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6/5/18 Results for Cal Governor's Primary; SF Mayor's Race; Propositions
by Labor's Gains and Lessons
Tuesday Jun 5th, 2018 11:15 PM
Peace & Freedom Party and the Green Party will remain on the ballot; SF Mayor's race is too close to call; San Francisco tenants are winning city-funded eviction legal defense with Prop F; San Francisco Police Officers Association is losing their taser Proposition H. More below.
The election night results are based on representative precincts so that the percentages usually do not change over the next 30 days of counting votes at which time the vote is final. The 15 day May 21, 2018 Report on Registration is at California voted 62% Democrat in the 2016 presidential election. Most voters are property owners who make over $100,000 a year, and the primary is always a low voter turnout election, dominated by property owners and party regulars. Elections do not cause change; they simply confirm the class struggle that has preceded them.


California has a population of 39,810,000, of whom 75% or 29,857,500 can be assumed to be adults over the age of 18 and 87% of the adults are citizens. California has 885,000 millionaire households and 144 billionaires. In the November 2016 general presidential election 14 million people voted. A primary always has less voters than a general election, and in the June 2016 primary, 8 million people voted. We can assume this June 2018 governor’s primary will be similar in number to the 8 million people who voted in June 2016.

Due to the reactionary Top Two Open Primary, the primary in California is now effectively a general election, with the top two winners always being from the Democrat-Republican parties, and given the high voter registration for the Democrats, often two Democrats face each other. The percentages matter because the parties need at least 2% of the vote for the state constitutional offices to stay on the ballot.

California candidates:
With 22% of the precincts partially reporting at 10:30 p.m., 6/5/18, the results were:
Peace & Freedom Party
US Senate: John Parker 6.564 votes
Governor: Gloria LaRiva 5,354 votes
*Lt. Governor: Gayle McLaughlin 61,724 votes, 2%
Secretary of State: CT Weber 20,429 votes, 1%
Treasurer: Kevin Akin 41,236 votes, 1.9%
Controller: Mary Lou Finley 79,947 votes, 3%
Insurance Commissioner: Nathalie Hrizi 101,197 votes, 4.9%
*Independent candidate endorsed by Peace & Freedom Party

Green Party
Governor: Josh Jones 4,348 votes, Christopher Carlson 2,245 votes
Secretary of State: Michael Feinstein 38,694 votes, Erick Rydberg 13,260 votes

California Propositions

Proposition 68: A bond, allegedly to fund parks, natural resources protection, climate adaptation, water quality and supply and flood protection. Bonds put us into debt and in San Francisco, tenants can be asked to be for bonds. It is always better to go to the general fund to raise taxes on the rich, the millionaires and billionaires, to pay for what we need.
Yes 54.5% No 45.5%

Proposition 69: Requires that certain new transportation revenues be used for transportation purposes. Constitutional Amendment. Good idea.
Yes 81.9% No 18%

Proposition 70: Requires legislative supermajority vote approving use of cap-and-trade-reserve fund. Constitutional Amendment. A simple majority is better.
Yes 39.2% No 60.8%

Proposition 71: Sets effective date for ballot measures. Constitutional Amendment. Good idea.
Yes 77.6% No 22.4%

Proposition 72: Limits legislature to exclude newly constructed rain-capture systems from property-tax reassessment requirement. Constitutional Amendment. Good idea.
Yes 83.7% No 16.3%

For all the money spent on statewide candidates’ campaigns and propositions see: and


San Francisco’s population is 870,887, of whom 87%, or 757,671 are adults over the age of 18 and 87% of the adults are citizens. San Francisco has 129,000 millionaires and 26 billionaires. In the November 2016 presidential general election, 414,000 people voted. In the June 2016 primary, 264,000 people voted. We can expect this governor’s primary to be similar to the June 2016 primary in turnout.

US Congress, 12th District (All except southwest Lake Merced area of San Francisco).
This race is also subject to the reactionary Top Two primary.

