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Shakedown City...12-19-17 Mouse Report
by DJ Mouse
Tuesday Dec 19th, 2017 2:08 PM
Israel not involved (pt.3)...sendoff songs for a once progressive guy...and let's wake Willie middle of night...w/ bad news about his friend...because EVERYBODY KNOWS...when you get the heads up not to fly (like Pic Botha on Pan Am 103) don't think you can sleep easy...and when part of the 9-11 insiders machine fails...for whatever reason...cut to the cover story...nevermind money trails from that big hole where rapid rail was supposed to go before the great bank to our falling Mayor Ed Lee's pay to play Babylon by the bay...
Clintons' contra war Title 18 sec. 1116, 1117 violations in Libya...Syria are the ball to keep our eyes on...not the Russiagate distractions...although as DIA chief Flynn gave us paper trail acknowledging our creation of 'salafist principality'...obviously not totally with the cloaking from Pentagon eyes our hand on the dagger there...from Information Clearing House "When Kissinger did this...Nixon...instructed him to keep the communication...confidential...Flynn...similarly secretive...misinforming Vice President Pence and finding himself trapped — or possibly entrapped — with a representative of the FBI, knowing...the role of Obama’s Intel bosses in Russia-gate prior to the the extent that Flynn encouraged Moscow not to reply in kind immediately to Obama’s highly provocative sanctions, he performed a service to U.S. national security, not a crime...Still more, if Flynn “colluded” in any way, it was with Israel, not Russia, having been asked by that government to dissuade countries from voting for an impending anti-Israel U.N. resolution."...and from the Intercept 2017/12/09/the-u-s-media-yesterday-suffered-its-most-humiliating-debacle-in-ages-now-refuses-all-transparency-over-what-happened/; How did “multiple sources” all misread the date on this document, in exactly the same way and toward the same end, and then feed this false information to CNN?"...Glen asks Q of the day like the first class journalist he is...unfortunately they sat on the primary theft for their billionair master like their liberal lapdog selves...Greenwald once working for the Guardian that told Annie Machon 'so what' when she told us what MI6 was doing creating AQ to murder she had to ask; What about when they come to spy on you? get their undies in a bind...a spin Amybots the pseudo left inability to count...Amy w/ Dec. 15 Dixieocracynow! mindfork "800,000 mostly Tutsi Victims"... (more than their total population in previous census)...blaming General Paul's victim in '94 shootdown for our crimes in the 1990-94 invasion...23 years, seems like last week...asking the late Central Station Commander Doug Sizemore "what's going on?" (when Mr Bill said we had to watch because Rwanda had no oil)...I said I hoped he appreciated the fact we were doing his job (going to jail blocking the train) and he said "I always appreciate you Greg"...on 9-11-01 we were repeatedly told by guests adressing MSM blind eyes and deaf Manhattan ears about the imposibilities being ostensibly swallowed...air defense stand downs and the series of explosions behind FBI WTCpentabomb coverup...1 drone plus 1 drone equals 3 WTC demolitions...another of the 'Hacks' Donna Shelala was in SF recently...w/ Chronic liar reporter at wheel in get away for Rich murder... spinning donuts for the bad cops who broke into Seth Rich's hospital room and murdered him...MLK cover up the Title 18 section 1116, 1117 violation that is the contra war...canuspellhondurasHRC?
by Anti-war poets by Unity Jack
Friday Dec 22nd, 2017 7:00 PM
Thy old lie: Dulce et decorum est
Pro patria mori.* The first vow sworn recited by slaveholder recruits in Roman's Slaver Legions of the Roman Empire. English translation: It is sweet and it is proper to die for one's Fatherland. Poet Wilfred Owen was killed in the last week of the First World War Nov. 1918 One of the world's best anti-war poets globally. Dulce decorum by Wilfred Owen. British Army.

O what can ail thee, Knight at arms,
alone and palely loitering?
The sedge has withered from the lake,
And no birds sing! By John Keats

War was return of Earth to ugly Earth,
War was foundering of sublimities of ecological balances,
Extinction of each happy art and faith,
By which the world had still kept head in air,
Protesting logic or protesting love,
Until the unendurable moment struck,
The inward scream, the duty to run mad. by Robert Graves "Recalling War"

Still wept the rain, roared guns,
Still swooped into the swamps of flesh and blood,
All to the drabness of uncreation sunk,
And all thought dwindled to a moan..... Edmund Blunden
' Third Ypres '
And Death fell with me, like a deepening moan.
And He, picking a manner of worm, which half had hid
Its bruises in the earth, but crawled no further,
Showed me its feet, the feet of many men,
And the fresh severed head of it, my head. by Wilfred Owen
"The Show"
What use of the 'English' if the rulers call Nuclear Weapons,
Security of all livability on the planet?? by Unity Jack
Somme ones lying to tell the truth???
As Ecological balances of the very organic,
Webs-of-life come undone in the S. Cal Fires,
as the ancient book predicts. We cannot live
On carbon-dioxide replacement of Oxygen,
Now the largest war against all life on Earth!
Are the war makers still promising victory and glory
As this planet begins to die in sight of all???
Husha, Husha, we all fall down!!

Ist Cdn. Biv. Ends all wars:
We all need to end the aggression war against
Our mother Earth to regain a fully living planet.
Workers of the world unite! end the destruction.
of the ecological balances of the organic and inorganic
webs-of-life before there is NO RETURN!!! by Unity Jack for Mother Earth
Excerpted from Farley Mowat's First Canadian Division's fight up the Italian Boot in the 2nd World War called,
"And No Birds Sang".