated by Yvette Felarca in her interview with Fox News Tucker Carlson, still viewable on you tube, from mid 2017.
When white folk engage as noted in public political action,
it is viewed categorically by ANTIFA as being "NAZI RECRUITMENT" Implicitly from Ms felarca's explanaion, WHote americans are inherently racists, WHite Supremacists, NeoNazis; and when they engage in public action as noted i.e. in Nazi Recruitment it must be stopped by ANTIFA by any means necessary which means violent suppression. Antifans comearmed with at least pepper spray and some manner of club
and usually outnumber their target demographic and the common thing you will see if interested on watching any of teh you tube videorich events of ANTIFA attacks, you will see a group dresses like ISIS in black with faces covered with usually a scarf to keep them from being identified and with a club of pole or Bike titanium Lock and the process is one angtifan surprise pepper sprays the target who is usually alonne separate from others and then almost immediately another antifan strikes the target on the crown of the head with the club weapon repeatedly then the traget is tripped to the ground and all available nearby antifans rush over to commence kicking the target who is the allowed to crawl or get up and stagger away, rather tahn kill the targget. This is repeated over and over in the videos of antifa attacks. And it is clear that anifa is the attacker always in the events they attend. that tehir targets come propared to defend themselves if attacked is not the same as coming to attack a group who usually if not always have a permit for their political action and ANTIFA does not no should it be allowed to be present withw eapons and faces covere. So what we have is a jewish billionaires and 'foundations' financed group employed to terrorize WHite Americans who engage in public political action/speech for their own group self interests. Ms Felarca is so obviously gilty of attacks per the video s and per her own verbal expressions in interviews of which the Thicker C. is a gem but not gthe only one. White people have no right to freedom of speech is the articulated politionm of the ANTIFA agency as it now exists. Many point out thatANTIFA really means:
ANTI-First Amendment; and that actually makes much more sense
as it is congruent with the anctions of ANTIFA. This is the truth and anyone can discern it with teh available information on the internet. The billionaire Jewsw ho fund antifa and perhaps are responsible for the astonishing recurrence of police stand downs whem ANTIFA is wexpected should also be tried in a court of law for creating and supporting a domestic terrorist organization. And the controlled consolidated media is at fault for fbrication and fake news on this matter and so much more to teh harm of this country.