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ILWU Local 10 Moves to Stop the Fascists in San Francisco Saturday August 26
by Internationalist Group (internationalistgroup [at]
Saturday Aug 19th, 2017 6:10 PM
Longshore Workers: Shut It Down!
ILWU Local 10 marching against police terror on May Day 2015, Oakland, California.

On August 17, International Longshore and Warehouse Union Local 10 voted an urgent motion for labor mobilization to “Stop the Fascists in San Francisco.” The dock workers, who have a long history of port shutdowns against racism, war and police terror, aim to prevent a repeat of last week’s murderous Nazi/white supremacist attack in Charlottesville, Virginia. Fascist groups have announced a weekend of potentially deadly provocations in the Bay Area on August 26-27. Some of those involved in the Charlottesville Nazi march are reportedly planning to attend. Pointing to the example of Portland, Oregon where members of 14 local unions mobilized against a racist/fascist provocation on June 4, ILWU Local 10 motion stated, that “the San Francisco Bay Area is a union stronghold and we will not allow labor-hating white supremacists to bring their lynch mob terror here.” By using the power of independent working-class action to stop the fascists, they can point the way for all labor and the oppressed at this critical moment. Read more...
§Longshore Workers: Shut It Down!
by Internationalist Group Sunday Aug 20th, 2017 11:43 AM
Painters Union Local 10 at June 4 Portland Labor Against the Fascists mobilization. (Internationalist photo)

SAN FRANCISCO, August 18 – At last night’s meeting of International Longshore and Warehouse Union Local 10, an urgent motion for labor mobilization to “Stop the Fascists in San Francisco” was passed. The dock workers, who have a long history of port shutdowns against racism, war and police terror, aim to prevent a repeat of last week’s murderous Nazi/white supremacist attack in Charlottesville, Virginia. By using the power of independent working-class action to stop the fascists, they can point the way for all labor and the oppressed at this critical moment.

White-supremacist and other fascist groups have repeatedly targeted the Bay Area in recent months. Now they have announced a weekend of potentially deadly provocations on August 26-27. The fascist “Patriot Prayer” outfit that has staged such events in Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington has called a rally for Saturday, August 26 at Crissy Field in San Francisco. The following day, several fascist groups are calling a “No to Marxism in America” rally in Martin Luther King Park in Berkeley. Some of those involved in the Charlottesville Nazi march are reported among those planning to attend one or both of these fascist rallies.

Today, Los Angeles KPFK radio broadcast a feature on the planned longshore workers action, noting that “Local 10 of the ILWU has moved to walk out and march, and they are calling on labor and community to join them to stop the fascists.” Later in the show, KPFK interviewed Local 10 President Ed Ferris and long-time longshore militant Jack Heyman, who spoke about the importance of working-class mobilization to stop the fascists in the union stronghold of the Bay Area.

The ILWU motion noted that “the fascists, the KKK, Nazis and other white supremacists rallied and marched by torchlight in Charlottesville, whipping up lynch mob terror with racist, anti-immigrant and anti-Semitic slogans,” and that “that attack resulted in one anti-racist counter demonstrator murdered and many others injured when one of the fascist bullies ran them down with a car.” It added that, “President Trump’s whitewashing this violent, deadly fascist and racist attack saying ‘both sides are to blame,’ and his attacking anti-racists for opposing Confederate statues that honor slavery adds fuel to the fire of racist violence.”

The ILWU Local 10 motion states that, “far from a matter of ‘free speech’, the racist and fascist provocations are a deadly menace as shown in Portland on May 26 when a Nazi murdered two men and almost killed a third for defending two young African American women he was menacing.” It underlined that “our sisters and brothers in the Portland labor movement answered racist terror with the power of workers solidarity, mobilizing members of 14 unions against the fascist/racist rally there on June 4.” (See “Portland Labor Mobilizes to Stop Fascist Provocation,” The Internationalist No. 48, May-June 2017.)

The motion emphasized that, “ILWU Local 10 has a long and proud history of standing up against racism, fascism and bigotry and using our union power to do so; on May Day 2015 we shut down Bay Area ports and marched followed by thousands to Oscar Grant Plaza demanding an end to police terror against African Americans and others,” and that “the San Francisco Bay Area is a union stronghold and we will not allow labor-hating white supremacists to bring their lynch mob terror here.”

