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Got Protection?...R2P ops in Myanmar, Nigeria...9-19-17 Mouse Report
by DJ Mouse
Tuesday Sep 19th, 2017 2:24 PM
This week's mind fork is more of the same 'need to intervene to stop our intervention' the 1990-94 invasion of Rwanda by proxy Kagame the background of fiat reconquest in Africa among other complexities we find traitor Kerry and the 'proactive preemptive' crowd using Nigerian government complicity in Saudi funded murder we covertly back there to force Nigeria's incomprehensible vote against Palestine in that recent political arm twisting...
While MSM left pisses up a storm over our 'responsibility to protect' amid reports on Burma from the West's UN counter China in Asia...or scream lies about the 9-11-01 WTC demolitions/defense holiday boogeymen coming from Arabia...we know that "In 1990 Judge Casson was given permission by prime minister Giulio Andreotti to search the archives of the Italian military secret service Servizio informazioni sicurezza Militare (SISMI) where he found proof of the existence of the Gladio network, and links to NATO and the United States.' ...During his trial, Vincenzo Vinciguerra revealed that, in addition to discrediting left wing political groups, there had been a second, even darker aim behind the bombings, namely to inculcate a climate of fear among the general populace. This was known as the ‘strategy of tension’ which was intended to generate a pervasive sense of fear which would encourage the population to appeal to the state for protection."