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Oakland A’s stadium proposal is not welcome at Peralta’s Laney College
by Lynda Carson (tenantsrule [at]
Sunday Nov 26th, 2017 9:15 PM
The Oakland A’s new stadium project proposal is a bad deal for Oakland taxpayers, and the environment. If the Oakland A’s relocate to a new location away from the Oakland/Alameda County Coliseum, reportedly the tax payers will be stuck paying off $163 million in debt for the Coliseum, and $85 million for the arena the Warriors are abandoning!
Oakland A’s stadium proposal is not welcome at Peralta’s Laney College

By Lynda Carson — November 26, 2017

Oakland - John J. Fisher is a majority owner of the Oakland Athletics major league baseball team (Oakland A’s), reportedly has a net worth of $2.9 billion as of June 2014 according to Forbes, and is a son of Gap Inc. founders Donald Fisher, and Doris F. Fisher.

According to public records with the Secretary of State, the status of the Oakland Athletics Corporation, C100212, is dissolved, and the status of the Oakland Athletics Fan Coalition, is FTB suspended. However, the status of the Athletics Investment Group, LLC, entity number 199513010010 is active, and was registered on 5/10/1995. Neil A Kraetsch is listed as the agent for service of process. Neil A Kraetsch is also listed as the attorney for the Oakland A’s. Neil A Kraetsch was involved in the " " 2013 negotiating parties for the property lease extension at the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum.

The Oakland A’s new stadium project proposal is a bad deal for Oakland taxpayers, and the environment. If the Oakland A’s relocate to a new location away from the Oakland/Alameda County Coliseum, reportedly the tax payers will be stuck paying off $163 million in debt for the Coliseum, and $85 million for the arena the Warriors are abandoning. For certain, with a net worth of $2.9 billion, billionaire John J. Fisher, does not need any help from the taxpayers to help fund a new baseball stadium for the Oakland A’s, and he should be liable to pay off the $85 million debt owed for the Coliseum.

The baseball park proposal of John J. Fisher is reportedly not welcome at Peralta’s Laney College, and is being resisted by the locals, including myself. We are people who refuse to get on board with the major gentrification scheme that is a disaster in the making for thousands of Oaklanders. Whether they like it or not, the Oakland A’s already have a great location at the Coliseum area to play ball in, and their proposal to build a baseball park near Lake Merritt is unacceptable, and unwelcome.

The push to locate a new Oakland A’s baseball park at Peralta’s Laney College by multi-billionaire John J. Fisher and his multi-millionaire henchman David A. Kaval, the current president of the Oakland A’s, who presently resides in a home valued at more than $4,600,000 in Menlo Park, is a disaster in the making.

A disaster in the making for the beautiful wild life at the nearby Lake Merritt bird sanctuary. A massive project that would disrupt the nesting birds at night every time the Oakland A’s would display loud fireworks, and glaring lights at the nightly baseball games.

Additionally, the proposed project already threatens to displace thousands of low-income Oakland renters with higher rents, and gentrification schemes in the surrounding area. Oakland’s low-income renters are already being brutalized by displacement and gentrification schemes, displacing them by the thousands from their housing thousands every year.

Wealthy billionaire John J. Fisher, of the Fisher Family that owns the GAP, and lives in a 10-000 square-foot home in the Presidio Heights of San Francisco, bought a controlling interest of the Oakland A’s from Lewis Wolff, and wants to use Oakland as a means to further enrich himself and his family, by any means necessary.

Despite major opposition from the people of Oakland and staff at Laney College, if John J. Fisher and David A. Kaval can manage to get their greedy little hands on the property at Peralta’s Laney College, it may become impossible to stop them from building a new baseball park for the Oakland A’s in that location.

Multi-Billionaire John J. Fisher

John J. Fisher is president of Pisces INC., and is on the board of the Charter School Growth Fund, in opposition to, and a threat to our nation’s public school system.

Ending 2015, the fair market value of all assets for the Charter School Growth Fund / Charter Fund Inc., was a whopping $200,620,807.