In fact, nooses – a threat of lynching – were found on a series of occasions earlier this year at the SSA Marine terminal in the Port of Oakland in California. On the morning of May 25, when a noose was found at the terminal, one of the port’s largest, ILWU longshoremen walked off the job in protest. “Container trucks were backed up all around the port and on Interstate 880,” reported the East Bay Times (26 May). Longshore workers’ anger against the current fascist and white-supremacist provocations will likely have a similar result but on a larger scale.

From the Portland area, Painters (IUPAT) Local 10, which played a key role in Portland Labor Against the Fascists on June 4, sent a solidarity message on August 17 to ILWU Local 10, stating:

“We have been inspired by your historic shutdowns over the many years of maritime history. ILWU Local 10 set an example for us all in the struggle for workers’ rights against racism, war, and police repression. If you use your power as workers to take action against the fascists on August 26th, that will be a call to action of workers and oppressed people throughout this country. Today, more than ever, workers need solidarity. It would be a proud day for us ... to stand shoulder to shoulder with you in the struggle.”

Since the election of Donald Trump, the Internationalist Group has called for and helped organize labor/black/immigrant mobilization to stop fascist and racist terror. The June 4 Portland labor mobilization was an important first step, the first significant workers action against fascists in decades. Longshore workers shutting down the port and leading a mass march to sweep away the fascist provocation on August 26 is now the task of the hour. This can point the way for workers action from coast to coast after decades of attacks on the working class. The potential international appeal of the longshore action was indicated in another solidarity message to last night’s ILWU Local 10 meeting, from the International Dockers Council.

Millions of people are outraged by the fascist murder in Charlottesville. Millions are disgusted by Donald Trump’s open praise of the fascists. Just days after threatening to unleash “fire and fury” against North Korea, he spewed vile praise for “beautiful statues and monuments” to Confederate leaders. Black people have always known what these sick tributes to the slave owners represent: like the Confederate flag, they are an incitement to lynching and racist terror. But it’s not just Trump. The Democratic Party was founded as the political arm of the slavocracy, becoming, after the Civil War, the party of the Klan and Jim Crow.

Now the Democrats, who paved the way for Trump, seek to exploit mass anger over Charlottesville. But their aim is to subjugate workers, youth and opponents of racist reaction to the capitalist system that breeds racist terror, war and economic crisis. Liberal Berkeley mayor Jesse Arreguín is telling everyone to “stay away” from the fascist rally there – including the opponents of fascist terror who rightly want to make sure the fascist terror carried out in Charlottesville is not repeated in the Bay Area. To stop the fascist threat, it is crucial to understand that you can’t fight Trump with Democrats, and that workers must rely on their own class power.

House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, in turn, has called on the National Parks Service, which administers Crissy Field, to “reevaluate” the permit it granted to the “Patriot Prayer” rally. This appeal to Trump’s Interior Department (which the Park Service is part of) is not just a diversion from mass protest but a trap, as it could easily be used against anti-fascist demonstrators. In fact, both Republicans and Democrats – who under Obama deported more than 5 million immigrants, waged endless war abroad and ramped up police repression “at home” – fear independent mobilization of the working class.

Liberals and reformist pseudo-socialists, for their part, have sought to organize tame protests “against hate” far away from the fascists in order to avoid confrontation. The answer to the fascist threat is not to ignore it, or endless inconclusive skirmishes, but to mobilize workers action to stop the fascists, linking up with the rest of labor and opponents of racist terror. Now the Bay Area longshore workers have taken the lead, and it is vital to make the August 26 mobilization a resounding success.

In today’s radio interview, ILWU Local 10 President Ferris discussed the union’s efforts to bring in the Labor Councils of both San Francisco and Alameda county. San Francisco and Oakland, California are union towns. The workers movement, taking action together with those targeted by every kind of racism, bigotry and oppression, can point the way for workers everywhere.

That can open a path for all the exploited and oppressed, at a time when large numbers of people are seeing the threat that the irrational and bankrupt system of capitalism poses here and around the world. In recent days and weeks, the Internationalist Group has highlighted calls for labor/black/immigrant mobilizations to smash racist terror; for the disciplined, organized preparation of workers defense guards to stop the kind of fascist attacks seen in Portland and Charlottesville; and for the workers movement to unchain its power from the Democrats and all bosses’ parties by forging a class-struggle workers party.

At this time, a big step forward for the whole working class can be taken by the Bay Area longshore workers, by shutting down the port and leading a mass march that brings out the power of labor and opponents of racist terror to stop the fascists on August 26.

