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Rebecca Kaplan Wants To "protect the air" but is silent about corrupt exes running BAAQMD
by Defend BAAQMD Whistleblowers
Wednesday Oct 11th, 2017 12:55 PM
Oakland City Council member Rebecca Kaplan says she wants to protect the bay area air from the fires but she refuses to call for the investigation, prosecution and jailing of Bay Area Air Quality Management District bosses who illegally destroyed pollution control documents and bullied and terminated district whistleblowers Michael Bachmann and Sarah Steele. Why is she helping cover-up these crooks running the BAAQMD.
Rebecca Kaplan Wants To "protect the air" but is silent about corrupt executives running BAAQD-Refuses to Call For Attorney General Xavier Becerra To Investigate Illegal bullying and terminations of whistleblowers Bachmann and Steele.

From Rebecca Kaplan
"LoveLife" Oakland! but cover-up crooks at BAAQMD

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District, on which I serve as a member of the Board of Directors, has issued another Spare the Air alert due to continuing air quality problems from the many fires burning in the northern part of the Bay Area.

I'm urging that the press and the public help spread the word to spare the air.

As many of our regional neighbors in the Bay Area continue to struggle with large and devastating fires, we are reminded that our region is interconnected -- with something as basic as the air we breathe. Even those not living in the fire zone are experiencing some of the worst air quality on record -- and difficulty breathing. As an East Bay regional representative on the Bay Area's Air Quality Board, I am asking all of us to help -- and to avoid making the problem worse - by sparing the air this week. Please DO NOT BURN things -- do not use fireplaces, wood-burning stoves, or outdoor fires this week. Burning your own fires may seem small, but they add substantially to air pollution, and please don't risk a recreational fire that could spread. Please do what you can to reduce pollution by carpooling, taking transit, and other clean options. Let us continue to send prayers and support to those directly impacted by the fire, and appreciation for our first responders who are working so hard in dangerous conditions.

The Spare the Air alert, health impacts, and related information from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District is online at:

Information about Bay Area carpooling, including online methods to get matched to share a ride, online at:

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Rebecca Kaplan
Oakland Councilmember At-Large
"LoveLife" Oakland!

Capture of The Bay Area Air Quality Control District, BAAQMD Executives, Corruption & Workplace Bullying
The Bay Area Air Quaility Control District BAAQMD is the government agency responsible for protecting the air health and safety of the public. They have bullied and terminated whistleblowers Michael Bachmann and Sarah Steele for trying to stop the destruction of pollution control documents including violations and fines by companies such as Chevron, Shell and Pacific Steel corporation.
Dr. Larry Rose who is the former Cal-OSHA medical director talks about the failure of the agency to independently monitor releases by the Chevron refinery and other polluters. He also reports that the agency is refusing to do full monitoring of the pollutants despite the fact that the technology exists to carry out such monitoring. He reports on how BAAQMD executives retaliate against engineers who ask tom many questions that might expose or challenge the corporations that they are supposed to regulate. Finally he looks at Governor Brown's AB 398 and how it prevents and limits regional agencies such as the BAAQMD from imposing more severe pollution controls benefiting the polluters. Also Steve Ingraham who was a founder of the West Berkley Alliance For Clean Air & Jobs also reports on the refusal of the agency executives to protect the air.
These presentations were part of a forum on the role of the BAAAMD and the retaliation against whistleblowers Michael Bachmann and Sarah Steele who were fired after exposing the illegal destruction of pollution control documents.
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Production of Labor Video Project

