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Killing the Co-worker...6-27-17 Mouse Report
by DJ Mouse
Tuesday Jun 27th, 2017 10:51 PM
The second bullet in the back of your (or my) head makes anyone calling it suicide guilty of aiding and abetting that our favorite 9-11-01 getaway drivers were doing yesterday 10 points down the dial (from 104.1 fm)
Lou Wolf mentioned my CIA whistle blower friend Jim Wilcott at the Gary Webb Freedom of the Press award along w/ the obvious about the THAT murder..the second bullet in the back of Gary's head...and the FBI? well...Robert Mueller was responsible for the prosecution of Gen. Manuel Noriega of Panama, who was the CIA s main money launderer for CIA operations in Panama. Even Congress knew of Noriega s CIA connections. Senator Kerry said that Noriega "had been on the payroll and an employee of the CIA for many, many, many years" [quoted in Defrauding America, by Rodney Stich, pg. 401]. Noriega was taken down by the CIA and prosecuted because he was found to be taking a much larger cut out of CIA drug profits than was agreed upon. During the trial, the presiding judge (on orders from the government) ruled that Noriega could not enter into evidence any documents proving his relationship to the CIA over the years. Mueller helped cover up this major issue by silencing Noriega.
2) In 1988, Mueller supervised the investigation of PanAm Flight 800 which was destroyed by a terrorist bomb over Lockerbie, Scotland. He successfully kept the CIA s connection to the bombing from becoming public. The CIA and FBI took control of the crash scene for the first day (keeping Scottish police at bay), searching through and removing numerous pieces of evidence and luggage from the wreckage to obscure the connections of the bombing to the CIA special team that was on board the aircraft. One CIA defector has said that the team had been returning to the states against orders to blow the whistle on CIA drug and terrorist connections in the Middle East...and of course Pic Botha and the apartheid South concert w/ their fellow apartheid state racists running the operation to frame Gaddafi...cancelled at the last minute...but not the Army team that had uncovered our drug running...