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by Seen This Before
Saturday Aug 19th, 2017 7:31 PM
Jeffrey St. Clair, editor of Counterpunch, put this whole scene into perspective at "To See or to Nazi: Trump’s Moral Blindspot is America’s," 8/18/17 at

First, Ed Lee is the mayor of San Francisco.

Second, we have all seen this routine before when the ILWU manages to shut down the port, but its thousands of members do not show up for the demonstration. We have also seen the routine when various labor councils pass stirring resolutions of support, but their thousands of members do not show up for the demonstration.

Third, San Francisco, is barely a union town. Most jobs are non-union. The 15,000 homeless verify that whatever labor is doing, it is not fighting for public financing for affordable housing, or better yet, demanding the City take over the 30,000 or so empty apartments by right of eminent domain and house the homeless.

Fourth, by now, St. Clair's well-written thought-provoking statement is one of many which blow the whistle on the obvious set up for the Democrats this whole statute routine is to get rid of Trump so they can carry out the same war and fascism agenda, albeit with a very thin sugar coat.

Fifth, confederate statutes should have been disposed of long ago as they glorify slavery. The statutes promoting the slave-owning presidents, such as Washington & Jefferson, could also be removed. Then there is Abe Lincoln, the proud Indian killer, who only freed the slaves in the rebelling territories (not all slaves) so that the tide would turn in favor of the Union forces to victory, with the help of the freed slaves, which is exactly what happened.

Sixth, those of us who have to face daily workingclass issues, such as finding housing, having sufficient food, obtaining medical care, paying for education, and the like, have absolutely no time to even think about statutes, no matter how despicable they are.

by reader
Sunday Aug 20th, 2017 12:45 AM
Patriot Prayer is not white supremacist or fascist - this takes all of 5 minutes of research on social media.

Their Seattle event is worth watching.
***Patriot Prayer Large Event***
No extremists will be allowed in . No Nazis, Communist, KKK, Antifa, white supremacist, I.E., or white nationalists. This is an opportunity for moderate americans to come in with opposing views. We will not allow the extremists to tear apart this country.

Before you accuse Patriot Prayer as being hateful, please find specific examples. You will not find any hate speech, you are being lied to by corrupt politicians. SF is supposed to be a safe haven for minorities. If this is true then please be respectful to the speakers we are bringing in. 3 black, 2 hispanic, 1 asian, 1 Samoan, 1 muslim, 2 woman, and 1 white male. There will also be an opportunity for an open mic for moderate Americans. Love and Peace is the only way to heal this country- so we ask that you do not use hate against us with the intent of fighting hate. We are here to spread a message of love.


Liberty Weekend in the Bay Area! This is a 2 day event in the NorCal SF Bay Area!!

Liberty Weekend with Joey Gibson - Patriot Prayer, Amber Gwen Cummings - Transsexual Patriot, & Lindsay Grathwohl - patriot, mom & Daughter of the late Larry Grathwohl.

Patriot Prayer Joey Gibson rally will kick off Liberty Weekend on Saturday August 26th at Crissy Field Presidio & Amber Gwen Cummings rally is on Sunday August 27th at MLK park in Berkeley.

Join us in San Francisco, California on August 26th,2017 at the Presidio - Crissy Field at 2pm for a day of freedom, spirituality, unity, peace, and patriotism! San Francisco has long been a city that prides itself in acceptance of all, so together, let's unite in this beautiful city to listen to some great speakers & live music!

We just received confirmation that the band - Good Ol' Boyz will be performing in San Francisco at Crissy Field!

Speakers will include: Joey Gibson of Patriot Prayer, Will Johnson of Unite America First, Kyle Chapman - "Based Stickman", Harim Uziel - Los Angeles For Trump, Amber Gwen Cummings - Transsexual Patriot, Kathryn Townsend, Gabriel Silva -Activist, Tusitala "Tiny" Toese, Pam Brunfield-Uriate, and more! As more speakers confirm, we will update this page.
by Bay Area Anarco Communists
Sunday Aug 20th, 2017 5:26 PM
The alt right has a reputation for facilitating neo nazi's and collaborating with neo nazi's to counter BLACK LIVES MATTER and ANTI- FASCISTS. They have an alliance. Don't be fooled. They try to distance themselves from neo nazi's not to oppose neo nazi's but for damage control. It's nothing but a public relations stunt and no one is falling for it. They're only trying to save face to gain sympathy from those who have not been following the struggle against fascism in the bay area, country and the world. This fight against fascism stretches as far back as Benito Mussolini's Italy 1930's. Ain't gona happen!

