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Santa Cruz blowing the leaves
by John Cohen-Colby
Monday Jun 5th, 2017 8:46 PM
The majority of the Santa Cruz City Council and City Staff have been determined to drive away the "Freedom Sleepers" and "Survival Sleepers" resting first each Tuesday and then every night at the City Hall and Downtown Library.

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Last October I challenged the City of Santa Cruz's cleansing of (disabled) homeless people by "blowing the leaves". Since the City had been using the Santa Cruz Police Department (SCPD) and the City Rangers to blow (disabled) homeless people around the City to finally cleanse them, akin to ethnic cleansing which is considered a crime against humanity, I challenged the City about to employ "Big Wind" military devices to "blow away" local (disabled) homeless people.


Essentially the City wants to cleanse an entire class of people from the City based on disability and socioeconomic status. This has been leading down the slippery slope to a form of "final solution" like Hitler used to cleanse Germany of those considered "degenerates" and "parasites". My language to the City was sarcastic. It was meant to persuade them of the folly of their ways, not to double down on their "blowing the leaves". I wanted them to question their dehumanizing (disabled) human beings to be merely leaves they could blow around.

In the last two weeks the City finally broke the back of the "Freedom Sleepers" and the "Survival Sleepers" by employing an array of bogus legal interpretations to make it impossible for (disabled) people to sleep next to the City Hall and City Library. When the campaign started the SCPD cited people for trespassing on City Hall and Library grounds. When the sleepers retreated to the sidewalks, the SCPD and City Rangers began illegally seizing their survival gear. Finally City Manager Martin Bernal (illegally) created an ordinance — he has no power to create legislation — which makes it illegal for (disabled) homeless people to be on the sidewalks around City Hall, in the walkways and just about anywhere else on the grounds there. They can't take their property on walkways, sidewalks and in the courtyard there. Essentially Bernal used a phony ordinance to blow all the (disabled) homeless people from the City Hall and outside the Library.

Bernal didn't use the "Big Wind" military vehicles I challenged him to, but his methods had the same effect. What's next?

The hate in this town has risen to the level that it can be characterized as Neo-Nazi. Local hate mongers employ Nazi language against those they consider bums, parasites and criminals because of their disability and socioeconomic status. The compassionate members of this town must fight against both the Neo-Nazi hate mongers and their like minded government officials. If not, where will this end?