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Russian scapegoat for Rich leak...9-5-17 Mouse Report
by DJ Mouse
Tuesday Sep 5th, 2017 3:06 PM
Seth Rich died for DNC sins sure as hell...sure as that the assassinations of the 60s begat the wars of the horrible 80s...that and more endless horror.
...when simultaneous Saudi funding of Clinton assassination and election campaigns got so tangled w/ Podesta losing phone in cab and w/ his emails on Huma's Wienergate sexting ex's laptop...using password for password in own name...Lynch telling Comey to refer to the investigation of the convicted felon as a "matter"...the deep state throwing us under the Trump bus to avoid that investigation w/ the 3rd Jim Crow coup...(notwithstanding those who voluntarily dove into that cesspool for related reasons...another story)...but of course w/ a century of capitalist mind fuck "Russia" still works for anything bad here these days...and as the zombie stooge MSM freak show tells it...the fracked 3/5 US black box voters doesn't need to hear any more...