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The Honest Government Manifesto
by Eric Reeves
Monday Jan 29th, 2018 2:13 PM
The Honest Government movement is launching in San Francisco. Shut down the standard practice of elected leaders selling out to elitist special interests and take back control of government. Many have tried to accomplish this before, but we have a new strategy which allows us to bypass the roadblocks of the past. We are going to fix government by going outside of government, so we don't need the approval of anyone inside government.
The Honest Government Manifesto
Take Back Control, End Corruption, Restore the American Dream

If only we had a government that truly represented the people.… How can we reclaim our liberties?

Since the elected leaders won’t fix the government from the inside, the people will have to fix it from the outside. Honest Government is a unique solution that reclaims control of government by fixing local, state, and national corruption. It is implemented outside of government, by ordinary citizens, so it works without the approval of anyone inside government.

The American Revolution defeated the aristocratic colonial government in order to form a Republic that was based on liberty and equality. After the Revolution, the Founders took steps to prevent the inequality of another elitist aristocracy. Despite this, an aristocratic elite has taken over control of government by buying the influence of politicians with inducements that include big campaign donations and lucrative job promises.

The Honest Government standards of integrity go beyond the existing anti-corruption laws which are so full of loopholes that they do little to prevent the elite’s control of government. Our standards restructure campaign donations and fundraising so that big donors can’t use them as leverage to control the elected leaders.

Candidates with integrity are needed to replace the corrupt incumbents. By joining with the citizens on the Honest Government site, these candidates will gain a winning edge. Voters will be able to ensure the candidates don’t fall into corruption because they are bound and monitored with our standards of integrity. These new candidates might be disadvantaged by less experience, resources, or connections, but gaining voter trust will be a powerful advantage to overcome these. Our site is structured around its own social networking system for bringing the candidates and voters together, and for organizing and executing our electoral processes. Candidate campaign pages are linked on the election groups and include the tools for event coordination, communication, and for organizing supporters. By taking advantage of the advances in technology, we create a massive force for overwhelming the entrenched opposition.

Why join the Honest Government movement?

• Restore middle class prosperity by removing the economic distortions of elitist privilege.
• Compel change to fix government from the outside by organizing with our election-centered social networking platform.
• Take control of the campaigning process to replace the corrupt incumbents with candidates who will provide fair representation, and restore opportunity and prosperity to the people.
• Our online campaigning system removes money influence in politics.
• Stop the collusion of special interests with elected officials.
• Candidates gain the trust of the voters to defeat corrupt incumbent elected leaders by committing to our enhanced standards of integrity.
• Lead your local district Election Group to overcome the elitist election campaigning system.

Our liberties will continue to deteriorate until we take up our duty to reverse the corruption. Join Honest Government and defeat elitist domination of government. Only when ordinary citizens take action to hold the elected leaders accountable will these officials have the incentive to serve the people’s interests. Step forward and join with us in reclaiming representative government and restoring the American Dream.

Make a difference. Join us at