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AA STOP TWU Outsourcing & Union Busting! TWU SFO Workers & Supporters Rally & Speakout
by Labor Video Project
Monday Sep 18th, 2017 6:24 PM
Dozens of TWU mechanics and services workers rallied at SFO against outsourcing and for a contract on September 18, 2017.
American Airlines TWU workers rallied and protested at SFO on September 18, 2017 against the outsourcing and and failure to win a contract. American Airlines which is making massive profits is seeking to outsource many of the union jobs outside the country and also eliminate union labor on jobs in the US.
TWU locals 505, 591, 556 and 513 participated in the action and CWA-AFA, IAM workers as well as IBT UAL mechanics joined the protest line. Workers also discussed the anti-labor Railroad Act which impedes the legal right to strike and helps management beat down the union.
The TWU urged supporters of their struggle to email Douglas.parker [at] and demand that he stop outsourcing jobs and threatening the health and safety of the public.
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9/18 SFO AA TWU 505/591 Workers Picket For A contract
Brothers & Sisters,
Please join Transport Workers Union Local 505 and 591 for an informational picket on September 18th, 10am-noon & 3pm-5pm. American Airlines promised the the best contract in the industry but after two years there is still no contract. Today, approximately 40% of American Airlines maintenance is being outsourced to foreign facilities with very little FAA oversight.

Next Stop: California! Our brothers and sisters have hosted pickets and rallies around the country to show support and unity for an industry-best contract at American Airlines – and our movement continues to grow. Join us on September 13th for our next rally at LAX, and again on the 18th for a rally at SFO. Check out the LAX Save the Date, as well as the SFO Save the Date, for more information.
You can also continue to show your support by taking Today We Unite banner photos at your job site. Check out our album to see your brothers and sisters in action! Contact your local officers for more details.
TWU members at American Airlines have made countless sacrifices while the company continues to make record profits. We’ve been through bankruptcy, a merger, and stagnating wages.
Together, we have waged a critical internal organizing campaign at American Airlines. With your participation, the Today We Unite effort created enough on-the-ground solidarity and momentum to help our negotiating teams land an interim agreement with a significant wage increase at the bargaining table. We continue to fight for the best possible contract for all our members, but negotiations have stalled and it’s time for more action.
We have members at every station and support from across TWU’s divisions—it’s time we all speak up to demand a resolution for the outstanding contract items. Are you with us?
Show your support for the campaign at your job site in the days and weeks ahead. We’ve been taking group photos with our Today We Unite—I’m Ready to Fight banner to post on social media, on locals’ websites, and the International’s website to show the company just how united we are. Contact your local officers for more details.
Sign up here to join the Today We Unite—I’m Ready to Fight campaign, and get updates on future actions you can take to show American Airlines we stand united behind our teams at the bargaining table. When we speak with one voice, the company can hear us.
As our efforts heat up, we know we can count on you to spread the word.
Are you a TWU member? Add your name to our list at right to get the latest news and updates about contract negotiations (Not sure of your local number? Fill in ‘American Airlines’ instead). Not a member? Sign up to stay informed on ways you can help the campaign. Either way, make sure to add your name to show you’re standing with American Airlines workers, on the ramps, in the hangars, on the shop floors, and at the bargaining table.

American Airlines ground workers plan protest of outsourcing, contracts

By Bill Hethcock – Staff Writer, Dallas Business Journal
Jul 24, 2017, 15:10pm Updated Jul 24, 2017, 19:31pm
Ground workers for American Airlines are planning to picket Wednesday at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport to protest what union members say are plans to outsource U.S. based jobs.

Three Transport Workers Union locals representing Fort Worth-based American’s (Nasdaq: AAL) aircraft maintenance, fleet service, facilities and ground support employees will picket. TWU Locals 513, 567 and 591 will host TWU International leadership, officers and members from labor organizations across the country “to shed light on American Airlines latest plan to outsource many more U.S. based jobs,” according to an advisory released Monday.

The union members are concerned specifically about a plan to invest what they say will be $100 million into a new aircraft maintenance facility in Brazil, according to TWU.

The demonstration also will call on the company to deliver an industry leading contract.

“At the heart of the issue lies the safety of the traveling public and our flight crews, as American plans to outsource a substantial portion of its aircraft maintenance work to places like Argentina, Brazil, Chile and China — to increase profits because the cost of doing maintenance there is cheaper,” the advisory says. “The company has also announced a plan to invest $100 million into a new aircraft maintenance facility in Brazil that will be staffed with foreign workers with the large majority of them not being certified by the FAA.”

American Airlines spokesman Matt Miller said the airline is "incredibly thankful for our skilled and well-trained maintenance and fleet service team."

American plans to break ground on a two-bay hangar in São Paulo later this year that will allow the company to work on widebody aircraft that are on the ground for up to 12 hours every day, Miller said.

The hangar will be for American Airlines aircraft only and will be staffed by American’s team members in São Paulo, he said, and the line maintenance work done at the São Paulo hangar won’t impact work already done in the United States.

"All of this work is being done today — we are simply putting a roof over it," he said. "We aren’t starting new lines of work that we don’t already perform today."

The São Paulo hangar is projected to cost $50 million to build, Miller said. Domestically, American is investing nearly $140 million to build a new maintenance hangar at Chicago O'Hare International Airport, and has made additional recent significant investments in hangar facilities at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport and the company's maintenance base in Tulsa, among others.

American has also outsourced its security inspections and aircraft cleaning to third party contractors that pay their employees minimum wage, the TWU said. “This results in a high employee turnover and lack of experience, which could compromise safety and security.”
§AA Stop Corporate Greed
by Labor Video Project Monday Sep 18th, 2017 6:24 PM
TWU AA workers and their supporters rallied in San Francisco and protested the corporate greed of executive owners after they have taken major concessions. Now AA is outsourcing their jobs in the US and around the world.
§TWU AA SFO Flyers
by Labor Video Project Monday Sep 18th, 2017 6:24 PM
Flyers passed out by TWU AA workers at the SFO rally
§TWU Supported by CWA
by Labor Video Project Monday Sep 18th, 2017 6:24 PM
CWA is supporting the TWU AA Workers. CWA AFA flight attendants joined the rally and spoke out.
§Makes More & Takes More
by Labor Video Project Monday Sep 18th, 2017 6:24 PM
American Airlines is making big profits but the more it make the more it wants to take from it's workers.
§TWU AA Picket Line At SFO With AA Plane In Background
by Labor Video Project Monday Sep 18th, 2017 6:24 PM
TWU AA mechanics and service workers picketed at SFO and AA plane was in background.