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Tommy Robinson - Dickhead!
by Global AFA
Wednesday Jun 21st, 2017 4:33 PM
Like fellow extreme rightwing rabble-rousing Brits, Milo Yiannopoulos, Paul Joseph Watson and Paul Golding, Stephen Yaxley Lennon AKA "Tommy Robinson", or Yaxo for short, is a repulsive little demi-Fuhrer hell-bent upon bringing about the neo-Nazis promised worldwide race war, the so-called "Clash Of Civilisations" of Pam Geller and her ilk worldwide. Though banned from entering the USA due to his frequent criminal convictions for fraud and violence, having attempted to enter via a false passport, he hopes his hero Donald Trump will eventually come to his rescue to pull a few strings at the request of Rebel Media / Steve Bannon, and get the FBI to turn a blind eye to his plethora of serious criminal convictions.
A convicted wifebeater, drug abuser, street thug, swindler and liar, and lowlife hate-preacher, Stephen Yaxley-Lennon AKA Tommy Robinson solely blames one group, Muslims, for all negativity against women, even though the supposed "bastion of law and order" was jailed in 2005 for twelve months for kicking a police officer violently in the head who had tried to protect his partner Jenna Vowles from being beaten to a pulp by the cowardly, diminutive, chauvenistic thug.

Until the English Defence League (EDL) was formed, Yaxo persuaded with a wad of banknotes by "Muslim Final Solution" architect Alan Ayling (Lake) to become the group's figurehead, himself and his entire family were lifelong neo-Nazi BNP members, and regularly attended talks by white supremacists, national socialist and Holocaust deniers alike in shady backrooms of run-down pubs in the South and Midlands.

Once in-charge of the EDL, Stephen Yaxley Lennon from the Luton stole the indentity of one of the English town's notorious deceased soccer hooligans "Tommy Robinson" to make himself sound more working class. A small businessman who ironically owns a business to turn white folks brown, it didn't take long for Yaxo to realise there was serious money to be made in the hatred industry as EDL leader.

Nick Griffin, leader of the BNP whilst Tommy was a member, famously lined his pockets with party donations, which he pumped into a farmhouse he bought in Croatia. Long before Trump entered the White House, it didn't take the intelligence of Einstein to realise there was money to be made from being a small-time Fuhrer, so he proceeded to turn the English Defence League into a pogrom-lusting army of hooligan thugs who toured every town and city up and down Great Britain to violently assault minorities, fight antifascists, scuffle with the cops, and chant endless racial abuse.

The difficulties started for Stephen Yaxley-Lennon when his downbeat EDL minions couldn't fail to notice their hallowed leader's light-fingered hands dipping in the donations till, to the detriment of the groups' rank and file members and all of their supporters. A cross between the Emperor Nero and Mussolini, Yaxo found himself becoming increasingly isolated within the violent street fascist organisation along with helpers cousin Kevin "KKK" Carroll and Hel "Lel" Gower (also known as "The Growler" for her dog-like snappishness biting away at his EDL rivals during the bitter power struggle for control of the EDL which ensued).

When matters got serious, Gower and her attack dogs blackmarked Tommy's rivals as Nazis (even in instances when they most likely weren't), and when criticism continued from his enemies despite repeated warnings, Yaxley's bitter enemies within the far right found themselves hauled-over on belatedly unearthed football-related disorder charges.

Whilst police forces worldwide more often than not protect the far right to permit them to march and spread their poisonous hatred, until this point, UK police forces had shown little empathy towards the EDL and its leadership, however suddenly, out of nowhere, whilst visiting Scotland, Tommy was whisked down under a cloud to the City of Sheffield, in South Yorkshire one mid-summers' afternoon, where, according to many dissidents within the EDL, he sung like a canary, not merely for the moulah, but for far more than that.

When the EDL visited Bolton a fortnight later, dozens of UAF counter-protesting antifascists were violently assaulted and arrested on false charges which were fortunately dismissed on appeal due to members of the Greater Manchester Police found to be lying under oath.

Shortly afterwards, when visiting neighbouring Blackburn in Northwest England, Stephen Yaxley-Lennon was accused by his former freinds and colleagues of being a grass and police collaborator, and was confronted in public at the far right rally, Yaxo responding by headbutting unconcious a widely-respected former soldier within the EDL ranks. The courts were particularly leniant with him, issuing a suspended sentence which amounted to little more than the proverbial rap on the knuckles. Free to propagandise and tell lies, Yaxo did the dirty upon his former admirer, the ex-soldier, dismissing him as a "nazi".

Having headbutted his rival whom he had falsely accused of being a nazi infiltrator, all the time, Yaxley-Lennon remained stonily schtum about known EDL neo-nazis whom he tolerated and willingly turned a blind eye to, whilst they continued to sieg heil in-front of cameras on marches.

