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[mirror] German Question Discussed by Gralis
by Tanjo Fried
Friday Dec 15th, 2017 11:13 AM
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“If the outgoing government of a multi-party democracy in post-election coalition-finding hangover suddenly begins to insist that it was not in a state crisis, then you know that it is a democracy crisis. More than that, the whole system of democratic capitalism has come to a point where it represents its own fiscal policy, zero hedge, or zero-sum blackmail gambling, in the sense Heinrich Heine said: He who prints ever more money will end up printing ever more ballot sheets. Democracy is like the electronic lamp in the Greek prison cell that never boots up entirely, and reiterates the first stage of its boot process theoretically indefinitely. If Heine, the 19th century poet who did the sanity check over the generation that left Germany´s current national flag and anthem, had been a phombie generation contemporary then he might have put his proverbial haircut advisory in these terms.”

“The hot topic discussed in this issue is the German state crisis. The political process is stalling in the translation of multi-party election results into multi-party coalition arrangements. It is like in Belgium and the Netherlands or Austria and Czech before, some of which now have come to meta arrangements based upon consensus that the neighbours understand each other´s situation. In fact it is an European phenomenon haunting the subcontinent from its current capital downwards, with only the British going the other direction of a grassroots-upwards crisis event because in the regional multi-language setting their native speakers are the only ones who represent a minority within their own language.”

“Why is democracy stalling? With certainty it is not the sane calm of government finding nothing to do because there is nothing to do, and the best government is the one that is not needed in the first place. Its many democratic parties are intending to do a lot but it is all nothing but the spent ideas of yesterday´s capitalism like creating jobs or haggling about tax revenues, pension amounts and totalitarian regulations. Plus, not to leave this ingredient out, criminal abuse and fraud such as in the glyphosate scandal. Three in three doctors will tell you if there is glyphosate in the air, spit out! Swallowing hazardous. But as the going gets tough, the outgoing government drops its professional reputation. Maybe proponents of a three-party coalition ought to do a bit of religious study on the Nature of the Trinity and come up with wiser proposals like the three-day weekend instead of vague holiday associations. Yes it can be done without tampering on fixed calendar parameters such as the week length. The answer is difficult to deduce out of all the nonsense done in the coalition-finding.”

“Why is the proper procedure of the current system stalling? The answer is because there are choices to be made before a fruitful finding can even consider to begin. Since Franz Josef Strauss dropped dead with a heartache from a hunting cockpit, every German politician has pledged to order the American nuclear sharing bombs out of the homeland, and before arriving in decisive positions betrayed that pledge. Only when they are out, and with them the entire effect of deterrence and mutually assured destruction with all its side-effects, any serious coalition-finding can take place. But instead of the newcomers working to remove obstacles of this category, the outgoers drag on military occupations both against local and foreign people, because the two groups are not mutually exclusive and dinosaurs use to prey upon any impossibility to work around them.”

“But face it you cannot have nuclear bombs with dinosaur brains, not even in a handout-on-whim configuration. Mr. Trump is too dumb to understand the cost-saving potential, apparently. And yet, instead of taking the lead in ridding all of Europe of that legacy, in the agro-poison issue where everyone else in the world market is behind, the German cabinet member concerned, a piece of military trash, does not understand external cost either, in the issue that medically justifies it to spit out before the agro-person! The dinosaur brains are busy with disinfectants in animal factory foods and have no braincells left for the vegan core nutrition endangered by this agro-poison.”

“With that we arrive at the point at which it dawns as evident that the German Question is the Israeli Question. The democratic process is stalling and the military caste is running amok out of fear of losing their deadly toys, because the nuclear sharing filters out the worst cowards as most occupation-compatible leaders, resulting in a settlement policy that already failed in Eastern Europe before the Israeli state was founded as a rescue camp for these who lost their peace there. Today the Israeli Question is the German Question, because the government crisis under the American occupation there provides the climate necessary to unfold the question whether the current German state does have a legitimate right to exist.”

“Heinrich Heine would say no. Why would Heine say no? Because you cannot operate a Central Bank under a nuclear umbrella. And the European central bank in Germany is a showcase example why not. The institution´s monetary policy has spoiled the political system and degraded it to its own image, with crazy politicians more obsessed about the colour of the ink than careful of the plausibility of the accounting wasting the riches of future generations. Zero hedge is a toxic by-product of an economy of war stuck on creating bloody growth out of the bottomless pit of the arms market. It is the economic expression of perpetual war, or unlimited war, of a war that is not capable to envision its own end, such as the illusion of the parliament being in charge of the chain of command is its ideological wrapping.”

