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African New Year's Day ~ Sacred Summer Solstice Celebration
by Khubaka, Michael Harris
Tuesday May 23rd, 2017 2:04 PM
African New Year’s Day offers a lesson for a need to return to the sacred science of Black Agriculture. The first Census of Agriculture helped to provide "our daily bread for every member of society." Mathematical calculations were formulated to estimate the agriculture production necessary for the spiritual food for high culture civilization to florish. As we prepare to present scientific data to help influence the 2018 Farm Bill, we acknowledge the USDA ~ NASS Ag Census efforts to embrace quantifying and quantifying the renaissance of Black Agriculture. Together we can solve a "Global Food and Agriculture Crisis" utilizing "STEAM" as an essential bridge to our ancient future.
Ancient Nile Valley Civilizations acknowledged and celebrated the summer solstice as the most important day of the year when the reached its highest point, farthest distance from the earth, as the Nile River began to rise, marking the African New Year.

It was recognized that the Sun, Ra, was essential to life and the hidden power that placed the sun in the sky was an unknown universal power solely responsible for divine order.

To honor the annual inundation of the Nile River, special ceremonies were held to give thanks and praise for natural order or neter, Aset (Isis) during the Night of the Tear Drop. Traditional beliefs held that Aset was mourning for her dead husband, Asar (Osiris), and that her tears made the Nile to rise.

Sacred Science measured the annual snow melt from the Blue Nile River, from high within the Ethiopian Mountain spring waters flowed to merge with the White Nile from the distant Mountains of the Moon, surrounding the African Great Lakes Region, just south of the Equator.

Stone Nilometers mathematically calculated the volume of water along the ancient Hapi River, today call the Nile, earth’s longest river is 4,138 miles long.

It is tradition to celebrate the African New Year as a sacred time of purifying the heart, cutting through life’s obstacles and drawing on the dynamic power of the Universal God given principles that help guide and manifest your own inner strength.

A special time to lift up your spirit in celebration of fertility and the wonder of life, remembering to give thanks for the challenges behind and before you, which continue to shape and manifest your destiny.

Sacred Science helps to accurately predict the extent of the annual inundation that remains vital to the agricultural well-being of a people who established the earth’s greatest documented civilization based upon these Sacred Sciences.

An annual cycle was observed, documented and tracked over time. The appearance of the star Sirius, occurs around the time of the summer solstice. The helical rising of this special star was recognized as a moving, yet consistent calibration to measure a broader 25,920 cycle called the Great Year.

African New Year 6257, utilizes the colors Green, Blue, Yellow, and White, representing the four cardinal points, and marks a continued march toward a strong Pan African Union.

Noon, June 21, at the geographic center of the earth’s landmass, where the Great Pyramid was built, the sun is at its highest... representing the glory of the force and power that placed the sun in the sky.

Ancient Civilizations established values and principles best documented in high cultural achievement that first recorded the patterns of the universe, an accurate measurement of time documenting the sun, moon and stars profound impact on our planet.

Noon, June 21, 2017 we pause and reflect upon the origin and purpose of African New Year Day.

Together, we will utilize this time to purify our thoughts toward renewing our connection to the dynamic creative power of the Architect of the Universe to help manifest that spark of divinity in our children, students and elders.

Together, we challenge a new generation to reach back in the spirit of Sankofa, and embrace new opportunities available to them, here in the modern, “Greatest Garden in the World”

Globally, we lift up our hearts and minds, collectively in celebration of the fertility and wonder of life as “Children of the Sun” we reclaim the sacred science necessary to establish a stronger and more prosperous society utilizing STEAM, science, technology, engineering, agriculture and mathematics that mirrors our ancient traditions of excellence. May you remember, African New Year’s Day for eternity.

Amen and Ashe’
by Mxolisi
Thursday Jun 15th, 2017 6:16 AM
Pow! What a great presentation. Thoughtful. Powerful. Inspirational. Ankh, Udja, Seneb !!!