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#HALIFAX NAZI CLINIC @SLATUKIP @Thetradesclub @Phoenix967FM @JLRFB @2ferdi7 @Missduffyafa
by Global AFA (#antifa) Wednesday Aug 9th, 2017 7:40 AM
When one visualises alternative therapies, hippy-values, peace, love and pro-humanity mantras spring to mind, however not so the appallingly bigoted owner of West Yorkshire's only holistic therapy college, EDL supporter Lizzy Halbert of the self-entitled "Lizzy Halbert Institute of Healing" in Ripponden, Halifax, West Yorkshire (United Kingdom), who regularly tweets bile against immigrants and Muslims, and is a friend of fellow Yorkshire-based anti-Semite Peter Sweden. Amongst the extremist hatred she tweets, is an evil lie that Muslims will be killed for befriending white people, whilst repeatedly falsely accusing immigrants of committing most crimes, false rants about prisons being full of foreigners, and murdering politicians ISIS-style.