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RICO Times...2-6-18 Mouse Report
by DJ Mouse
Tuesday Feb 6th, 2018 1:44 PM
As some of the henchmen for Assassin in Chief in DC hand off power and exit the spotlight, their enjoying the fruits of recent mass murder, rape and pillage requires pointed complicity or incompetence on our part as journalists, and general ignorance of the public as plaintiff's under the Civil Remedy provision of section 1964 of the Title 18 RICO statute. (45 min.)
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The war crime trials against the US were headed off by Al
Qaeda's Casablanca bombing (passing up US embassy to kill the guard at
Belgium's) prompting them, along w/ threat of NATO bombing, to drop
the pending charges against Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and others for
launching the war on Iraq...the second time around the same gang of fugitives from justice gave Malaysia payback for the 2 convictions in international tribunals there (the 2nd v Israel) w/ airline hijacking and shoot downs...after Jim Crow junta a handed off to the Dixie Mafia Mena coke stand attendant Clintons...busted in guns for drug running along w/ Poppy Bush......still using known Al Qaeda contras like Belhaj to rat pack Syria as the
PNAC plan had them do unto socialist Libya...You who swallow the Islamic Demolition Theory of
9-11-01 (as opposed to the inside job) must really get indigestion at
the thought of backing these same forces you pretend to believe have
such supernatural powers...
by Unity Jack for mother Earth
Friday Feb 9th, 2018 11:37 PM
Not electing men and women equally to Gender Parity is a real most vicious war against our entire specie. Woman must be elected equally again because the harmony and joy of the specie resides there, and is missing since the Roman Conquest of the British. This was done by the Romans to disunite and alienate the specie, a divide and rule Sextus' practice to weaken the British tribes and their resistance to slavery.

From that time to this, elections are held making man the rulers, and leaving women in inferior position. Women must be elected to gender parity at all levels such as politically, economically, culturally, judicially, organically, inorganically, religio-wise and militarily to make democracy balance with the ecological balances of the webs-of-life on planet earth again.

The man most credited with defeating the species laws of unity by equality was Sextus the Roman large Slaveholder who is infamously credited with destroying the Gender Parity strength, that as a weapon to alienate and enslave the working classes throughout the known world. He says; go forth and f--k yourselves, we have got your women, and the power and economics, you have not. Divide and rule indeed.

The slave holder pens then were the legions' war machine to make this happen and decreased the resistance to slavery by more than a half. The slaveholder pens are now name-changed to 'Modern Prisons'. Still to this day the better-half, which is women, have not been allowed to be elected equally so they can access half the law making so the harmony and joy can return again, and our specie end the unequal treating of each other so---real socialism that doubles democracy will be again.

Wars of aggression would end, and the pollution of the planets air, land, and water by re-tooling to wind, tidal, and solar power which transforms to electricity, and is more power than all the non-renewable fossil fuels and allows the oxygen to return to the atmosphere in a positive valance again. You all have a world to win yet! Workers of the world unite!!

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