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Meeting for Redneck Revolt!

Friday, February 09, 2018
8:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Event Type:
Direct Action Monterey Network
Location Details:
Old Capitol Books
559 Tyler St, Monterey, California 93940

The Bay Area Redneck Revolt is coming to Monterey to discuss their organizing vision and tactics.

"Redneck Revolt was founded in 2016, as an anti-racist, anti-fascist community defense formation."

"To us, redneck is a term that signifies a pride in our class as well as a pride in resistance to bosses, politicians, and all those that protect domination and tyranny."

More information, media, and podcast available at
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by Razer Ray
One, of many critiques. Why do I feel like these people are simply the white iteration of the police-provocateur org the "New Black Panther Party"?

This is why:

"The group's website includes statements in opposition to capitalism, the nation state, white supremacy and "the wars of the rich", and advocates a "right of militant resistance".[4][8] The website also argues for the necessity of revolution.[8] A spokesperson for the Phoenix, Arizona John Brown Gun Club said in April 2017 that the group includes anarchists, communists, libertarians and Republicans.[4] The group does not identify itself as part of the political left,[10] nor as politically liberal.[1] Redneck Revolt does not have leaders,[4] and does not offer a detailed blueprint for political action: a spokesperson said in June 2017 that "We don’t have some grand plan for how we want to remake the world. We're tackling a specific problem, which is white supremacy, which we find to be built into capitalism".[8]

So far so nothingburger of an analysis, with guns. Like the NBPP.

Next, from a Black man's short membership:

"I started asking, is this group even anarchist? Is this group even communist?


That’s the response I received. I was told this was a group of leftists. I was told people were not to be excluded. I was told the group was committed to legal action. I was told a lot of things. And then messaged by another member and reassured the opposite. This was an anarchist group, we were communists, we do stand firmly opposed to reformism. But it is/was all just talk.

It’s all hollow talk in Redneck Revolt. They need to get the fuck off the shitty parts of the Internet, put down the rifles and ammo, and read of fucking book or two, or ten, and come up with some ideas worth defending with those guns they parade around so proudly."
by Wes Modes
The above critique was not very helpful nor made any salient conclusions. They are revolutionary, or maybe they're not. They are anarchist, or maybe they are not. They are communist, or maybe they're not. They're non-hierarchical, or maybe they're not. They don't have a wider vision, plan, or philosophy, or maybe they really do.

I would have appreciated an actual critique. It sounds like you think they are just boys (and maybe girls and others?) who like to mess around with guns and say lefty things? Maybe. But where is the critique of that? Do you imagine that you get to determine how people spend their time? Your post is hardly worth the pixels to print it.
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