These results are for 6/5/18 at 10:47 p.m., with 57% of the precincts reporting.
Green Party: Barry Hermanson 2,102 votes

San Francisco Mayor’s Race

There was 1 Republican candidate for mayor, Richie Greenberg, and the rest were Democrats. Four had significant funding and/or name recognition: London Breed, Mark Leno, Jane Kim and Angela Alioto. Mark Leno spent over $1.6 million and Jane Kim spent over $1 million. See
Endorsements were for multiple candidates since this was a ranked-choice voting race. The San Francisco Tenants Union endorsed Mark Leno and Jane Kim. There was also the pro-tenant candidate Amy Weiss, who received 79,500 votes for mayor in 2015. Angela Alioto, who has a lot of name recognition but did not receive a lot of money is the daughter of the infamous Joseph Alioto (1916-1998), mayor of San Francisco from 1968-1976, who sent the SF police Tactical Squad against the San Francisco State University 1968 labor supported student and faculty strike for ethnic studies and other demands of the new Black Student Union, and against the 1968 Kaiser nurses strike. Joe Alioto’s deeds are constantly praised by his daughter, Angela Alioto.

Republican George Schultz (born 1920) endorsed London Breed for mayor.
See George Schultz was Nixon’s Secretary of Labor, then his Secretary of Treasury, then Reagan’s Secretary of State. Schultz was an executive of Bechtel engineering firm since 1974. Bechtel has had lots of oversees contracts, including in reactionary, anti-labor, anti-women Saudi Arabia. He was an adviser to Bush, Jr. and pushed the preemptive war line. He is a member of the reactionary Bohemian Club and honorary chair of the Israel “Democracy” Institute.

London Breed’s campaign spent over $1.6 million, primarily coming from billionaire Ron Conway. She was the latest candidate for the anti-rent control real estate industry, a multi-million dollar election-frauding machine that has made possible the (s)elections of former mayors Willie Brown, Gavin Newsom and Ed Lee, all Democrats, as is London Breed. London Breed’s election fraud team was everywhere during the campaign and we can expect they were on the job committing election fraud on election day. They are the same paid thugs in every election in San Francisco, sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce and its 2 parties, the Democrat-Republican parties. ELECTION FRAUD IS FASCISM. The Democrat-Republican election fraud team of San Francisco may be found at:

She was endorsed by the San Francisco Chronicle, a mouthpiece of the capitalist class. The San Francisco Tenants Union listed 20 reasons not to vote for London Breed at

One of the four major candidates for mayor, attorney and former member of the Board of Supervisors (1988 to 1997) Angela Alioto, used an anti-immigrant petition to put on the November 2018 ballot to promote her campaign among Republicans and all other reactionary voters in San Francisco. For more on her background, see

About 34% of San Francisco residents are foreign born, a comparatively high figure to the US overall which is 14% foreign born, which should not surprise anyone since it is a port of entry similar to New York City, which is 38% foreign born. That makes Alioto’s anti-sanctuary city ballot initiative seem stupid, to say the least. San Francisco has a weak sanctuary city law which simply means that San Francisco police will not turn over anyone to the federal immigration authorities if they are found to be undocumented. However, they will also not interfere with the immigration authorities. Alioto’s promotion of a stricter sanctuary city law to win the reactionary vote is no different from former Democrat and contributor of thousands of dollars to the Democratic Party and the Clinton Foundation, Republican Trump, and his constant hatred of immigrants which he psychobabbles, even though his stupid campaign is long over. It is both reactionary and a sign of mental illness to constantly scapegoat immigrants for the problems of the bankrupt social order in which we live, capitalism.

She claimed to be pro-immigrant while on the Board of Supervisors with her most memorable moment being her opposition to the successful moving of the Columbus Genocide Parade from Market Street, our main parade street, in 1992, the 500th anniversary of Italian-born Christopher Columbus’ genocidal appearance in the Americas as an agent of the Spanish monarchy, killing Native Americans and stealing their land and precious metals, to Fisherman’s Wharf, where there were and still are some Italian-named restaurants which attract tourists. This is, of course, not the Italian heritage most of us know and love, such as Italian opera; it is the heritage of the greed of the profit motive of capitalism. The local Italian-American community, actually a wealthy group that has nothing to do with Italian heritage, has again harassed (bullied) the rest of us over changing the name of Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples’ Day, which many other cities have done, to the point that it is now called both Indigenous Peoples’ Day and Italian-American Heritage Day under the guise of the contributions of the Italian workingclass to this society, a settler colony, built on the genocide of Native Americans, enslavement of Africans and the exploitation of workers of all nationalities that continues to this day, including child labor. This preoccupation with the immigration of one European nationality to this country is bourgeois nationalism and racism.

