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Spies R US, UK BZ fake out...6-5-18 Mouse Report
by DJ Mouse
Tuesday Jun 5th, 2018 10:24 PM
2 minutes till midnight Dr you know where your heparan sulfate proteoglycan copartners are?...w/ barium in military radar contrails hitting myelin sheath production in our brains we know we can learn nothing...and UK knows it can mix Skripal's Steele Dossier w/ a little mislabeled Quinuclidinol benzilate...muscarinic acetylcholine receptor antagonist was the question?...oh us stop worrying and love amnesia...
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On the contra war front in Nicaragua; "Camilo Mejia says "This is an orchestrated coup... the snipers were not sandinistas, and the sandinista people going to the pro-government march were blocked and ambushed in different parts of Nicaragua, and they also suffered deaths and injuries... don't believe what you see on social media."
...Brian Willson says of "The Orchestrated coup in Nicaragua...It seems that this coup has been in the works for some time. It waited for an opportunistic excuse to launch the anti-Sandinista/Ortega/Murillo govt campaign. The announcement by President Ortega in April of changes in the social security system (INSS) that increased the taxes in an effort to save it from serious economic deficits.
The campaign seems well funded and includes well armed protesters, some of whom are trained snipers (similar to the US campaign against Maduros’
Venezuelan govt.
The key is to carefully examine motives. The here- to fore popular Sandinista govt has no motive to destroy its economy and murder its citizens.
But the far right, still bitter
over losing its political power to the so-called “left” (but really to a neoliberal govt with some socialist elements), wants to retake the country to privatize everything. They possess the deep motive to cause substantial disruptions to the society such that the Democratically elected government falls.
Currently we have a version of crazy, mob rule in the streets. No telling if the to date weak dialogue process can get serious to listen to all constituencies to come to a place that calms the nation. The right is opposed to dialogue and seem intended to
Violent takeover. Stay tuned!"
...when I asked Liberty Survivor Don Pageler about Operation Pluto using the false flag attack on the Liberty to nuke Cairo, he mentioned the BBC doc Dead in the Water that describes the heavy cladding on the fighters shielding the radiation...even though he said he believed the carrier commander's denial of a-bombs neither is credible...Russia was watching the cladding on the fighters headed toward their ally...same as 6 years detailed by Israel Shamir in Counterpunch;
"According to the Vinogradov memo (to be published by us in full in the Russian weekly Expert next Monday), Anwar al-Sadat, holder of the titles of President, Prime Minister, ASU Chairman, Chief Commander, Supreme Military Ruler, entered into conspiracy with the Israelis, betrayed his ally Syria, condemned the Syrian army to destruction and Damascus to bombardment, allowed General Sharon’s tanks to cross without hindrance to the western bank of the Suez Canal, and actually planned a defeat of the Egyptian troops in the October War. Egyptian soldiers and officers bravely and successfully fought the Israeli enemy – too successfully for Sadat’s liking as he began the war in order to allow for the US comeback to the Middle East."

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