Large numbers of nationalists previously loyal to Yaxley-Lennon voted with their feet, and left the EDL to set up their own rival organisations, including the NWI, the NEI and other so-called "Infidel" groups, whom Tommy continued to battle against, until he was investigated for the offence of mortgage fraud. Knowing he faced a signicants sentence for theft, shortly before his sentence, he joined the Muslim Quilliam Foundation, renounced the EDL as "a bunch of neo-Nazis", and in the eyes of many, arguably received a leniant jail term for supposedly leaving the far right.

No sooner had Stephen Yaxley Lennon left jail, his Twitter account sprang back into action, renamed @trobinsonnewera as he set about a supposed change of direction. In interviews with the press, he spoke at lengths about how he had met "some great lads" who were Muslim inside jail and no-longer hated ordinary Muslims. However, all was to change when the "reformed thug" caught whiff on large-scale EDL-type demonstrations called Pegida led again German far right soccer hooligans in Dresden attended by up to fifty thousand people.

Cash registers ringing, pound signs before his eyes, Tommy's twitter feed returnded to extreme Islamophobia overnight, with the monetary assistance of Pam Geller. Spurred back into immediate action, seeking to get rich quick, he flew out to Dresden, met the Pegida leaders, and set up his own UK branch which he promised would be every bit as emormous as the German far right group. And while he was at it, he admitted he was paid off to leave the EDL by Quilliam, which speaks volumes of his lack of consistancy when money talks.

Much to the disappointment of the little loyal Tommyites tongues routed up his rectum, Pegida UK proved to be a damp squib, rallies in car parks miles from nowhere failing to attract the crowds he stupidly imagined. Banning alcohol, without opponents to fight, shepherded into hidden locations that meant nothing to the Islamophobic cause, unsuprisingly failed to draw in more than a hunded fascists at any one time, not enough to laden the many collection buckets with the necessary income Tommy deserved.

Pegida UK officially a flop, with the publishing assistance of amateur rugby league player turned smalltime Batley newspaper baron (Danny Lockwood, a BNP supporter with a chequered past) and the ghost-writing skills of Pamela Geller, he launched his autobiography on Amazon and Ebay, relying on the xenophobia of Brexit, the election of Donald Trump, and the emergence of Breitbart in presidential circles to thrust his world of lies, fabrications and falsities into a post-truth fascist wankers paradise where he could lie about Muslims, the Qu'ran and his own criminal past, and label the actual truth as "fake news".

Without accountability and censure, the former EDL leader became his own Fuhrer, and finally generated reasonable sums of money through book sales, feeding off his notoriety to trend on social media with the assistance of the Canadian alt-right so-called "Rebel Media".

A snap general election in 2017, and the co-ordinated terror attacks that came with it, ISIS doing their utmost to turn the pendulum rightwards to sew the seeds of the very same race war (or clash of civilisations) that Tommy, the EDL and BNP-offshoot Britain First long for, despicable terrorist atrocities in London, Manchester and London again, set book sales soaring into bestseller territory online. Within minutes of a bomb going off, victims blood still warm, Yaxley-Lennon appears in a puff of smoke, ranting and raving about Muslims and Islam, demonising every last believer as a potential terrorist to the Rebel Media cameras whilst jerking off to the sight of dead bodies. Whilst the EDL chanted "we're coming down the street", their former EDL leader comes in his underwear everytime a terrorist launches an attack.

Racists everywhere lusting for revenge upon everyday Muslims no matter how peaceful they are, bile dripping out of every orifice, all of Tommy's enemies in groups such as the NEI and the NWI turned up in Manchester, plus members of the openly Hitler-worshipping National Action group, despite being banned themselves by the British government as terrorists. So keen to be racist thugs in public, all differences were sets aside, and sworn enemies of someone usually viewed in far right circles as a pro-Israel stooge were keen to swallow as well as suck off Yaxo, the double-crossing, friend-betraying cock.

Ever since Manchester, the insecure little imbicile's ego has reached boiling point. The king of his own castle, his enemies now in his pocket, the fascist tanning salon owning-thug from Luton believes he is invincible, and is set to become the next multi-billionaire Donald Trump, King of England, or even Emperor of Rome.

When in-fact, he is just an immature thieving braindead little racist runt with the aesthetic charm of a dog turd.

In short, a complete and utter DICKHEAD!!!


@missduffyafa #ANTIFA @JLRFB @slatukip @siegfails @2ferdi7 #edl
§It's All About The Moulah with Tommeh!!!
by Global AFA Wednesday Jun 21st, 2017 4:33 PM
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