As of Election Night at 10:47 p.m., the first choice rankings are:
1. London Breed 43,138 votes, 35%
2. Mark Leno 31,592 votes, 26.26%
3. Jane Kim, 25,870 votes, 21.5%
4. Angela Alioto, 9,265 votes, 7.7%
5. Ellen Zhou, 5,324 votes, 4.43%
6. Richie Greenberg, 3,871 votes, 3.22%
7. Amy Weiss, 765 votes, .64%
8. Michelle Bravo, 480 votes, .4%


Regional Measure 3
On the ballot was The Bay Area Traffic Relief Plan of 35 projects in the 9 counties of the Bay Area (San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Alameda, Contra Costa, Napa, Solano, Sonoma, Marin), based on an extremely regressive tax known as bridge tolls, which are already too high and should not exist at all, given the number of millionaires and billionaires in California who can and must have their taxes increased with the progressive income tax to pay for everything we need, was on the ballot. The current estimate for the combined projects is $3,475,000. Since construction projects are always over budget when done, we can be sure this figure will be at least doubled. That means they will be increasing bridge tolls far more often than proposed. This was just a palm-greasing measure with the first increase in bridge tolls being just the beginning of the regressive taxes.
Yes 64.23% No 35.77%

Proposition A: A public utilities revenue bond. Tenants can be asked to pay for bonds. Bonds are a poor way to finance anything since they put us in debt. A better way is to tax the rich with the progressive income tax. Needs 50% plus 1 vote to pass.
Yes 75% No 25%

Proposition B: Prohibiting appointed commissioners from running for office. Needs 50% plus 1 vote to pass.
Yes 68% No 31%

Proposition C: Additional gross receipts tax on commercial rents mostly to fund child care and education. Needs 50% plus 1 vote to pass.
Yes 49.42% No 50.58%

Proposition D: Additional gross receipts tax on commercial rents mostly to fund housing and homelessness services. Needs 50% plus 1 vote to pass. Props C & D are competing measures pitting different needs of the workingclass against each other concerning the same tax. Proposition D contains a poison bill so that if both pass, the one with the most votes wins. Jane Kim used Prop C to fund raise for her mayoral campaign receiving $250,000 for this proposition and London Breed used Prop D to fund raise for her mayoral campaign receiving $1.1 million for this proposition since ballot measures do not have the spending limits that mayoral campaigns have.
Yes 44.96% No 55.04%

Proposition E: Banning candy flavored tobacco and menthol flavored cigarettes. The entire Board of Supervisors supported this ordinance but the tobacco companies put it on the ballot so they could campaign against it. The No on E campaign slick mailers paid for by the tobacco companies arrived in our mailboxes almost every day for at least 2 months before election day. They spent over $11.5 million to defeat Proposition E. The proponents of Prop. E spent $1.9 million. Needs 50% plus 1 vote to pass.

San Francisco voted 81% for Proposition 56, raising the cigarette tax, in the November 8, 2016 election, leading the state by county. See
Yet the tobacco companies saturated San Francisco with advertising against this proposition. This is not even a tax, and tobacco has no food or medicinal value; it is pure poison. It is hard to believe that the US still allows this poison to be grown in this country since the surgeon general’s report linking tobacco to cancer was published in 1964. Tobacco is still grown in North Carolina, Kentucky, Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina and Pennsylvania. Some 15.5% of American adults, about 37 million people, still smoke tobacco, and that percentage is overwhelmingly the workingclass with 25% of Americans who live in poverty being smokers. More than 16 million Americans live with a smoking-related disease. Tobacco smoking causes 480,000 deaths a year, about 1 in 5 deaths. One-third of high school seniors admit to using vaping products. It is children who are the target since tobacco addiction starts in childhood. See
Yes 68% No 31%

