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Urgent! The Beach Flats Garden Needs Your Help
by Save the Beach Flats Community Garden
Saturday Feb 17th, 2018 10:56 PM
Dear Beach Flats Garden supporter: The City Parks Department needs to hear from you regarding the Parks Master Plan. Public comment is due by February 20. Send comments to: ndowning [at]
The City Council passed a resolution that supported buying the existing site of the garden itself to save it and make it part of the City Parks system. However, the new Parks Master Plan does not even include the Beach Flats garden in its baseline, and fails to acknowledge that losing the Beach Flats Community Garden would have a significant environmental impact!

The public has until February 20 to submit comments on the Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration for the Parks Master Plan.

Please submit your comments to: ndowning [at]

Some points you may want to discuss:

* The city needs to circulate the Plan and initial study in Spanish, as it affects many monolingual Spanish-speaking residents.

* The existing and full recent acreage of the Beach Flats Community Garden must be included in the baseline for the Parks Master Plan, even though it is leased. It is a community asset, and its loss through neglect in this Plan would have a significant environmental impact. It provides air, water infiltration, noise mitigation, biological value (pollinators and other good insects as well as birds), nutrition and psychological benefit to the community.

* The Beach Flats Community Garden is qualitatively different from Poet's Park, and the two should not be treated together in the document. It merits a full description in the existing assets and future needs.

* Purchase of the existing and 25-year historic Beach Flats Community Garden site from the private landowner has been called for by a City Council Resolution in October 2016 and should be included as a goal in the 2030 Parks Master Plan. The wording in the current draft is vague and unenforceable, and retreats from existing City commitments.

* Language regarding the future of Beach Flats Community Garden in the Parks Master Plan 2030 and initial study is inadequate. Due to the high density and low income status of residents in the Beach Flats neighborhood, the garden at its current site and its historic size is essential for the quality of the Beach Flats environment, including the sound environment, the air quality, the water flow, city resilience to sea level rise, adequate open space, nutrition and environmental justice.

* The neighborhood has a deficit of neighborhood parkland and needs more community gardens. Hundreds of people have been in the streets in the last 24 months demanding protection of the space. The landowner recently reduced the size, and is threatening the remaining acreage. This history and community value of the existing site should be acknowledged in the Plan, and remedied well before 2030.

* This Plan has not been effectively circulated in Beach Flats. It needs to receive a full Environmental Impact Assessment process (EIR) to include affected constituents in this neighborhood in the review process and consider environmental effects of a range of alternatives, rather than the proposed Mitigated Negative Declaration.

Thank you for your continued support of this vital community resource!

Save the Beach Flats Community Garden
§Green space is not distributed equitably in the city of Santa Cruz
by Save the Beach Flats Community Garden Saturday Feb 17th, 2018 10:56 PM
The Beach Flats Community Garden is one of the few small spots of green in the Beach Flats in this aerial photo comparison.

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by Unity Jack for Mother Earth
Sunday Feb 25th, 2018 2:18 PM
This garden needs saving because thinking strategically all community gardens need to be built around every village, town, and city in America and also in every village, town, and city throughout the world.

The whole concept of community gardens is one hundred percent correct for future planning as a correct path to liberation of the ecological organic and inorganic balances of the webs-of-life on the planet Earth.

This way mother Earth will be able to come back to a positive valance and complete recovery from the exploitation of mega-aggy projects run by big agriculture at the expense of the polluting caused by big fossil fuels motivations and big chemical companies excessive burn-out of the land complicated even more by use of pesticides and herbicides that contaminate the very food sources we are paying to put into our senses like mouths, nose smells and stomach, colon, internal digestive tract accumulation.

What is needed is the method of growing our own organic gardens throughout the land so the natural flavors come back, and the lands are left with strength for the coming generations. You see the big ag chemical Companies have not been putting back the organic matter into the soils that they take out each year in the form of a crop of veggies. Over time they put back excessive chemicals to force the vegetables to grow. However that practice done for generations will eventually bankrupt the soil as they do not put back the quantity organic matter each year that they take out in crops. Not only that but the natural tastes are not there anymore as the taste becomes chemical major and not known to our taste buds.

Here is a list of organic matter that can be used to save the land and replenish the soils each year. Sea Weed, Tree Leaves, Composted Manures, Peat Moss, and household compostables. Of these Sea Weed has the most minerals, and nutrition vitamins of all. You yet have a world to win! Egalite' pour la femme dans la revolution! Workers of the world unite.

Chemical burn-out of soils in the Fraser Valley took about sixty years to occur. How this was done is the Big Chemical corp. would lease land from small farmers who were always not making enough money. The leased land would then be farmed chemically for as long as the soils held out, then Big aggie would then drop the lease and move on to better pastures and the farmer would be left with barren soil. We need a policy of back to the land as happened in the seventies to bring back the soil and improve every place with organic revolution for the good of us all, including plants, animals and people. Save the Beach flats Garden.