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Oil Sod Slavemongery...11-14-17 Mouse Report
by DJ Mouse
Tuesday Nov 14th, 2017 2:52 PM
For this week's bad news and horror we again engage w/ the enemy...and again it is US!...saying goodbye to Ed Herman w/ a reading from his recent Monthly Review article fake-news-on-russia-and-other-official-enemies...Bill Binney on the Ed Show, on the global 'Russia' psychosis...covering up election thefts and bipartisan assassination campaigns...Abby Martin on Jimmy Dore on same...and Marwa Osman on the Corbett Report w/ details from SA...(65 min.)
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...The Lebanese Prime Minister has "resigned" on Saudi TV...Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman has rounded up a dozen other princes in the House of Saud...while 10 points down the dial (from 104.1 fm) the kidnapping is called "resignation" and the voice of few Neocons is spun into the big lie of "16 intelligence agencies" pushing WW3 and Lockheed Martin stocks...but as a vegetarian DJ Mouse knows people are animals too...and as the son of a 5 year old drop kicked onto the Getty plantation to kill bunnies, who told us at Basic Life Support class not to bring him back if he died, I hate such 2nd Amendment 'free states'...and their guns, nukes, executions and other homicidal tools...but not the poor miserable fools who use them...deluded by MSM bs..."...coverage by Time, Newsweek, CBS News, and the New York Times of the 1984 murder of the priest Jerzy Popieluzko in Communist Poland, a dramatic and politically useful event for the politicized Western mainstream media, exceeded all their coverage of the murders of a hundred religious figures killed in Latin America by U.S. client states in the post-Second World War years taken together"
Not only that but then got 50,000 democratic priests out and shot them to death in public plaza's while forcing the public to watch the show. Fascism does that and it is a way of unjust violence to destroy the ecological balances of the organic and inorganic webs-of-life on the planet Earth. Just look around you and see that the Canadian, American, governments suppressed the anti-fascist international brigades while maintaining normal relations with the Franco destroyers of democracy.

So people are not really surprised by the liberal-neo-conservative politicians continuing this unjust support of making deals with the slavery, feudal, monopoly capitalist nations, who are source of the worst states on the planet. See the Fascist mass murder President of the Philippines getting hand shakes from Trump who sells WMD-weapons of mass destruction to the Philippine puppet AFP-armed forces of the Philippines, and the National Police of the Philippines, while practicing the Nazis concept of 'total war' against the worker-peasant alliance of the Philippine communist party, which is the vast majority of the Philippine people. That has made the Philippine peoples totally angry at the present government of the country.

Demonstrations against the puppet government is taking place all around the country, and scant media attention is given to this happening. Look also at the Canadian Prime Minister shaking hands with the mass murder president and making quips about what a good person is, so good you shake hands with him in smiling photo op pictures to portray themselves of completely innocent of sending WMD, to Saudi and Philippines which the present puppet regime uses to murder thousands of people without trials, public participation, juries, lawyers for the prosecution and defense and not judges, and all with censorship of the news, no charges with no definite time. Fascist killing of the people is not democracy nor is it freedom, or independence of popular collective agreement.

Such is the trip of U.S. Imperialist President Trump, along with Trudeau of Canada, hand shakes that indicate friendship with Duperte a real destroyer of civilization as the world peoples know it. Quite and eyeful for the peoples of Asia who have been ravaged by Imperialist Empires of these two countries for hundreds of years now. Re-tool the industrial revolution to the renewables such as wind, tidal, and solar power that transforms to electricity and is more power than all polluting fossil fuels.

Trump is far worst for he advocates entire annihilation of the DPRK if it does not obey his nuclear threats to the entire world and all the ecological balances of organic and inorganic matter in motion, and by implication DPRk, Peoples Republic of China, and the Russian Federation. Remember folks Korea is only trying to defend itself from threatened aggression each year by the U.S.A. and its military who refuses to sign a peace treaty with Korea. That would then bring about an end to any all arms race in Korea if the U.S. soldiers (30,000) went home and allowed peace throughout the country.You all yet have a world to win!! End pollution causing fossil fuels wars of aggression. Egalite' pour la femme dans la revolution. Workers of the world unite!!

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