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Male domination of women caused every crisis we now face
by Elaine Charkowski
Tuesday Sep 19th, 2017 3:09 PM
Male domination of women is the foundation and the source of all the crises we now face, including overpopulation, which caused all the other crises (habitat destruction, endangered species famine, war).
Male domination of women caused every crisis we now face
By Elaine Charkowski

Unless male domination of women is named and eradicated, nothing will change and only get worse!
Male domination of women is never mentioned or even thought about at social justice, global warming and environmental summits! It's taboo to whisper or even think about this!

• • • Connect the dots! • • •

• Male domination of women drives mandated and culturally coerced pregnancy.
• Mandated and culturally coerced pregnancy drives overpopulation which is great for the economy but not for the Earth! Agriculture is often blamed for the human population explosion. However, for thousands of years, many tribes have cultivated small plots but kept their populations stable because women controlled their child bearing.
• Overpopulation drives economic growth due to women’s mostly involuntary re-production of consumer/worker/soldier/breeder units. More than seven billion humans buy a lot more stuff and burn a lot more fossil fuel than two billion did in 1940.

This is great for the global economy which is largely based on the manufacture of weapons. Mandated pregnancy also mass produces soldiers which drives war. The world’s militaries (which men created, own and control) spend one trillion dollars a year on ways to kill people instead of addressing global warming, restoring habitat, planting billions of trees, cleaning up pollution and saving the Living World.

• Economic growth drives habitat destruction by changing the Living World into pastures, farmland, money and stuff for an ever increasing human population to consume.
• Habitat destruction drives the Sixth Major Extinction.

Reproductive rights for all the world's women would slow the growth of, and eventually reduce the human population . This is because most women do not choose to have more children than they can feed and care for. War would also decrease because the mass-industrialized re-production of soldiers would no longer be mandated and the supply would eventually run out as they killed each other off.

A reduced human population would save the Living World since fewer humans would consume less habitat, burn less fossil fuel and reduce global warming.

However, men will never relinquish their appropriation of the uterus! Losing control of women as livestock would threaten their global economy! If women took back control of their bodies, Patriarchy (the global Earth-devouring male-dominated social system) would collapse and the Living World would breathe a sigh of relief.

But shhh! Never mention male domination of women! Dance around it and only name the symptoms!
Overpopulation, (if it's even named at all) is the main symptom of the male domination of women which caused all the other symptoms (global warming, ocean acidification, war, pollution, desertification, deforestation, drought, famine, habitat destruction, endangered species, etc).

What to Do
1.Immediate international action must be taken to enable every woman on earth to have reproductive choice.
2. Every soldier from every military on Earth (tens of millions of them) must be deployed to plant billions of trees, restoring habitat and cleaning up pollution instead of killing people.

Elaine Charkowski
19244 Benson Lane
Fort Bragg CA 95437

I have been an ecofeminst for many decades and see the connection between the male domination of women and the destruction of the Living World.
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thank you for your articleR. RobertsonTuesday Sep 19th, 2017 11:57 PM