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Calling out left's Russia bs...7-11-17 Mouse Report
by DJ Mouse
Tuesday Jul 11th, 2017 3:37 PM
DJ Mouse stopped by the local weapons station tracks to protest the illegal war on Syria yesterday...after joining Gerald, Ras, Marsha. Bob, Pierre, and many others at Friday's rally to free Mumia Abu Jamal at Oscar Grant Plaza...
...Ray McGovern trained diplomats for the when he safely pulled the host's head out of his ass 10 points down the dial yesterday on Flashpoints it was so graceful some listeners might have missed we sample that...after stepping into our Waybackmachine for Nuremberg Actions' weekly Monday noon weapons blockade at the tracks north of Concord...5300 Port Chicago Ole Dammegard on prime suspect 'Crisis Solutions' regarding the different connections and clues found behind so many of the latest attacks used to manipulate the public mind into acceptance of impossible myths used to cover up and scapegoat others in the ensuing wars...
Never did such a cruel and unusual happening take place before the conquest.
The natural ecological organic and inorganic world and its balances were within the livability of the planet's webs of life. Sure there is a occaisonal volcano, typhoon, earthquake to remind us that mother nature does make a violent occaision quite much to remind ourselves that matter is in motion and has laws of its own to understand or die trying.

However, the cruel and unusual of modern times described by scientists that there now exists something akin to a six to one over kill of the planet's ecological balances of the organic and inorganic webs-of life globally if the aggressive militaries let fly fully their arsenals known today as the WMD--weapons of mass destruction.

So why in the world would our specie go there to claim victory? Governments since 1945 have been making arms races to see who can first extinquish the other, and disrupt all the living balances of the ecological organic and inorganic (pollution for big private profits) to call that a good economy or a victory for the biggest WMD hero man woman question.

Metals of honor, or VC's are Western standards for doing this big deception and making the world turned upside down a cruel and unusual reality of present life on the planet. The diggers song says the diggers need to stand up now for glory, stand up now. The message came from the very rich to the soldiers---- cut them down. Burn their crops and webs of life, tear down their cottages, THE MESSAGE CAME FROM THE ELITE RICH TO CUT THEM DOWN!! Thusly paradise, as the WORKERS' COMMONWEALTH (1640 approx.), killed off, leaving the webs of life threatened, and we yet having to say that we still need to get to a safe world. Indeed the specie remains threatened, and the only fully true goal of dismantling the wmd--weapons of mass destruction ie NATO, is still ordered to cut them down.

Those that dig the world so a world paradise can bloom are still being cut down by the elites of destruction. Woman is still not elected fifty-fifty to accessing the political, econmic, cultural, judicial, organic and inorganic. religio wise liberation that restores the harmony and joy that is the natural man and woman question.

Hence the French put forward that Eglalite' pour la femme dans la revolution est pour la species liberation!! Workers of the world unite!! Dismantle the wmd-weapons of mass destruction ie NATO and thusly to a free world of the true majority the workers of the world uniting to end male domination of the entire planets life tree. Double democracy for full liberation.!!