Corrupt BAAQMD Executives Stall Caps On Bay Area Air Pollution With Last Minute Proposal Helping Polluters
The Bay Area Air Quality Management District BAAQMD which is responsible for regulating air quality in the bay area had a meeting on June 21, 2017 of the board which represents elected officials in the district to vote on a cap of pollutants from the oil refineries and other polluters. In order to stall the vote on the cap the management of the BAAQMD released a last minute new proposal to increase pollutants by 25%. This would be enough to build another refinery in the district as speakers pointed out.The management executives also did not even inform the members of the board of the proposed changes until the same day. The executives of the BAAQMD have previously bullied and fired staff whistleblowers Michael Bachmann and Sarah Steele who were trying to prevent the illegal destruction of pollution control documents by the top managers.
The BAAQMD bosses have also colluded with developers to prevent the proper protection in areas like Hunters Point Bay View and Treasure Island where the Navy, CCSF and California have allowed the falsification of tests on the enviromental dangers and where health and safety inspectors and whistleblowers have been fired.
The district bosses also allow Chevron, Shell, Tesoro and other polluters to self monitor the air quality of the pollutants and this has been challenged by Dr. Larry Rose who is the former Medical Director of Cal-OSHA.
Community and labor people spoke out about the issue of caps and the increasing health and safety problems and climate dangers by the use of fossil fuels.
Using the management's last minute proposed changes to increase the level of pollutants that would amount to the construction of another refinery in the bay area the board voted to postpone the vote on caps until the September meeting. The United Steel Workers Local 5 which represents the refinery workers at the affected plants was in favor of the caps that had originally been proposed.
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And Criminal Prosecution Of Execs

CLEANING THE SWAMP" Hunters Point And Treasure Island Tetra Tech Workers Blow The Whistle On Criminal Cover-up & Corruption
Four Hunters Point and Treasure Island Tetra Tech health and safety inspectors spoke at a press conference at the former San Francisco shipyard and superfund toxic dump site on June 27, 2017 about the systemic criminal cover-up by the company. They also accused the Navy of serious radioactive contamination at the site and failure to rectify it. They were harassed, bullied and terminated when they reported the fraud and malfeasance by the management and officers of Tetra Tech
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission NRC also covered up the massive violations of the clean-up despite the fact that whistleblowers brought it to their attention.
Green Action has filed a lawsuit to halt the use by the Navy of this corrupt contractor. Other community health advocates talked about the environmental racism and the serious health conditions and deaths by the residents.
They also called for a criminal investigation by the San Francisco District Attorney Gascon and California Attorney General Xavier Becerra to investigate Tetra Tech and criminally prosecute them for fraud and corruption.
San Francisco city politicians including Mayor Ed Lee, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and Governor Brown have helped continue the criminal cover-up that has endangered the lives of the workers, children and families in the area.
Additionally, Michael Madry who was an Assurance Quality Manager at Test America which also examined tests at the site was fired when he found fraud and the OSHA Whistleblower Protection Program investigator Darrell Whitman was also bullied and fired by his manager and the Chief of OSHA David Michaels and Department of Labor Secretary Tom Perez both illegally prevented an investigation of this retaliation.
Additional media:…/Hunters-Point-Whistleblowers-Ex……/whistleblowers-who-worked-at-hunter…/…/Former-Contractors-Claim-Hunter……/OSHA-Whistleblower-Investigator……/ww2-17-15-osha-whistleblower-from-……/ww-2-24-15-osha-whistleblowers-and……/ww2-17-15-osha-whistleblower-from-……/OSHA-Whistleblower-Investigator……/do…/whitman.letter.secretary.perez5.18./1…/…/…/…/2004.gao.osha.complaint.response…/…/10.25.2014_six.investigations…/ex-whistleblower-investigato…/……/eber-concords-partner-i…/…/figures-scrutinized-by-fbi-loom-lar…/
§BAAQMD Whistleblowers Michael Bachmann and Sarah Steele
by Defend BAAQMD Whistleblowers Wednesday Oct 11th, 2017 12:55 PM
BAAQMD board member and Oakland City Council member Rebecca Kaplan is refusing to call for the investigation and prosecution of corrupt criminal executives of the Bay Area Air Quality Management District who illegally destroyed pollution control documents and bullied and terminated whistleblowers Michael Bachmann and Sarah Steele. It is time that Kaplan stop covering up the crooks at the BAAQMD. Call her office to demand that she call for the Attorney General to investigate the BAAQMD executives.
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