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Global survival dependent on 2 infantile blowhards' rhetoric?
by DLi
Thursday Aug 10th, 2017 9:36 PM
The world teeters on nuclear war this week, as 2 of the most narcissistic and unqualified "national leaders"(the appointed Kim Jong Un of the DPRKorea and the minority-elected but Electoral College-selected Doanld Trump of the USA)traded nuclear war threats against citizens of each other's nation. What is even more alarming is that both nations' lack a mechanism to prevent 2 psychopaths from launching nuclear weapons on each other(and conceivably setting off even greater nuclear exchanges by allies of both regimes)! How did human evolution evolve to this point of potential mass genocide, in which 2 of the Planet's most insecure "leaders" control the buttons to launch doomsday weapons of mass destruction(WMDs)? Could this be the beginning of the end for human survival on our fragile Planet?
To be fair, judging from the history of both political blowhards, much of their rhetoric have been full of fake facts and overblown insults. Still, in this age of ICBMs, nuclear warheads and near-instantaneous computer-controlled weapon systems, even the slightest miscalculation on either side could set off an irreversible path toward unprecedented genocide and societal destruction. So what can concerned and progressive Peace citizens do in this grave hour before Armageddon?

Perhaps there is a slight sign of optimism. Just last month 122 nations approved a Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. at the UN. Of course, none of the nuclear powers participated(most evil of all, the USA, which is the only nation to have ever used nuclear weapons--and only on civilian cities no less!--not only boycotted the sessions but had actually lobbied aggressively to sabotage the talks). But, for the 1st time in human history, there has been a landmark international treaty to start holding the nuclear powers to accountability. It will be up to the citizens of those current nuclear nations to actively ramp up their efforts to hold their own governments to their lip service to nuclear disarmament. It'll be a long and arduous journey, but the journey of a thousand miles must begin with the first step. We have begun that critical first step...
by U.S. Judge Jackson
Saturday Aug 12th, 2017 3:05 PM
Chairman of the Nureberg Trials wrote that law into Intrnational law and further say that Aggressive wAr is the Supreme International crime whether Germany does it or the U.S.A. does it.