“The result of the usury is that there is an abundance of money for any corporate nonsense, but for good work that makes sense with little amounts of money there is none, such as there is a lack of clean drinkable water in a flood catastrophe, and people might die of thirst while attempting to rescue themselves from increasing dirt levels. Why so? Because any clean amount is immediately outmatched by a dirty amount. Any sustainability is lost in the fossil footprint of zero hedge, and any of the sustainability propagated by democratic capitalism is a mimicry artefact carrying more ideological concepts – like electric substitution – than actual technological potential. It is not possible to achieve true respect of Nature in a society which puts creating jobs above everything else because it is as barbaric as a bunch of tribal fish-hunters throwing each other out of their boats in mutual view, getting obsessed with creating ever more boats and possibly even with quote-rescue-unquote piracy. In the worst case either can be diagnosed without individual case evaluation from the ecological footprints of these scorched Earth tactics.”

“Zero hedge capitalism is as insane as a bunch of gun-nuts-in-sheepskins in Texas hallucinating they could play fear´n´loathing on the road for no price. It costs lives with every instance of it, and in the whole result their own with higher certainty than any other. The local commanders who are waiting to be handed out nuclear weapons by their occupiers are just that, cowards with a hawkish image. National government collaborating with nuclear sharing tactics is in military terms guilty of insubordination to the people´s sovereignty, and anyone complicit in it is to be handled by a future court of war to be set up on the base of public moral clarity still to be achieved, for their war crimes already formally defined on the base of formal political declarations. Zero hedge is worse than any state air plane crash because the people are in the boats. And a central bank contaminated by it as a matter of principle can never recover, not even when it is back-pedalling like an overheated nuclear reactor. Once a currency went through zero hedge it remains overstretched and raising interest rates again can only amount to a cover-up of fraud committed in this form, as its compensation requires the liquidation of the currency rather than some amount of it.”

“Heinrich Heine would say no to the current German state, and have thrown it on the ash heap of history, which in Marx´ original German wording is a trash heap, without fire. Its constitution does not hold its word, its politicians have gambled away their own hands with their violent lies, and worse than that, are ignoring that these who put them on that track have all died of shock of regret in the meantime; its purpose has been failed. Germany is like an old building whose inside has been replaced with an unsuitable construct tailored only to reap claims, and required to be broken out once more to enable reconstruction in harmony with its own form. The Israeli Question is the German Question. The Israelis are in Palestine because of the Germans, of Marr and Stoecker and all the rest. To solve the Israeli Question the world must solve the German Question. Then the Israeli Question can be discussed with proper clarity. Only then all the excuses to avoid doing so are spent.”

“I will not repeat the known facts. But once the 1949 constitution is recognised as incapable for its purpose the Unitednations decisions ahead of it are open for re-evaluation. So what is the alternative answer to the German Question? It was already explained at length why Europe is not. The country needs a pull-out of the occupation, an I-tal purge of its effects and side-effects and a political procedure in order to produce a fresh constitution, a new capital, a clean currency, and all this stuff associated with a nation state. Any fluent linguist can confirm that the native language contains too much frivolous ambiguity to guarantee the unimpeachable constitutional primacy of human dignity suggested by wording and compilation. Any competent historian can verify that around the crusades Germans changed their capital more often than their horses. Brussels obviously lacks any merits of a regional role model, even ethnic unity.”

“All the more so Tel Aviv, which lacks not only that but also indigenous territory. According to their books, the Israelis came from Africa. But they had good reasons to go away, and others for settling themselves in front of its Eurasian entrance. Do they intend to return there? Are they waiting? Are they now assembling for it? Does the exodus story, with its reflections in modern-day terrorism against people around the world, open up a full duplex corridor of emancipation or is it a mere drop-out-dump? For which timespan are its settlements being constructed? One generation? More? Or are they meant to be permanent, treating their own books as wrong? These questions essential for the respect of the other inhabitants of the place can only be meaningfully answered when the American influence in the region is removed, and the violent and ignorant influence purged out, so that the Israelis can decide where they want to go onwards from the geological crossroads they currently are sitting upon.”

“I conclude with an across-topic hint. Anyone interested in a true solution of the Israeli Question ought to focus your efforts and attention on the German Question. Germany´s current coalition-finding crisis is an opportunity to obtain a leverage upon a stuck issue, as its presidency remains distracted with filling its portfolio. And once you think global, consider that Germany and France occupied Mali when the same post-election situation occurred there. Which from the African view makes for another such leverage, in this case on the French nuclear arsenal and veto. With the recent North American provocation, the Israeli Question is not merely an Arab issue, or an Eurasian one, it is an African issue. And the first expression of solidarity with the people affected and the individuals working to change it is to avoid buying into the vain theatrics of Berlin´s outgoing regime. The key to solving it is getting the German occupation home from Jordan. Before Christmas. This is the uprising´s first aim. They are the piece of the cube we begin with.”

Wednesday, Dec 13th 2017