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Personal Op-Ed Report on Social Justice
by Selene Robledo
Wednesday Nov 29th, 2017 2:15 PM
Research at Sonoma State University about the believe of Social Justice.
Selene Robledo
November 27, 2017
Sociology 336
OP-ED Letter Draft

Social Justice is defined differently by every person around the world. But there is a solid definition in our dictionary. Social Justice is justice in terms of the distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges within a society.

Starting my senior year at Sonoma State University I was curious to see how my university defines Social Justice. Being a first-generation college student and being Hispanic I have experienced social justice issues on campus and throughout my life. I got the opportunity to do research for my Investigative Sociology 336 class my group and I decided to focus on Social Justice at Sonoma State.

We decided to use two methods interviewing staff and professors and surveying students. The data that we got I believe will help future students, staff and professors have a better understanding of how Sonoma State defines Social Justice. To bring more awareness to campus my group and I are also planning Social Justice week in March at Sonoma State University. It is a full week dedicated to Social Justice with guest speakers, music, films and much more.
§Social Justice
by Lizbeth Ramos Wednesday Nov 29th, 2017 2:46 PM
What is social justice? There is not one correct definition because it is perceived differently by every single individual.

What exactly is social justice? Prior to this semester, at Sonoma State University, I would say it signifies “social inequality,” or something along those lines. But what exactly is social inequality?

Throughout this semester I have gained a better understanding on what social justice truly is. It is a term that is overlooked as a result of the discomfort and tension it brings to individuals. In regards to the true definition of social justice, I believe there is none. It is a term that acquires not one, but many definitions.

There is great significance in both words; social and justice. As humans, we have rights and opportunities we deserve. In order to have access to those rights and opportunities, one must relate to society in some shape or form. This ‘society’ we must relate with, can either grant us those opportunities or create an innumerable amount of barriers and issues that will prevent access to such things like freedom, equity, and a strong foundation where growth can rise from.

Where is the in between? Where does one find both social freedom and justice? And most importantly, what can we do create change?

Attend Social Justice week at Sonoma State, Spring of 2018, and you will have a better idea.
§Social Justice
by Liz Aguilar Wednesday Nov 29th, 2017 3:41 PM
There is different definitions of social justice and I would like all to join social justice week at Sonoma State University where presentations will be held of pressing issues.

Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter in hopes of enlightening individuals of the topic, Social Justice in contemporary America. Social Justice can be instances of police brutality, economic inequalities, immigration and gender biases. The list can, unfortunately, go on.

Social Justice is one of the most controversial topics to talk about so it generally is ignored and avoided. Based on numerous media outlets, social network sites and other sources it seems like the United States of America is suffering from numerous social injustices in literally all aspects. Many will argue social injustices are embedded by racism and inequality. I argue that many people are unaware how they can help, perhaps even believing there is nothing that can be done. However, there are many ways to help cease social justice.

To have a better understanding of what social justice is and to help spread awareness, I invite all to attend social justice week at Sonoma State University, March 5-9, spring 2018. During social justice week, there are a series of presentations, lectures and other events that address pressing issues. This allows people to be more attentive to social injustices and possibly inspire so others can aspire.

Thank you,
Liz Aguilar