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30 OPD officers Guilty (No Firings) of Child Molestation/Pimping as City Pays 1 Million
by Zachary RunningWolf (occupytodecolonize [at]
Monday Jun 19th, 2017 11:12 AM
30 Oakland Police Officers were let off the Charges of Child Molestation/Pimping which the City of Oakland acknowledges the Wrong doing as Mayor Libby Shaaf,"I am a Police Dept. Not a Frat House" along with 4 Police Chiefs Firings. Yet the SAME Mayor Hiding from the People who she is Supposed to Represent made yet another Backroom (John Burris) deal paying the Police Dispatchers Daughter 1 Million (a another sign of GUILT) and NO Penalties (No Firings/Jail time) for Officers.
Yet Indigenous Elder Zachary RunningWolf is aware of this Summertime Break where the Masonic Police Dept and Powers at be tried to let these Guilty officers off the Hook and will NOT let this Outrageous Behavior as a Black Detective actually Texted out "We Pimping Now". Mr RunningWolf has developed a Flier which will be seen ALL OVER the City of Oakland despite OPD Intimidation as on Sunday 4 OPD search for an Indigenous Elder who want to protect OUR CHILDREN and Women. The Flier says Thirty OPD Officers Implicated in Prostitution & Child Molestation

OPD's $1 Million Pay Out is an admission of guilt, yet only 1 Oakland City Council Member (Desley Brooks) has a Problem with the Vast majority of these officers remaining on the Police Force.

These officers are Guilty yet they are not being Penalized and their Identities are being protected by the OPD & City Politicians. UNTIL THE GUILTY OFFICERS ARE HELD ACCOUNTABLE THE ENTIRE AGENCY IS IMPLICATED. (learn more @