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Write-in Laura Wells Green Party for US 13th District next Tuesday
by DJ Mouse
Tuesday May 29th, 2018 8:48 PM
13 Congressional District write-in candidate Laura Wells is challenging the corporate funded Democratic Party from the left next Tuesday (11 min.)
Barbara Lee is running unopposed in the June Primary and virtually certain to win in the general election. What that means is that the top write in candidate will be on the November ballot, and if people write in Laura Wells in the empty box, then connect the arrow on the ballot next Tuesday, even people that love Barbara Lee, (even if Laura is hard to hear because DJ Mouse left the background music playing when I turned the monitor down) then she will have a squeaky wheel to attend she can say 'Hey, a Green is running against me... not a Republican'...the 13th is the most progressive district in the country...we need to push the Democrats to catch up to us on jobs, food, health, peace and a counterbalance the the huge pressure DC gets from billionaires and war making corporations.