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The Hubris of Donald Trump
by Gil Villagran, MSW (gilbert.villagran [at]
Friday Jul 28th, 2017 4:11 PM
The Greek term, hubris, meaning overwhelming pride, explains the fatal flaw in our president's eventual downfall.
Trump’s Hubris

Gilbert J Villagran posted on my Facebook page in Feb. 2017

As I posted at the beginning of the Trump "presidency": the unraveling of his Orange Highness:
To understand President Trump's self-inflicted downfall, I offer this reference to the Greek term: Hubris:
(from: (, with my edits)
What does Hubris mean?

Hubris has its origin in Greek tragedy and Shakespearean drama. It refers to the character’s excessive pride that causes downfall of people around him. In modern context it indicates a person who is filled with pride and feels above all other humans around him and does not hesitate to humiliate them. The hubris or arrogance of the individual is brought about by his denial of the existing facts and over estimating his abilities.

Hubris is derived from the Greek which denotes insolence and violence. In Classical Athenian the term hubris implied the use of violence to intentionally belittle others. In the sixth century BC during Solon’s time hubris was regarded as a crime and a citizen had every right to frame charges against another responsible for treason, violence or even rape.

Hubris present in the heroes of Greek tragedy was an arrogance that seemed to offend even the gods. Seen in this light, hubris is regarded as the FATAL FLAW in character which becomes the cause for the nemesis that befalls the character. The Heroes in Greek tragedy often manifested hubris which caused their downfall. The hero’s pride often increases to such a degree that fate sets in to affect the necessary punishment to curb the overweening pride. As a result, the end of the tragic hero is never good.

In modern usage, hubris implies pride and overconfidence in an individual who lacks basic humility. The tragic inevitable result is extreme suffering that is sure to follow extreme arrogance. The idea of hubris can be summed up in the modern adage of “pride goes before a fall”. The basic premise being that a person exhibiting excessive pride is often blinded by the facts as he acts in a way that goes against common sense.

It is now only a question of how soon and the manner of the fall of Trump. Will he resign, as did Nixon? Or will he be impeached, as was Clinton, though he was not removed from office because his crime was not a threat to our nation, but to his marriage. The final question, as our nation, and the whole world watches, is:
will he leave his Oval Office in handcuffs (which I doubt) or in a straightjacket, under a court ordered psychiatric 5150 hold, as a "danger to self and others?"
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