All these alt right groups roll together as one so they can do battle with the left in the streets. They're united. Don't be fooled and if fooled don't be fooled again. We've got the youtube and tv footage to prove it now. We know. If it ain't a blatant neo nazi in their ranks then it's always some other form of immigrant hating fascist or racist or far right nationalist what ever the fuck they say they are. They're all united under Donald Trump. There are many groups clicking together because they can't impact anything working alone.

White nationalists, confederate militia men, kkk and neo nazi's. Whatever. It's almost all the same. They're all assholes. They're all far right wing no matter how many hairs you try to split and they've all come together. That is the danger. If they didn't have a president, it would not be as big a danger because they would not be so emboldened. We used to call Trump a proto fascist but after him drawing a false equivalency between nazi's and counter protesters, we know now he's a fuckin fascist. The only thing he needs to do is find a tragedy to bring on the wrath of the military to round up immigrants, gays, anarchists, communists and anybody viewed not loyal to him as their fuhrer. Don't think that Trump wouldn't do it. The man is so unstable.

Let it not be a mystery that defenders of slavery are far-right and the belief that one should own another is a far right wing philosophy. Using others for ones own gain has no place in left wing politics unless you're a sellout democrat who are actually pretty republican when it comes to military spending and feeding the poor and disenfranchised to wall street. Everyone on the right is a hardcore proponent of capitalism which the left either tries to reform if not abolish or totally overthrow. Everyone should know this.

That is the difference between left and right. One side is an asshole and the other either is not so much an asshole or is not an asshole. Let it be known that the far right seeks to exploit everyone of us for our labor no different than a slave. They either are managers of industry themselves or want to hold us down because helping us to create disorder to bring the system down ruins any chance of theirs to win a fat chunk of the pie. They follow the carrot dangling in front of them their whole lives only to wind up with nothing. That is the mentality of these sick people. The slaves call it WAGE SLAVERY for a reason and they'd pay us nothing if they could get away with it. It's surprising they haven't begun already given the outrageous cost of living in the bay area.

It's not about the work that's the problem but the lack of benefits, fair wages and piss poor treatment from the fuckin management. The boss's are always a problem and have always been a problem in every capitalist society but especially America the fuckin worst of all. That system of oppression is what the fascists are defending. CAPITALISM! Why do you think they hate communists so much? Because communism threatens the stability of capitalism because it's polar opposite to capitalism and its greed. Communism seeks to unite everybody by ending the social divide. It seeks to end division and the struggle to compete for survival. Survival is a human right under communism, not a game of competition. That's the way it;s supposed to be.

We are for equality and the alt right is an abomination. The alt right is manipulative and psychopathic in ways you would never believe. They try to confuse people and prey on those who don't remember their history and try to redefinition fascism and communism to control the narrative and accuse us for spreading the confusion when it's them. We can't agree on history anymore let alone facts because they're hateful ideology is too much a priority.

It's happening everyday on social media. Don't be one of their victims in the street and don't be manipulated by them. Educate yourselves and others and organize black bloc action to defend the people behind you who need your help the most. They may bring shields and clubs at any future gathering and if you're not prepare, you may be the ones getting run out of town and it's happened to us before. Be ready. Make sure to hide your face good. Hide your gear from cops when gear is not needed. Be smart about moving your shit around. Stay tight. Long black banners are an excellent cover for moving shit around in the march or the block if you know what i'm sayin. Arrive in groups and leave only in groups and always watch your back. Be ready for the unexpected always. The far right will always blur the lines between a nazi and a communist in an attempt to ware you down, legitimize themselves as a force, justify their actions and try to win support for their side.

Many countries are going through the same struggle we are going through or have already gone through it and still go through it from time to time. Ever since Italy, it's been nothing but shit storm of problems...sorry Italy..not to throw you as a country under the bus.

Fascists were outnumbered in Boston and many came out in Durham NC and Texas to voice their opposition to the rise of NAZISM in America. It was a critical mass takeover in Boston. The fascists are on the run. But they are still on the move. Don't get comfortable.

Heather Heyer's death didn't silence us. It woke up a sleeping giant. The world does not forget or forgive fascism for what it has done in places like Germany, Austria, Italy and Spain. Full blown fascism when won politically always ends in disaster and that is why Trump and all future Trumps will be very short lived. Get ready.

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