Proposition F: City funded legal representation for residential tenants in eviction lawsuits. This is long overdue to stop homelessness. About 70% of the homeless were previously housed, then evicted, often illegally, but they could not afford a lawyer. Needs 50% plus 1 vote to pass.
Yes 54% No 45%

Proposition G: Parcel tax for San Francisco’s public schools, with outrageously some money going to charter schools, of $298 annually. It exempts homeowners over age 65 and of course, all tenants. This was part of a settlement deal with the teachers’ union. It is better to simply tax the rich with the progressive income tax. Needs 50% plus 1 vote to pass.
Yes 57% No 42%

Proposition H: Policy for the use of tasers by the police to electrocute people, often fatally, costing the taxpayers $4.5 million to buy these stun guns that cause horrific, screaming, often heart-attack inducing pain and for initial training. The San Francisco Police Commission already shamefully approved stun guns in November 2017. This measure may be amended only by a majority of the voters or by an ordinance approved by 4/5 of the Board of Supervisors. This proposition would allow the police to use stun guns without first employing lifesaving de-escalation techniques. It allows the private Police Officers Association to set policy for the police department, an even more shameful practice than what the Police Commission did in approving these terrorist stun guns. It needs 50% plus 1 vote to pass.

The police department receives $583 million a year to terrorize the workingclass, especially the homeless, in San Francisco. The police are not social workers; they are the armed gang of the capitalist class whose sole purpose it to terrorize us so the capitalist class can maximize their profits. We need to shut down the police department and transfer their entire budget to the housing and social services departments to end homelessness and police killings. The fact that stun guns were approved by any commission of San Francisco means there is nothing progressive about San Francisco. Stun guns are a fascist killer weapon of the profoundly backward police state that is this country with declining life expectancy, no housing for the workingclass and spends $1 trillion a year to kill the people of the world to maximize the profits of the oil companies and munitions makers, the only reason the military exists. They do not reduce police killings. More than 1,005 people in the US have died after being electrocuted by tasers. Nine of the 10 who died were unarmed and one in 4 suffered from mental illness or neurological disorders. More than 100 of the fatal deaths by taser started with a call for help during a medical emergency. Legal settlements for wrongful death have cost more than $172 million. (This information was from the Street Sheet distributed by the Coalition on Homelessness). Donald Trump, the current president, a former Democrat now a Republican, is not an aberration and did not come out of thin air. He is a direct product of the reactionary agenda promoted by the San Francisco Police Commission when they approved stun guns. Most if not all of the members of the Police Commission are Democrats as it is almost impossible for a Republican to be appointed to anything in San Francisco where Republicans are only 7% of the registered voters.
Yes 41% No 58%

Proposition I: Relocation of professional sports teams: A recommendation that the city should adopt a policy not to encourage professional sports teams and other cities to move to San Francisco and to oppose any sports team ownership group attempting to avoid payment of an outstanding debt. This policy statement is long overdue. Needs 50% plus 1 vote to pass.

After claiming to win by election fraud the June 3, 1997 49er Stadium Swindle election, the 49er football gambling racket finally decided to move to Santa Clara in 2014 while still calling themselves the San Francisco 49ers. The Golden State Warriors basketball gambling racket, now in Oakland, plans to move to San Francisco after building an 18,000 seat arena plus 100,000 square feet of retail space in the Mission Bay area which already has the baseball gambling racket stadium with over 40,000 seats, Kaiser’s 9-story medical offices employing 500 doctors, nurses, other clinicians, technicians and administrative staffers, and University of California at San Francisco’s medical complex consisting of 3 hospitals with a total of 289 beds and medical clinics in a 6 story building. This palm-greasing construction project will guarantee a traffic jam that already makes it impossible for patients and medical staff to get to Kaiser and UCSF, and now will make things worse. All of these professional sports teams are organized crime gambling rackets. Football has also become a military recruiting show, courtesy our tax dollars, especially since the 9/11 Inside Job, the pretext for war and fascism. See
Pentagon’s Loot Militarized Football Long Before Player Protests by Paul Wilcox, 5/29/18 at
Yes 42% No 57%