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Compilation of Links to Reports, Analyses, and Op-eds Regarding the Lawsuit Against SFSU
by Fulano de Tal
Thursday May 17th, 2018 9:55 PM
The Lawfare Project, self-described as “the legal arm of the pro-Israel community”, filed a frivolous lawsuit against SFSU, the College of Ethnic Studies, and Dr. Rabab Ibrahim Abdulhadi.

The following is a compilation of links to reports, analyses, and op-eds on the case so people can study and learn more.

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Links to Reports, Analysis, and Op-Eds on the Case

Regarding Dr. Rabab Ibrahim Abdulhadi
Student Testimonials about Prof. Abdulhadi (Vimeo video)

Accusations of Anti-Semitism to Silence Critique
“FAQ: What to Know About Efforts to Re-define Anti-Semitism to Silence Criticism of Israel” by Palestine Legal

“Accusations of Anti-Semitism Used to Deter Advocacy for Palestinian Rights” by Palestine Legal

“The Palestine Exception to Free Speech” by Palestine Legal

Repression of Israel’s Critics on University Campuses
“We Will Not Be Silenced: The Academic Repression of Israel’s Critics” an interview featuring William I. Robinson by Sonali Kolhatkar on Rising Up with Sonali (Pacifica Radio)

We Will Not Be Silenced: The Academic Repression of Israel’s Critics - A book edited by Maryam S. Griffin and William I. Robinson.

Regarding the Repression of Palestinian Scholarship and Activism at SFSU
International Solidarity Campaign to Defend Professor Rabab Abdulhadi by Debra Ellis at Cognitive Liberty

“No Sanctuary for Palestinian Scholarship” by Diana Block in Counterpunch

The Frivolousness Nature of the Lawsuit by Lawfare
“Lawyer who says Palestinians don’t exist sues San Francisco university” by Charlotte Silver in Electronic Intifada

“Unfounded Charges of anti-Semitism at SF State Protect No One” by David Spero in the SF Examiner

“SFSU’s Motion To Dismiss and Strike “Lawfare” Suit Are Worth the Read” by Palestine Legal

Historical/Contextual Analysis of the Lawsuit
“Lawsuit Against SFSU is Culmination of Years-Long Suppression Campaign Targeting Palestine Advocacy” by Palestine Legal

“Struggling for justice at San Francisco State University” by Saliem Shehadeh in Mondoweiss

“The Spirit of ’68 Lives On: Zionism as racism, and the network of lies” by Rabab Ibrahim Abdulhadi in Mondoweiss

“The spirit of ’68 lives on! Palestine advocacy and the indivisibility of justice” by Rabab Ibrahim Abdulhadi in Mondoweiss

“Under Attack at San Francisco State University” by Saliem Shehadeh in Solidarity

Previous Events Referred to by the Lawsuit
“SFSU Concludes Protest Targeted Israeli Policies, Not Jewish Students” by Palestine Legal

“Students explain why they protested Jerusalem mayor Nir Barkat at San Francisco State University” in Mondoweiss

“SFSU Finds No Religious Discrimination, Hillel Claim ‘Unsubstantiated’” by Palestine Legal

“Hillel’s Actions to Exclude, Target, Censor, and Criminalize Students Who Disagree” by Palestine Legal

“San Francisco State Students Appeal Retaliation Decision Against Know Your Rights Fair Organizers” by Palestine Legal

Lawsuit’s First Dismissal by a Federal Judge (11/2017)
“Prominent Jewish Studies Scholars File Amicus in Support of SFSU and Dr. Abdulhadi” by Palestine Legal

“Israel lobby lawsuit against San Francisco State University collapses” by Nora Barrows-Friedman in Electronic Intifada

Lawsuit’s Second Dismissal by a Federal Judge (03/2019)
“SF State: Court Dismisses Lawsuit Challenging Research, Advocacy on Palestine” by Palestine Legal

“Victory: Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Targeting Research, Palestine Advocacy at SF State” by Palestine Legal

Regarding the Posters Defaming Faculty, Students, and Alumni
“Despite claims, it’s Arab students under attack at SFSU” by David Spero in J-Weekly

“‘Extremist group’ targets pro-Palestine students, professor at SFSU” by Michael Barba in The San Francisco Examiner

“‘Islamophobia at Home at San Francisco State University” by Jamal Dajani in The Huffington Post

“Israeli-Palestinian conflict playing out on San Francisco State campus” by Jackson Richman in the Washington Post