During 2016, the GAP INC. POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE, controlled by the Fisher Family, including John J. Fisher of Pisces Inc., a Fisher family investment company, and co-founder of Sansome Partners, LLC, gave political contributions to Republican right-wing extremists and Trump supporters including $4,000 to Kevin Brady (R-TX), $5,000 to Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), $1,000 to Roy Blunt (R-MO), $1,000 to Charles Boustany Jr (R-LA), $1,000 to Rob Poetman (R-OH), $1,000 to Tom McClintock (R-CA), $1,000 to Dave Reichert (R-WA), $1,000 to Adrian Smith (R-NE), $1,000 to Pat Tiberi (R-OH), and $1,000 to Mimi Walters (R-CA).

Additionally, in contrast to most liberal left-leaning Oaklanders, at one point in his life, multi-billionaire John J. Fisher worked in the mailroom at the Republican National Committee as a fund raiser for Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush. He was also a major Republican campaign contributor in California to Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Ed Zschau.

John J. Fisher and David A. Kaval have stirred up a hornets nest in Oakland. They have by offended the local community in opposition to the gentrification scheme involving plans for a new baseball park in the Laney College area. A project that will disrupt the neighboring community, and force out thousands of low-income renters from their housing due to the anticipated higher rents and gentrification schemes that will occur in the area. A massive project that will also interfere with the wild life activities of the birds that frequent the Lake Merritt area, and Oakland estuary.

The Fisher family, also known as the notorious timber barons of Northern California, have reportedly faced environmental protests due to their activities when the family acquired 350 square miles of timberland in Sonoma and Mendocino counties. Reportedly, the Fisher family was accused of clearing away too many trees in the forest, while endangering the wild life, and the future of the beloved forests in Northern California. The Mendocino Redwood Company owned by the Fisher family has been sued several times by the Redwood Coast Watersheds Alliance.

According to the Anderson Valley Advertiser, “Mendocino Redwood Company LLC (Limited Liability Corporation) is owned and controlled by Sansome Forest Products LP (Limited Partnership) and something called Sd Genpar, Inc. Sd Genpar's corporate head is a fellow named Alexander Dean.

Sandy Dean, as most people know him, was the first public face of Mendocino Redwood Co. (MRC) back in the late 1990s when MRC bought 230,000 acres of Mendocino County timberlands from Louisiana-Pacific Corporation.
Sansome Forest Products LP has more corporate tentacles than you can shake a crooked switch at. Among those tentacles are: Sansome Valueact Partners LP, the aforementioned Sd Genpar, Jjf Genpar Inc, Sansome 120 LP, Truegard LLC, Sansome Planes LP, Sansome Coffee, Sansome Planes II LP, Sansome Pfi LP, Sansome Equity Partners, and more.

One of Sansome Partners, LLC founding members is John J. Fisher. And Sansome Partners, LLC has one more direct corporate link, and that is to an entity called De Investing. The founding officer of De Investing is John J. Fisher.”

John J. Fisher has a billionaire brother, William S. Fisher, who resides at the Triple C Ranch in San Anselmo, and billionaire brother Robert J. Fisher, the chairman of the GAP.

Oaklanders are urged to JOIN THE FIGHT against the proposed Oakland A’s ballpark near Lake Merritt, and to immediately contact the trustees/board members of Peralta Community College, including Corey Hollis, Nesi More, Julina Bonilla, Karen Weinstein, William Riley, Nicky Gonzalez Yuen, Linda Handy, Meridith Brown, and Bill Withrow, to say “NO,” to the billionaire timber baron’s proposal of John J. Fisher, and multi-millionaire David A. Kaval.

Email contacts for the trustees/board members of Peralta Community College.

chollis [at], nmore [at], jbonilla [at], kwienstein [at], wriley [at], lhandy [at], mbrown [at], bwithrow [at], ngyuen [at], nyuen [at]

Lynda Carson may be reached at tenantsrule [at]

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